Staples keyboard tray- Keyboard Tray that Can Be Adjusted.

Staples keyboard tray: The completely adjustable Fellowes Designer Suites Compact staples keyboard tray offers increased comfort in tiny work environments. Staples’ keyboard tray may adjust for height and tilt to keep your wrists and hands in the proper positions while you type. If you prefer to use a mouse with your right or left hand, you’ll be happy to hear that both platforms are compatible. This tray has non-skid pads and a little glide track to keep your keyboard in place.

Keyboard Tray that Can Be Adjusted:

By loosening a single knob, you may adjust the tray’s height and tilt, then retighten the knob to lock in place. On the conventional platform, it is feasible to use both hands to control the cursor. This keyboard tray, “Antimicrobial product protection”, has a standard platform of 17.75″ and may be installed without the use of any tools.


The track and the surface of the mouse can shift to the left or right. Gel wrist rest in leatherette. Single-lever height adjustment is made simple by the KT1 Keyboard Tray’s single locking lever.

The computer keyboard is integrated with the desk’s tilt adjustment:

There is no better keyboard tray for ultimate typing comfort than the KT1 Ergonomic Keyboard Tray. You can lift, tilt, swivel, and slide your keyboard into the perfect position. Users may type at any angle and height with the KT1 Ergonomic Keyboard Tray, which is adjustable in both angle and height (from about 4.5″ below to desk level). You can swivel the KT1 Ergonomic Keyboard Tray 360 degrees under your desk.

The Humanscale 6F Keyboard System:

It’s hard to overstate the importance of ergonomic keyboard support. Carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back discomfort, and other musculoskeletal problems can alleviate with a well-designed keyboard tray. With Humanscale’s under-desk keyboard solutions, more than any other manufacturer, Humanscale is the market leader. If you are looking for the best negative-tilt keyboards on the market, go no further than Humanscale’s.

Keyboard trays made for human use:

Using Humanscale keyboard trays, you can ensure that your work surface is secure and tailored to your individual preferences. Supports for the palms made of hypoallergenic gel are meant to be compatible with human skin.

The 3M Knob-Adjustable Under-Desk Keyboard Tray:

To free up space on your desk, use the 3M Knob-Adjustable Under Desk Keyboard Tray. The mouse pad is incorporated in this staples keyboard tray, making it the ideal combination of convenience and comfort. It is encased in a 17.75-foot-long track “and can be tilted up and down by 15 degrees to enable you to construct an ergonomic desk. In addition to providing additional comfort, the full-width leatherette wrist rest has anti-microbial protection for busy workplaces.

Kensington Over/Under Keyboard Drawer (60717):

Improves your overall computer experience by adjusting your viewing angle and typing position. SmartFit allows you to adjust the height of both the keyboard and the monitor to match your personal comfort colour preferences. Depending on the desk type and SmartFit standards, it can use either above or below the desk.


For a more comfortable typing position, keep your eyes and arms aligned with the screen. An under-the-desk storage drawer can be attached to a monitor stand that is already in place.

The KD90 Black Desk Keyboard Drawer:

Black. Inches wide x 10 inches long (D). The keyboard tray from staples may be adjusted in height and tilt from the desk underneath. Left/right mousing platform and height/tilt adjustment are included in the drawers’ sturdy construction. The mouse and keyboard are placed close together on a wide platform for improved convenience.


3M’s Under-Desk Keyboard Drawer with Precise Mousing Surface – Black Leatherette gel wrist rest with anti-microbial product protection and retractable mouse pad are included with this package. An adjustable keyboard drawer and a mouse pad situated at the same height as the desk are included.

The Kensington SmartFit System Keyboard Tray:

With the Kensington Under-Desk Keyboard Tray with SmartFit System, you can create a pleasant work environment and free up desk space. An included mouse pad and built-in full-width wrist rest are provided in the extra-large keyboard drawer. With three SmartFit height settings, this keyboard tray from staples provides a range of options for personal comfort. Cable management holes are also included to keep wires out of the way, making for a more organized and safe workspace.


SmartFit settings allow the drawer to be mounted at three different heights, based on the user’s preferences. With the SmartFit System, you can customize the chair’s height, tilt, and rotation to fit you perfectly.

The Kensington Keyboard Tray for the Desk:

With the Kensington Under-Desk Keyboard Tray with SmartFit System, you can create a pleasant work environment and free up desk space. An included mouse pad and built-in full-width wrist rest are provided in the extra-large keyboard drawer. SmartFit height adjustments allow this keyboard tray to be adjusted to your personal preference.

A Clamp-On Keyboard Tray That You Can Easily Clamp On:

When or if this item will be available again is unknown. No harm to the existing desk, thanks to the ergonomic design. The style of your keyboard tray is contemporary and sleek.  As a result, it features an ergonomic bevelled edge that reduces wrist stress.

Putting it all together is simple:

Quickly assemble your new keyboard tray. You don’t have to drill holes in your deck to attach your new keyboard tray. The tray measures 27.5 inches in length, while the total unit is 33 inches long, including the clamps.

The tray that glides smoothly:

When not in use, slide your new staples keyboard tray under your desk. It’s as simple as pulling out the keyboard tray when you need more room.

In most cases, it will fit on a desk:

The Stand Steady staples keyboard tray will fit if your desk is wider than 33 inches and less than 1.5 inches thick. ** Beveled-edge desks are not compatible with Tray. On your desk, the tray will rest six inches below the surface.

The surface area is massive:

There are few desk trays on the market as large and expansive as this one! Your keyboard, mouse, and other knick-knacks can all fit on a 27.5″ by 12″ area. Staples keyboard tray, Staples keyboard tray, Staples keyboard tray.

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