Who is the ua traitor?

Who is the ua traitor? The ua traitor is the series’ twenty-first story arc and the third of the Final Act Saga. In My Hero Academia Chapter 337, Deku shows the maturity that his vigilante days have imparted in him by lending a helping hand to the UA traitor. Many fans have been waiting with bated breath to find out what happened to Yuga Aoyama, who was shown to be the UA traitor in the series’ final episode. However, when the rumored “U.A. Traitor” suddenly appears, things get difficult. Let’s discuss more who is the ua traitor?

Powerful Force in ua traitor:

Class 1-A learns from All Might that Star and Stripe’s Quirk, New Order, acted as a poison on Tomura Shigaraki when the latter stole it, decimating him and ravaging a significant portion of the American Pro Hero’s Quirks in the process. This information comes after Shigaraki Shigaraki vanished after his battle with Star and Stripe, the No. 1 American Pro Hero. According to All Might, the remaining Heroes have continued mass evacuation efforts while chasing down the remaining Villains, warning them that all-out war is inevitable due to the predictability of All For One.

Objectives still in play:

It’s a race against time to capture the last of the Near High-End Nomu, the Paranormal Liberation Front’s stragglers, and the fugitives who have managed to escape. He adds that they are likely to gain more allies in the future. Because of Star’s sacrifice, they have the opportunity to use this time to grow even a little stronger, he continues. Katsuki responds by yelling at All Might that they’ve already been doing this.

War against the Paranormal:

All Might learns from the group that they’ve been training with the Wild, Wild Pussycats since the Paranormal Liberation War to help Izuku destroy Tomura. Katsuki claps back, claiming that he merely wants to test out his new Cluster maneuvers on Izuku to help him master one for all and clear a lot about who is the ua traitor?

League of Evildoers:

Meanwhile, “Tomura” makes his way back to the League of Villains’ underground base, screaming in agony. His instruction to calm down is met with obscenities, with “Tomura” declaring that as long as people remember All Might, he will never experience peace. Even though they were unable to steal New Order, All for One tells “Tomura” that they have eliminated their main impediment and they should take it easy for the time being.

U.A. has welcomed Izuku’s:

While Dabi may have one aim in mind, he has plotted out and woven together several distinct paths over the years to attain it eventually. He claims to have something Dabi lacks: “friends to spare” because the completion of Tomura’s body has been delayed, and the strengthened U.A. has welcomed Izuku back. Toru Hagakure is lurking in the shadows at U.A., watching someone.

The U.A. Traitor Emerges from the Shadows:

Class 1-A is still practicing in one of the courtyards of the U.A. with each other. While working for the Endeavor Agency, Katsuki learned the “build-up and release” mechanism, but now he’s focused on preserving his energy for his new Cluster method, which uses many explosions to power it. Since the left side of his body has now caught up to his right side in terms of control, Izuku realizes that even Shoto is taking a different approach.

Denki and Minoru talk:

With Tomura and who is the ua traitor? Both currently weak and Gigantomachia still drugged, the fight should be easy for them, but Katsuki believes there are three reasons why Denki is incorrect. Even after finding the research facilities and secret hideouts, the Heroes could not locate all For One, who claimed to be “the world champ in hide-and-seek.” It is because of two factors.

The previous fight was incomplete:

Tomura was only half-complete in the previous battle, Momo claims, and now they only have half of the Heroes at their disposal. Despite the Search Quirk being destroyed, the villains will still get to make the first move, so they’re calling on every non-disabled person to join them in the fight and believing that sheer numbers will give them a fighting chance.

Puzzled, Izuku turns to Tenya:

Even if they can’t stop the villains, Izuku argues, they can at least influence their next steps in the heroes’ favor and that he should join the quest as well. Reminding Izuku that “we” will rejoin the search, Tenya scolds him for his disrespect. In the wake of Ochaco’s speech, relations between the school’s students, Heroes, and evacuees have improved. Izuku turns to Tenya and asks if he can take a little walk. Tanya says yes. Denki observes that despite having his back to the wall, all for one is still smiling.

Toru’s U.A. Forest is looking:

Toru is peering into someone in the U.A. Forest, where he sees how “he” has been looking down and not smiling since Izuku’s return to the United States. In the background, two voices tell someone that they have just gotten a new instruction from “him” and to remain listening as before. Reminding him that all for one must be done, or they would all be slaughtered, Yuga Aoyama’s parents weep as they speak.

Rumored U.A. Traitor:

He is shocked to learn that Yuga was the “U.A. Traitor” he’d been searching for. Parents of Yuga frantically try to soothe him, reminding him of how he managed to tell all for one about the training camp’s location without being discovered. To assist him in adapting to society, they mention that he was born “Quirk less.” Although they claim they would not have done it if they had known how awful things could get, the minute Yuga obtained his Quirk from all for one.

U.A.’s Evacuee Residential Area:

All For One sends covert operatives to U.A.’s Evacuee Residential Area late at night. Among their new orders, one of them indicates that U.A. is aware that Tomura will be ready in less than a week, so Izuku will be forced out for the third time. With Izuku lamenting that he hasn’t had a chance to thank Ochaco fully yet, Tenya advises them to retire to sleep early, and Izuku wishes they had more time to converse.


Izuku and Toru pursue Yuga’s parents as they flee through the U.A. jungle. Because he was born Quirkless, Yuga’s parents were far more concerned about him than he was. For their son’s enjoyment, after discovering that he was “different” from the other youngsters, they believed a “dubious” rumor about the existence of a guy who could impart Quirks to others. He suffered because his body couldn’t handle the Quirk he was given. Despite this, he was reared with affection by his parents; who is the ua traitor? With their feelings of inadequacy


Who is the UA traitor of 2021?

Inside the confines of the school, there is a traitor. The revelation that Yuga Aoyama was the traitor in the prior chapters of the series was a major one.

Is 1A’s betrayer revealed?

In the immediate aftermath of Yuga Aoyama’s revelation as the traitor who had been sending all for one information about the whereabouts of Class 1-A, all of their hearts were broken.

Who is the UA traitor for 2020?

Toru Hagakure was revealed to be the traitor on the final page of Academy, as many fans had suspected. However, in the most recent chapter of the book, those final pages are used for a surprising twist that reveals Yuga Aoyama as the true traitor.