Tvtropes rise of skywalker- Is Rey a Skywalker or not?

Tvtropes rise of skywalker: When Rey skywalker comes to the Star Wars prequel trilogy. One of the main questions has always been what happened to Rey. Rey’s true identity was finally revealed in the final film, The Rise of Skywalker. It wasn’t until the conclusion of the trilogy that the mystery surrounding Rey’s origins and identity was eventually unraveled and resolved. Throughout the trilogy, no one seemed to be entirely sure what they wanted to do with Rey’s identity. Here we will discuss more tvtropes rise of skywalker and everything about Rey skywalker.

Is Rey a Skywalker or not?

The film’s title is revealed at the end of The Rise of Skywalker. Rey respects her deceased mentors, Luke and Leia, by taking their family names, even though the Skywalker bloodline is now extinct. At the end of the film, her decision to honor the family would make others think she was a Skywalker. Rey is still Rey, Skywalker or not.

Rey Skywalker as an older woman on Tatooine:

After revealing her true identity to an older woman on Tatooine, who had mistakenly assumed the former Palpatine to be someone else, she becomes a new family member. So, indeed, in terms of canon, Rey is a Skywalker.

Traits and characteristics:

Rey was a 1.7-meter-tall, 54-kilogram female human. It’s no surprise that Jakku’s brown hair and hazel eyes and fair skin, and pale complexion have become sun-resistant thanks to the desert sun. Rey may have become cynical or hardened due to the harsh realities of this culture, but that was not the case. Notwithstanding the oppressive heat of the Western Reaches, Rey had a generous heart and was always prepared to provide a helping hand to those in need.

Beliefs in a god or higher power:

While working scavenging on Jakku, Rey was exposed to stories of the Jedi. She was skeptical because both were real and not just a myth. While Rey relied on her “intuition and luck” to survive inside the desert of Jakku, she didn’t know it at the time, and she had the Force within her. When she met Han Solo, he reaffirmed that both the Jedi and the Force were real. Her worldview began to alter. Rey’s initial reaction to learning that she had a connection to the Force was shock and disbelief.

The Force has a dyad:

Before seeing him face-to-face, she had imagined that Kylo Ren was a ferocious beast. Rey despises him as a “monster” following Teng Solo’s death due to his son’s activities. Because of the scavenger’s proximity to him, fear, anger, and sympathy for Ren were all emotions felt by Rey while she was alive. As a result, although she could tell he was using some truth to obtain what he wanted, Rey remained skeptical of his intentions.

The abilities and powers:

In the Jakku junk fields, Rey improved her salvaging abilities against the searing sunlight, scorching dunes, and violent waste pickers and thieves prepared to steal from anybody. ┬áRey developed resilience and an instinct for survival due to this grim reality, which she stayed positive despite. Junk traders like Plutt were impressed by her abilities as a scavenger, and he made sure that his thugs wouldn’t take from her unless she got in the way of their plans.


The speeder and Hellhound Two:

In the aftermath of the Battle of Jakku, the All Field Armored Transport Hellhound Two served as Rey’s residence permit. Once she claimed the AT-AT as her own, Rey immediately went to work fiddling with it. She welded the main hatch shut and turned off the fuel tank because it was too dangerous to keep the engine running.

Imperial stormtroopers would have used a side hatch for entry and departure in an emergency. The speeder motorcycles in the cargo bay’s debris provided Rey with two self-charging fuel cells, which she used to power her solar panels and, ultimately, her home.

Weapons and tools:

To make a living as a scavenger, you’d need various tools and equipment. Rey’s scavenger outfit was ideal for both heat protection and carrying around the gear she needed to conduct her work. Her flesh was protected from the elements thanks to the multiple layers of the garment. She wore tight bindings and gauze wrappings to defend herself from the sun and sand. Even her hair was styled in a way that would help her survive in the desert. To keep her feet warm on long journeys, she wore boots made of Govath-wool.

Making and growing things:

When Lucasfilm set out to produce the second trio, which would be published under the banner of The Walt Disney Company following the company’s acquisition by Lucasfilm, it was necessary to establish a new generation to take the place of the first trilogy’s characters. The project’s main focus would be on the protagonist, Rey, from the beginning of Tvtropes rise of skywalker.

Emperor Palpatine:

Emperor Palpatine’s great-granddaughter, she discovered, was, in reality, his great-great-granddaughter. Biologically, then, Rey is a Palpatine in every word. There was yet more to come, however. Rey’s identity is a matter of debate among Star Wars fans. Because she has Palpatine blood, some people think she is one. And she has carved out her legacy just by being who she is, without any help from anyone else.

Meeting with Dameron:

Rey reunited with Dameron and Finn in Ajan Kloss to celebrate the Resistance’s victory. When she saw them, she and her friends shared a hug as they were overtaken with emotion. At Lars Moisture Farm, she buried Leia’s lightsaber and the Skywalker lightsaber after making her lightsaber so she could test it. In response to a question from a friend, the Force ghosts of Skywalker and Leia Organa gave their daughter the name “Rey Skywalker.”

How does she safeguard her allies?

She hid her Palpatine ancestry from her allies out of concern for what they would say if they knew out. Rather than being defined by her origin, Rey’s decision provided her with a feeling of peace and direction. Gambit Chong, a well-known artist, may have drawn these planet charts. After the First Order/Resistance combat had finished, the Graf Archive restored and published the maps. Rey’s mission to find Luke Skywalker was also depicted in the book’s illustrations.


In the conclusion of Tvtropes rise of skywalker, Rey Skywalker was a female Jedi Master who served the Rebels during the First Order’s conflict with the Jedi Order. Forever changed by the turbulence of the New Republic’s dying days, she was a scavenger on Jakku. Taking this step would take Rey on a journey to learn from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, who would help her discover the power within herself.


Is Rey a true Skywalker, or is she just a Jedi?

Tvtropes rise of skywalker, Rey Skywalker reveals her identity to the older woman on Tatooine, and she becomes a new member of the family. As far as the canon is concerned, Rey is a Skywalker.

Why is Rey Skywalker known as Rey?

Tvtropes rise of skywalker, In honor of her ancestors, the Skywalkers, even though Solo was their sole survivor, Rey adopted the surname “Skywalker,” rejecting her own Palpatine ancestry.