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Your brand, company or product can be promoted by posting articles on the internet. These posts have a variety of benefits, including attracting new customers and leads to your business.

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  • This is what you’ll need: a well-written article of at least 800 words describing the product in detail, with no typos or other errors.
  • You must use a registered image of 880 x 450 PX in order to get the best results.
  • This would benefit from better data, such as more images or video.
  • You can now send it to by sending a link or a doc file to your Google Doc.
  • In most cases, articles are published within a day or two after they’ve met the requirements.
  • On-page SEO will accept these articles because of their readability.
  • We publish anything about gambling, drugs, for example.
  • Regardless of the subject matter, we make it available to the public.
  • It takes us 24 hours to publish a new piece of content.
  • Having your article indexed by Google can have a positive effect on you.


Social media allows for instantaneous advertising.

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