Wheel of time episode 5 review

Wheel of time episode 5 takes it to the next level, including two incredibly dramatic sequences with Lan. Wheel of time episode 5 brought several of the three narrative threads closer together as five of the seven key characters make it to the city of Tar Valon. But the program took some time to breathe and highlight what happens when a Warder relationship fails. Stepin, the Warder who assaulted Login in the previous episode, is lamenting the death of his Aes Sedai. In summary, episode 5 investigated how sorrow emerges. Everyone responds differently to the death of someone dear to them. Here we will discuss Wheel of time episode 5.

Wheel of Time episode 5 recap:

Episode 5 saw Moiraine, Lan, Nynaeve, Rand, and Mat all approach the city of Tar Valon, the home of the White Tower and the Aes Sedai. A month had gone since the previous episode’s events, and the Warder, Stepin, was still mourning the death of Kerene. After episode 4, Nynaeve showed us her raw power in the One Power as she healed everyone harmed by Logain’s strike. Since then, the erstwhile Two Rivers Wisdom has stayed to herself, with Lan remarking that she’d scarcely talked to him.

Whitecloaks’ savagery:

And with Perrin and Egwene, we witnessed more of the Whitecloaks’ savagery, further establishing how nasty this specific bunch of religious fanatics can be. So, let’s dig into the next part of Amazon Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time adaptation and check out our The Wheel of Time episode 4 recaps and review to catch up if you haven’t. And then click over to our The Wheel of Time episode 6 recaps and review after you’re done here.

Tower Moiraine concealed Nynaeve:

The three ultimately reached the Tower. Moiraine secreted Nynaeve away in a separate chamber in the Warders’ quarters while Lan helped soothe Stepin. After a ceremony, Lan remained the night with Stepin to console him, but Stepin drugged him. Lan wakes up in the morning to discover Stepin gone. In a corridor, he ultimately discovered him, Stepin having committed himself in his anguish. Mat’s condition has worsened with him lashing out at a youngster on the trip to the city.

Aes Sedai and tormented Perrin:

Local managed to access the White Tower grounds and finally took Nynaeve to the inn to meet Rand, following Rand’s description of a Two Rivers lady. Egwene and Perrin continued to journey with the Tinkers toward Tar Valon when Whitecloaks halted them. Valda was persuaded that Egwene is an Aes Sedai and tortured Perrin to make her confess. Valda would have killed Perrin and let her go if she used the channel; if not, Valda would have killed Perrin and left her to go if she used the channel.

The Wheel of Time is a slow burner:

Tar Valon is stunning, particularly when seen against the backdrop of the Dragonmount Volcano. The city is a global crossroads for commerce and culture, and the presentation did an excellent job of capturing the city’s richness and energy. Even the smallest designs on the Tower seem fantastic. The floors, doors, arches, and sculptures all contributed to a feeling of antiquity and mystery in the Tower, standing for thousands of years.

Awful to be depressed:

The acting was once again excellent, from beginning to end. Hammed’s portrayal of Local was superb, portraying Ogier as a nice but impulsive individual. Although I’m not a fan of the character’s overall look, I believe the actor did an excellent job in his brief appearance. Stein’s sadness at the death of his Aes Sedai was the central theme of the episode. The Warder cannot deal with the agony of grief, which is a complicated phenomenon. Depression is debilitating, and for others, it is fatal.

A scene from a funeral:

The burial scene at the end worried me on my first viewing because of how expressive Lan was, but subsequently, I came to love it. In the novels, a story and a stoic character were permitted to display more of his emotions in the television series. Daniel Henney’s portrayal of a guy suffering from the death of a buddy is outstanding. Egwene decided to channel, which allowed Perrin to be set free. Wolves attacked the Whitecloak camp, and the two fugitives fled into the darkness.

The Whitecloaks are despised:

Finally, the story of Perrin and Egwene in Wheel of time episode 5, took an intriguing turn, and it made me loathe the Whitecloaks even more than I had before. Abdul Salis’ depiction of Valda, a depraved jerk, is quite scary. Perrin/Egwene moments, particularly when the Whitecloaks began thrashing the peaceful Tinkers, made me happy and sad.

Take care of this in the future:

In this episode, Rand and Mat receive the short end of the stick, with minimal growth. Being reunited with one of my favorite characters, Local was a treat. It was fantastic to see him again. Mat’s deteriorating health made me feel sorry for him. The Rand and Mat saga has a lot to offer, and I’m crossing my fingers that the next episode will deliver on that promise.

The fifth episode of “The Wheel of Time”:

After the excitement of episode 4, episode 5 first seemed like a disappointment. But after rewatching the show and thinking about it for a while, I understood just how significant it is. Besides the amazing character development, it also made a major stride forward in the worldbuilding process. “As Sedai culture and politics will be on full display at the show’s climax, I’m eager to witness it. According to Brandon Sanderson, there will be a new episode on December 10th called Episode 6

The true power in the previous episode:

Moiraine confides in Nyn about her feelings about her position in the world — or lack thereof — when alone. Having had a peek of her true power in the previous episode, it’s beginning to dawn on her how strong she is – or might be. Following her warning to stay away from tower politics, Moiraine promises to bring her friends into the city if she does. She won’t have to wait long, for Rand and a rambunctious Mat have just arrived.

With nearly half a million people from all corners of the globe crammed into the city’s streets, they take a moment to relax. Mat, alone, says that he’s troubled by what happened to Thom and the fade and blames himself.


The aftermath of the previous episode’s violence sets the stage for Wheel of time episode 5. Nyn joins Lan, Moiraine, and the others in burying one of the Aes Sedai. Moiraine says as she bends down to place the deceased in a grave, “May the final hug of the Mother welcome you home.” In a semi-circular burial, the Wheel of Time is symbolized because it continues to spin. We then jump ahead a month to the present time. The Aes Sedai continues their journey to the White City, Tar Valon, with Logan still in custody.


What’s going to happen in Wheel of Time episode 5?

For Nynaeve’s safety and that of the White Tower, Moiraine enlists the help of a Warder to hide her in the Warder’s Quarters. Moiraine attempts to calm Nynaeve’s anxiety by reassuring her about her identity dilemma, which makes Nynaeve even more upset and impatient.

What by the ogre Rand is called?

Rand meets Local; an Ogier is known as the son of Arent and the grandson of Halam as he makes his way out of town. Nevertheless, throughout this recap, we’ll refer to him as “Local.”


 Perrin and Egwene’s fates unknown?

To see whether Perrin and Egwene are Darkfriends, the fanatical guy asks them. When Moiraine, Lan, and Nynaeve find and rescue Perrin and Egwene, the Whitecloak camp is in disarray.