The giant easter egg step by step guide.

The giant Easter egg can only be completed with a Pack-A-Punched weapon. Using these simple techniques, you may get the ‘Giant’ extra map for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies’ secret special weapon. Those who played Call of Duty World at War’s Der Riese zombies map may recall the Hide and Seek Easter Egg from an earlier iteration. In contrast to the Shadows of Evil Pack-A-Punch instructions, finding the Pack-A-Punch machine on the Giant map is a breeze and operates the same way as the original Der Riese map. The plot picks up just where Origins left off, with many original characters making a comeback. In this article, we will discuss the giant easter egg.

The Mainframe/Initiative Room:

The Giant contains several different chambers. Outside the plant, the starting room is located. The beginning area is exited by two doors, one leading to the excellent manufacturing room and the other to the left factory room. The Animal Test Lab is on the left, while the Automobile Garage is suitable. The map is snow-covered in this iteration, and falling snow can be seen around the game’s periphery.

A Laboratory for Animal Testing:

Right next to spawn is an Animal Testing Lab. There are two ways to get to this chamber from the spawn place, costing 750 points each. This room is smaller than most of the rest of the house. A small side room and a small balcony can be found on the right and left. Once you’ve placed the Cymbal Monkey on the pad, use all three teleporters at once.

Teleporters A, B:

There is a single object in the furnace to the right of Teleporter A. To the left of Teleporter C and Behind Animal Testing and a door that costs 1250 points to unlock is Teleporter A.  To get to Teleporter B, you must use the stairs in the Automobile Garage, which leads to a smaller chamber. The teleporter sits in the back of the main room, which has two boiling liquid vats. Second-floor generator room above the hangar holds the third jar. It’s in the room with the frag grenades, to be precise.

Courtyard hides Teleporter C:

The Courtyard hides Teleporter C, which can be accessed by spending 1250 points to unlock. Back there is the teleporter. Shortly after the door, there is a small outdoor area with a smaller room to the right. There is a small hallway on the right side of the main room. A catwalk may be accessed through a stairwell at the top of the building. Use the weapon of the giant easter egg linked to the center pillar’s lower portion.

The testing area for animals in a laboratory:

The three teleporters may be linked to the “Mainframe” pad at the beginning of the map by simply connecting them. Your weapon may be Pack-A-Punch after you’ve earned 5,000 points. Once you’ve gotten your updated weapon from the Pack-A-Punch machine, proceed to the window outside the animal testing facility and start shooting. When you initially arrive at the mainframe, the first door on your right will lead you to this window. A pillared building may be seen in the distance if you look through the fence.

Officially announcing the match:

You will hear the voice of Dr. Maxis and see a brilliant green halo of goods arise if you do the task successfully. The speaker will then declare that Samantha’s teddy bears will play Hide and Seek. It turns out that there are two teddy bears and a monkey bomb scattered around the map. Maxis will certify that you’ve located an object successfully when you’ve fired it. Afterward, you’ll need to get to where the map’s electricity is turned on. Look outside the map and up at the building’s fire escape from the power switch.

Benefits that are kept a secret:

It’s not challenging to locate the first five of the Perk-A-Cola Machines, but there’s a sixth secret machine only a few feet away. Either Deadshot Daiquiri or Stamin-Up will be the sixth machine. It changes from one game to the next. You must first connect all three teleporters to go to the sixth Perk-A-Cola Machine. Three Cymbal Monkeys from the Mystery Box are required once they are unlocked. Finally, use the Pack-A-Punch machine’s interface to interact with the console adjacent to the mainframe and push the red button.

Musical Easter Egg in the Remix of Beauty of Annihilation:

Der Riese’s Musical, the giant easter egg may be activated much like the original map. There are just three green jars that need to be interacted with to complete the game. The contents of these jars resemble brains. The Animal Testing Lab has two jars on shelves. It is expected that they will be near the GobbleGum dispenser.

The snow in the central courtyard near the Animal Testing Labs will be melted by a laser shot from the Giant robot’s head. You can see the teddy bear; therefore, all you have to do is shoot it.


Throughout the Giant, radios broadcast messages from the main protagonists in the zombie narrative. If you play as Richtofen, several messages change. To the left of the wall is writing and the Pack-A-Punch Machine. The stairs leading to Teleporter A are located here. The sandbag bridge leading to the second-story generators is located just before this point in the barrel in the Teleporter B chamber.

Playing a game of hide-and-seek:

The giant easter egg is back in the Giant’s version of the Hide and Seek. Also known as the Call of Duty World at War Fly Trap Easter Egg because of the accomplishment/trophy name. The Pack-A-Punch Machine’s enhanced weapons are required for this. There is a console in the rear of the map where you may fire this weapon. It’s just across the street from the entrance to the animal testing facilities. These things may be found everywhere on the map, and you can use any weapon to take them out.

Animal Testing Facilities:

The Animal Testing Labs are nearby. There will be no fire in the furnace. In a structure that isn’t on the map, one object may be found on the fire escape. On the other side of the power switch lies this structure. One item may be found in the left water cooling vat in the generator room on the second level above the hangar. The Annihilator may be found in the furnace room of the hangar after firing all three objects. Unlike other weapons, this one doesn’t take up space in the player’s inventory.


The Giant Zombies map’s giant easter eggs may be found here. Certain areas of the map are not covered in this tutorial. You may examine the map layout on The Giant page if you’re not acquainted with it. Black Ops III includes a second Zombies map called The Giant. Der Riese is a remake. You’ll have to take a leap of faith to see it. The map was revealed as part of the Black Ops III Collector’s Edition and is now available to Season Pass holders and sold separately.


Are you able to find an Easter egg in the gigantic statue?

The flytrap easter egg, isn’t it. Activating the control panel, you begin by shooting the three teddy bears on the map. An annihilator gun and a quest item are included in the super easter egg.

What is the way to get an Easter egg on a gigantic creature?

The giant easter egg, The Giant’s version of the Hide and Seek Easter Egg is back. Also known as the Call of Duty World at War Fly Trap Easter Egg because of the accomplishment/trophy name.

How can one get a gigantic Gateworm?

The giant easter egg, When an Apothicon Egg is found and hatched within the Giant Apothicon in Revelations, a Gateworm may be acquired. The closer the Gateworm gets near a Rune, the more it emits a sonar ping.