Which yellowjackets character are you?

Which Yellowjackets character are you and based on your personality and characteristics. Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson produced yellowjackets. Best episodes of Yellowjackets force the adolescent protagonists to make difficult decisions about their futures, such as whether or not to live, flee, or lead. One of the hallmarks of a well-written story is the utilization of character traits to give each character depth and realism on screen. Before the collision and throughout their time in the woods, each character’s motivations and actions are essential to understanding how they fared. The Enneagram can help you better understand these personality traits. In this article, you will know Which yellowjackets character are you.

Enneagram personality trait:

A Type 1 Enneagram personality trait is grounded in their beliefs. They have a solid moral compass and know what is and is not acceptable behavior. Throughout the entire series, viewers learn that Laura Lee is committed to her religion. Everything she does has ethics in mind. Due to her deep-seated fear of being tainted by the devil, she has refused to participate in the séance. Type 1s tend to have high standards and seek to achieve them at all times. Laura Lee chastises herself for calling her piano teacher a scumbag, which she believes caused the plane crash. She gets the brunt of the criticism because she is so hard on herself.

Misty, the Helper:

Type 2s tend to be incredibly generous and people-pleasing, but they can be highly possessive at their most unhealthy. Misty is a great team manager. On the other hand, Misty fears rejection, as do Type 2s. Because of her paranoia, she slashes Ben’s leg off when he’s stuck under a jet’s wing, destroys the black box, and feeds him mushrooms to make him cling to her. For as long as they need her, she continues to cause havoc. Her destructive behavior stems from a tremendous desire to be loved and needed.

Taissa, the Achiever:

The manner Taissa runs the field demonstrates that she is the team’s most motivated player. After the plane disaster, she takes the initiative and makes decisions, such as going out on her own to seek rescue. Viewers discover that Taissa is an accomplished politician when the show moves forward to the present day.  Type 3 is a self-confident, charismatic, and determined person, all of which Taissa shares. She has hired an investigator to ensure that no other survivors reveal what happened in those woods to the public to protect her reputation.

Lottie, the Individualist:

Types 4s are known to be very wise and self-aware. In general, they tend to be the more reclusive members of the group, preferring to isolate themselves when they feel vulnerable. Lottie exhibits many of the characteristics of a Type 4 personality. At the beginning of the season, when she is still being medicated for schizophrenia, she is quiet and reserved. She is afraid of being different from her peers. Thus she wants to keep herself hidden from them.

Post-crash drugs:

As her personality changes and her post-crash drugs run out, she becomes more withdrawn and irritable, and she starts to withdraw from the group even more. Soon, she begins to believe her visions are genuine, and a burning yearning grows within her to discover who she is and how she feels. Laura Lee is brought in to assist her in making sense of her visions and taking action on them. Fans love her and consider her one of the show’s best characters.

Shauna, the detective:

Individuals who fall into the Type 5 personality category are known for their keen senses of observation and creativity. They place a high value on education and learning new things about the world around them.  She uses her journal to keep track of what’s occurring, completely comprehend their predicament, and be the one who has all the facts.

Shauna in Brown University:

Before the crash, she is shown to be an A student who was accepted to Brown University. It is proof of her cunning. Because of her incredible survival abilities following a car accident, it’s clear that she has a tremendous deal of knowledge about the world around her and how to do things.

The Benefactor of the Loyalists:

As the team’s lone survivor, Ben is steadfast in his commitment to the girls and their well-being as they face this catastrophe together. Despite being unable to use one of his limbs, he upholds his reputation for dependability and tenacity. Closeted gay man and insecurities about this fact about himself have revealed to the audience which yellowjackets character are you.

Unsupportive society:

Living in an unsupportive society fills him with dread and self-doubt. Insecurity is a daily battle for him, and he does everything he can to overcome it. When he teaches the girls to shoot a rifle, Ben demonstrates his responsibility and dependability for the girls, one of his most distinguishing characteristics.

Jackie, the Enthusiast:

Because she is the team’s captain, Jackie exudes an air of positivity and vitality. Type 7s tend to be lighthearted and practical, and they do their best to prevent feeling down by keeping a positive attitude. Jackie, like everyone else, is struggling following the crash, but more so because she can’t seem to find a way to put her talents to good use.

Methods to stay happy:

She misuses them, making it appear as if she isn’t doing anything. A homecoming dance and a haunted house are two ideas Jackie comes up with when Shauna helps her come up with methods to raise money for the club. She’s continually looking for ways to stay happy and content, all driven by her desire to be satisfied.

Natasha, Natalie’s Challenger:

To avoid being governed by others, Natalie’s demanding and abusive father instilled a primary drive to protect herself. It began as a child and continued throughout her adulthood when she became abrasive when she felt threatened or defenseless. To ensure she has enough food to eat after the crash, she is in charge of hunting. Viewers learn even more about her personality in the present day, 25 years after the disaster.

Buddy Travis:

The death of her buddy Travis has left her furious and depressed, and she resorts to intimidation in an attempt to maintain control of the situation. Even though she might be a pain, Natalie’s temper problem serves as a driving force behind her quest for solutions.

Van with a Purpose:

Van has been a tremendous fan-favorite character from this series, mainly because she is so level-headed and has a lovely personality. Her relationship with Taissa is intoxicating to witness on screen. Like Van, type 9 people are characterized by a strong sense of self-stability and an easygoing demeanor.

Taissa’s side:

Van stands by Taissa’s side when she proposes they go for help because she is afraid of being apart from her. She is motivated by a desire to avoid conflict and maintain harmony. When she talks about taking Taissa to New York to eat a soft pretzel and ride a horse, it’s clear that she values stability. In season 2, Van’s character is eagerly anticipated by fans.


As a summary of the series “Which yellowjackets character are you,” these few words include thrills, vengeance, a murder mystery, and some gorgeous faces. We had no idea the story would become such a smash hit, if we had to be honest. It’s impossible to stay away from the entire series of Yellowjackets because of the intensity and ferocity of the emotions generated in just a few minutes. Which yellowjackets character are you? which came before was gloomy, and the revelations that followed only deepened the gloom.


What is the age of Callie’s character in “Yellowjackets?”

Which yellowjackets character are you? It is estimated that Callie was born in 2004, making her 17 years old at the time of this writing.

What is Jackie’s profession?

Which yellowjackets character are you? “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi,” the tenth episode of YellowJackets, finds Shauna (Sophie Nélisse) and Jackie (Ella Purnell) at their nadir.