TD11KV is best suited for drummers review.

Td 11kv: The Roland TD 11KV is part of the company’s V-line drums. The drumming community is well-known for this line’s sound engine and sound library. Despite the TD 11KV’s low price, it still has a lot to offer. A mesh-head pad makes the drums feel more like genuine ones while keeping the noise level down. On the other hand, the cymbals are just as responsive as the drums in terms of their reactivity.

TD11KV is best suited for drummers:

The TD11KV is best suited for drummers of all levels, from beginners to experts. Those looking to improve their drumming can benefit greatly from this drum set, which is exceptionally silent, making it possible to practice at any time of day or night. In addition to producing high-quality sounds, the drum module also features coaching functions to assist beginners.

Features of Td 11kv:

The kit is lightweight and compact, making it a pleasure to use.  However, there are certain drawbacks. To play, you’ll need to buy a few more components, which can be pricey. However, these issues are small, and the kit is an excellent choice. Following are features of Td 11kv.

Professional Drum Setup in a Compact Package:

There are a lot of amazing aspects to the TD-11KV drum set. It is a high-quality device with all the essential features you’d expect from an electronic drum kit. Compared to comparable priced electronic drum kits, this one sounds and feels more authentic. The pads have Roland’s mesh heads, making them feel like real instruments.


A drummer who is used to playing acoustic drumkits doesn’t have to alter their playing because of the responsiveness of the V-Cymbals and mesh-head V-Pads for the snares and tom-toms. The Roland TD-11KV kit provides a wide range of sound options. The integrated sound engine and drum module recreate your ideal acoustic drumkit using electric methods.

Excellent tool for drummers:

The COACH feature is an excellent tool for drummers of all levels to learn and perfect their time. Not only does it keep track of your time, but you can also use the COACH function before beginning a long workout to warm up.


The Roland TD-11KV electric drumkit’s main flaw is its hefty price tag. If you think about what you’re getting for your money, how highly acclaimed the kit is, and how it will improve you’re drumming in the long run, then it’s worth the investment.

Performance and Features:

Roland’s SuperNatural sound engine powers the TD-11KV’s sound module. As a result, you’ll be able to produce natural-sounding and expressive tones. As a result, you won’t have a problem locating the right kit for your musical style. It comes preloaded with a few songs, making it ideal for anyone who wants to practice playing along. It also offers a coaching feature that can help you improve your drumming.


This kit includes mesh-headed snare and tom drums. Tom pads are Roland’s PDX-6 type, while the snare and floor tom pads are PDX8. Allowing for increased expressiveness, all of the drums include dual-zone triggers. The lugs on each head can be tightened or loosened to provide the instrument with a more acoustic feel while you play if desired.

Connectivity and Recording:

The TD-11KV is an excellent choice for home recording. It has 25 pre-installed drum kits and a sound library with over 190 distinct sounds so that you can record with the kit of your choice. If the built-in sounds do not meet your needs, you can connect the kit to your computer and use the pads to play any sound from your collection. You and your bandmates can perform comfortably in a small recording studio.

USB cable to transmit tunes:

Your electronic drum equipment will not be affected if your space has poor acoustics. When connecting the TD 11KV to your computer, you may either use a standard MIDI wire or a USB cable to transmit tunes. As long as your music editing software is on the same platform, you should have no problems using it.


User playability is boosted by using multi-zone drums and cymbals. A multi-zone pad allows for far higher complexity and cost than a single-zone pad. In little time at all, you’ll be able to perform rim clicks and other tricks. Additionally, the choking cymbals are a nice supplementary feature. The option to position the drums in whatever way you like will ensure that your setup is comfortable for you.

High-quality sound library:

Additionally, you can include your noises if you choose. You will be able to get what you want from this high-quality sound library and expressive kit. Thus, the TD 11KV is a joy to play. With the kit’s drum module and sound library, it’s easy to get great sound out of it. In addition to the 190 high-quality sound samples, the library includes many drum kits.

Do to 11kv is needed?

This drum set is best suited for drummers at all levels of experience. Play-along practices and a coaching mode are included for those who want to improve their skills. At a reasonable price, the kit includes all of the components necessary to play an electronic drum. However, the kit’s sound engine and drum module are fantastic, so that it could be a good practice drum set for more advanced drummers.

Alternative of TD 11KV:

The TD-17KV can replace the TD 11KV. But even though it’s more expensive than the TD-11KV, it has many more functions and capabilities. The KD-10 kid pad is included in the set, with larger pads and cymbals than the TD-11. Roland’s most popular TD-50 drum kit’s sound engine was also used in the design of this model. The TD-17KV is a better drum set and worth a few hundred dollars more than the TD-11KV if you can afford it.


Roland’s TD 11KV drum set is a fantastic instrument. Despite its low price, it offers all of the features you’ll ever need in an electronic drum. The hardware guarantees that the drums and cymbals are stable and comfortable for you to play with while still producing high-quality sounds. The TD-11 drum module and the Supernatural sound engine ensure that the kit always sounds fantastic. The kit also includes greeting coaching resources for those just beginning their drumming careers.

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