Everything that you need to know about Zoey love tik toker.

Zoey Love Tik Toker is USA’s most popular Tik Tok star. She has appeared in numerous videos and has partnered with numerous companies. There are many people who admire her for her great physical attributes (as well as her adorable smile and fashion sense). Her Instagram photos and videos are also a big draw for her followers. She has a large following of admirers. She and cody orlove also have a YouTube channel. She’s one of the hottest tiktok gals around. She will soon be appearing in modelling campaigns. She is best known for her work on Zoey love tik toker, where she does lip syncs and comedy videos.

Zoey love tik toker- Biography:

Her home state is Indiana, where she grew up. Having been born on June 3, 2001, she is now 20 years old. A Gemini, she has the zodiac sign. Pemberton is the surname she goes by. Zoe Laverne Pemberton is her complete given name. A native of Greenwood, Indiana—the largest Indianapolis suburb—Laverne spent her formative years in the nearby community. Eric is her only sibling, whereas Cameron is her elder stepbrother. While wearing braces and attending public school, Laverne began blogging to Musical.ly in the fall of 2015.

Physical Appearance:

She’s gorgeous, young, and horny all at the same time. She was the victim of libel. She’s a tremendous hit among the younger generation. She has a lovely white complexion. She stands about 5′ 0″ and weighs about 50 kg. He learned Lean Build. His hair and eyes are both a shade of green. She has gorgeous, enticingly large eyes, as well as long, silky hair. She’s got a very appealing character.

personalities with a bad reputation:

When Musical.ly changed its name to TikTok in 2018, Laverne’s video material shifted from lip-synching to dancing and joking around in an effort to keep up with the times. On her own YouTube account, Laverne posts a few “Storytime” videos and has about half a million subscribers. “Lost It All” was also released by Laverne this year. However, Laverne’s controversies are what make her famous, not her dancing or singing or her trademark winged eyeliner.

Rise to Fame:

When Laverne isn’t ranting in public, she can be found ranting in private on her backup and alternative accounts. There are still some of Laverne’s public rants from 2018 and prior on her public backup accounts, and the influencer interacted with her fans through posts on a private Instagram profile when she vanished in late October and early November. At the age of fifteen, Laverne began posting videos of herself online. She grew up in an Indianapolis suburb and became famous overnight. Zoe’s middle name is actually Laverne, which is why she goes by Zoe.


Her Instagram account has more than a million followers. Her tiktok page has more than 6 million followers. Like Oliver, Cody, Zephan, Sebastian etc. she has collaborated with many other musers. It’s Zoe Laverne’s tiktok username.Laverne has maintained a loyal following for four years since she first gained prominence on Musical.ly, TikTok’s forerunner. But in early November 2020, a leaked video purported to show her kissing a 13-year-old fan, causing her reputation to be shattered. He goes by Connor Joyce on social media, and Laverne apologised, saying she “got feelings” for him.

Dating a Boyfriend:

Laverne started a new relationship with Cody Orlove in late 2017 and it immediately became a major component of her online profession. After dating fellow Musical.ly star Cody Orlove for a few months in December 2017, Laverne underwent a major transformation in her online persona. Even though Laverne and Orlove’s romance would survive until 2020, it was fraught with difficulties, including a breakup brought on by Laverne’s infidelity. While Laverne and Orlove’s relationship was always on and off, they profited on it by going on tour together.

Carear Information:

As Laverne and Orlove’s YouTube channel increased in popularity, so did their online stardom. “Zody” became a social media sensation thanks to Laverne and Orlove’s efforts to chronicle its progress. At conventions and meet-and-greets, Laverne shared photos of herself with fans while also climbing the social ladder on Musical.ly. “Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to talk to me,” Laverne captioned a photo of herself and top Musical.ly star Loren Gray. With more over 1 million followers on Instagram in March 2019, Laverne achieved a huge social media milestone.

Zoey’s Breakup:

Because of rumours that she had betrayed Orlove, Laverne initially claimed throughout livestreams that she hadn’t. Drayke Austin, the TikTok star with whom she cheated, pursued her first, she later said. Then, during an Instagram livestream discussion between Laverne and Orlove, Laverne shifted gears and claimed she was the one who instigated the infidelity. Laverne’s meltdowns during live broadcasts led to an outpouring of anti-Laverne sentiment, which further eroded support for her. In addition to her social media success, she continued to work as a model.


Cody says, “Today is the day – the day that I get to marry my closest buddy. ” I’ve known and prayed for this moment my entire life. For the past three years I’ve had a lot of joys and sorrows but now it’s here and I’m nervous and I have butterflies in my stomach.


When Laverne first started using the app, several of her classmates made fun of her for it, she later recounted. In the beginning, Laverne said she got a lot of fans, which led to her receiving a verification “Crown” in March of 2017. However, in the weeks that followed, Laverne’s fame plummeted due to her first significant breakup with Orlove and her admission that she had cheated on him with another, smaller TikTok personality. It was just a matter of time until Laverne’s opponents began to rise in prominence.

She blamed the interaction on them becoming “best friends” and disputed that she had “groomed” Connor. The term “grooming” is used when an older individual forms a close friendship with a young person in order to control and abuse them.


Who is Zoey love tik toker star?

Zoe Laverne, a 20-year-old TikTok influencer with over 21 million followers, is a controversial figure.

Is Zoey love tik toker pregnant with a 13-year-old fan?

According to Laverne, she’s expecting a child with her current 20-year-old lover.

Is Zoey love tik toker and Cody a couple?

Cody says, “Today is the day – the day that I get to marry my closest buddy. “