Tle beach elite 800 wireless review.

Tle beach elite 800 wireless gaming headset is comfortable and contains a lot of functions. The tle beach elite 800 wireless headset has a slew of high-end features that you’d expect from a £250 portable headset of this quality. If you travel frequently or use your headphones in noisy environments, active noise cancellation is a highly useful function to have. DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound, configurable audio settings for certain games, and smart Dynamic Chat Boost also come included.  Let’s discuss tle beach elite 800 wireless.

Why do we need to buy tle beach elite 800 wireless?

For the most part, the Turtle Beach Elite 800 is a solid choice. It’s a high-quality headset that sounds great and has a lot of useful functions. In addition to the unique game-based sound profiles, the active noise suppression works well, and even the surround sound works well on this device.

Features of tle beach elite 800 wireless:

As far as gaming headphones go, it’s safe to say Turtle Beach has had a lot of success in the last ten years or so. It’s no longer an option not to have a dedicated headset for online gaming, and Turtle Beach is reaping the benefits. It has become the most well-known name in this sector by teaming with professional gamers, launching a wide range of products, and simply making fantastic items. Following are features of tle beach elite 800 wireless.


Although the Elite 800 isn’t as fashionable as wireless headsets from Bose and Parrot, it’s a significant upgrade over the company’s prior efforts and gaming headsets in general.” Although they don’t fold up like Beats Studio Wireless headphones, it’s evident that this model was influenced by their headband, ear cups, and cushioning design.


A built-in wireless transmitter connects to most PCs, Macs, PlayStation 3, and 4 consoles with optical audio output and the headset’s Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Playstation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac may all be connected utilizing an optical audio connection and a micro-USB. The essential cords are included in the package, and the instructions are simple enough to follow. You can still send the surround sound signal to your AV receiver or TV using the transmitter’s optical audio throughput capability, which is a great touch.

The pairing of two Bluetooth devices:

The Elite 800 has pretty much everything covered when it comes to connection. If your tablet and phone have a dual Bluetooth 4.0 connection, you’ll be able to use your tablet to listen to music while you take a phone call. You can use the provided 3.5mm cable to connect your portable device if it doesn’t have Bluetooth, such as the 3DS.


You may have noticed that Xbox consoles are missing from the home console compatibility list. If you want to use the headset with your Xbox One, you’ll need to acquire a Microsoft adapter, which costs roughly £20 in the UK. It’s a ridiculous scenario, and Microsoft is solely responsible for it. Compared to headsets for around £100, we’re more ready to overlook the lack of an adaptor in the Elite 800. To expect a headset to function with the second best-selling console at the moment is realistic at £250.

The headset’s plastic shell:

The headset’s plastic shell feels sturdy and long-lasting because it does not come with a carrying case. The ear and headband cushioning are smooth and pleasant, and it fits the head well. It is remarkable given the headset’s 372g weight, which is significantly heavier than the i30’s 314g. There are eight buttons altogether, with four buttons on each ear cup of the headset. However, you don’t have to fumble with your phone to manage the volume, skip tracks, modify the audio profile, enable noise cancellation, and control Bluetooth.

The audio quality of the Turtle Beach Elite 800:

Turtle Beach 800 is one of the greatest gaming headphones we’ve ever used. Both the highs and lows of the audio spectrum are beautifully rendered, bringing games and music to life. In addition, the volume can be turned up to absurdly high levels, which alleviates some of the issues with earlier Turtle Beach headsets’ lack of loudness.

Streaming Dolby Digital audio:

In addition, the headphones have DTS Headphone X 7.1 Surround Sound for Dolby Digital-enabled audio sources. It gives you the impression that the sound is originating directly from a certain location, such as a gunshot behind you or a vehicle crash to your right. We prefer the pure stereo option, but this is a feature you can set or disable at your discretion, as with all surround sound processing for stereo sources.

Amount to be paid:

The headset has all the functionality you’d expect from a headset in this price range. For those who travel frequently, the Active Noise Cancellation feature is a must-have, and it’s improved substantially over the i30’s feature, which at times felt like a burden. As long as you’re listening to music, you’ll be able to ignore most of the sounds around you and believe that nothing is happening outside.


These headphones do not stay in place on the head very well. They are not intended for use in sports. Their thickness and weight make them difficult to wear, and the wide ear cups cause them to swing when you move too quickly. They are reasonably stable during casual gaming sessions, provided that they are properly fitted. On the plus side, they won’t be tangled up in the cord because they’re wireless.


There is a lot of room taken up by the tle beach elite 800 wireless, and they are not portable. In addition to being larger than the normal over-ear headphone, they do not fold flat or into a more compact size for transportation convenience. You may need to use a large bag to accommodate their size to transport them.


Beautifully crafted in a modern style

Great sound and volume

A large number of attributes


Out of the box, there is no Xbox compatibility.

A plethora of buttons begging for inadvertent activation

Battery life is not very long.


In terms of audio performance, comfort, and functionality, the tle beach elite 800 wireless is a superb headset for gamers on the go and those playing at home. The Turtle Beach Elite 800 is a device. High-end wireless headphone Turtle Beach Elite 800 can be used at home and on the go. It is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 devices, allowing you to connect two devices simultaneously. At home, a charging dock and transmitter connect to your PS3, PS4, PC, or Mac and feeds the audio to your headset.


What is the best way to link my Turtle Beach Elite 800 to my iPhone 5?

The Bluetooth settings on your phone or tablet should be set to ‘Search’ mode. When you see the headset in your list of Bluetooth devices, choose it, and it will instantly connect.

Is the Stealth 800 compatible with a phone?

To use your Turtle Beach headphones, plug them into your phone’s headphone jack. This headset is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Is there a microphone on the Turtle Beach Elite 800?

You’ll be able to hear every word you say thanks to the Elite 800X’s boomless microphone. However, the headset’s left ear cup has a secondary noise-canceling mic attached to its back.