The Best Shepherd Turkish dog breeds

Turkish dog breeds are often used as herd protectors. However, at any given moment, it is believed that 130,000 stray dogs are wandering the streets of Istanbul. But why are there so many homeless dogs? The answer to these questions is given below.

Catalburun (turkish pointer)

The Catalburun or Tarsus Catalburun dog breeds have a distinctive look and are most recognized for their split or double snout. Aside from the Catalburun, only two other breeds exhibit this feature – the Pachon Navarro and the Andean Tiger Hound. The Catalburun dog is defined only by its distinctive double nose. There’s room for a wide range of physical presentation options.

The Kangal shepherd dog

The Turkish Kangal, a.k.a. Anatolian Shepherd Dog, is a vast breed that reaches between 28-32 inches tall and weighs between 90-145 pounds. It is a Mastiff-type dog that is both large and muscular. They wear a black mask over their snout and eyes, giving the appearance of an extensive and massive head.Therefore, the breed is distinguished by its long, draping tail and huge, floppy ears. They’re covered in a thick double coat of fur.

A dog that eats Akbash

The Akbash is a giant dog breed, measuring 28-34 inches in height and weighing 90-130 pounds. They have extraordinarily long, powerful legs. Regarding jaw strength and a scissor bite, the Akbash have few equals. Some may clip their ears, but most have high-set, V-shaped ears that fly down. The long, tapering tail of an Akbash may be held in a hook or high over the back, depending on the animal’s mood. The Akbash may have medium or long fur, depending on where they are produced and nurtured.

Aksaray malaklisi

The Aksaray Malaklisi dog, also known as the Central Anatolian Shepherd, is a giant breed of dog that may reach a weight of 120 to 150 pounds and a height of 70 to 85 centimetres at the shoulder when fully grown.

Their long, curly tails are complemented by their drooping ears. The Malaklisi has a hanging bottom lip covered by a thick upper lip. Its skin is loose, and its fur is short yet dense.

Turkish kopay (turk izci kopegi zagar)

The average height of a Turkish Kopay is between 48 and 52 centimetres, and its average weight is between 17 and 19 kilograms. When sharp, their long tail rises, and their ears dropdown. The Kopay has a short and fine coat that is often black, tan or a combination of the two colours. In the past, the Turkish Kopay, a kind of sighthound, was often employed for hunting.

Itai Tazi, a Turk (Turkmen Tazi)

Central and Southeast Anatolia in Turkey are home to the Turkish Tazi, a typical sighthound-greyhound.

It looks like a Saluki dog, but it’s a little bigger. The Turkish Tazi is distinguished by its long fore and rear legs, lean body, thin, hairless tail, long neck, deep chest, and supple, arched back. Due to their exceptional abilities, they are now employed for hunting quail, partridge, rabbits, foxes, and other small game, as well as for finding and retrieving shot prey.

Koyun(Bayburt Kelpi)

The Koyun Dog is a big dog with a shoulder height of around 28 inches. When alarmed, their tail, which is fashioned like a pendant, raises over their back. Although the breed is not limited to just one hue, dark grey is the most frequent. Kouns that have two different colours in their coats are relatively frequent.


Some of the most excellent herd-protecting dogs in the world may be called Turkish dog breeds. However, several Turkish dog breeds are disappearing at an alarming rate. Natural canine populations remain a significant problem in Turkey. People generally love these dogs, but it may be challenging to provide food and care for all of the strays in an area. Look into the current efforts in Turkey if you or anybody you know can make a financial contribution.


Which kind of dog originated in Turkey?

Turkish dog breeds originally from eastern Turkey, the Kangal Shepherd Dog (or Kangal Oban Köpei) is a vast livestock guardian dog with a rich history.

Precisely what do you call canines in Turkey?

The Akbash, or Akbaş in Turkish, is a historic breed or kind of flock guardian dog in Turkey, originally from western Anatolia.