How Do I Get Slash CV?

Slash cv: It is a simple, professional-looking PDF and online result for Slash CV. Writing a resume is what I dislike most when searching for a new job. To whom did the intelligent man or woman in this situation make that observation? Right now, it’s just me. Some find the process of developing an eye-catching and easy-to-share CV to be the most tedious and unpleasant element of the job search. LinkedIn is an excellent tool if you’re in the correct field or feel up to it, but for the majority of us, it all comes down to one document, our résumé.

Creating a resume:

I don’t mind seeking work, but I despise the process of creating a resume.” Whoever said that was a wise person, Some find the process of developing an eye-catching and easy-to-share CV to be the most tedious and unpleasant element of the job search. As long as you’re in the correct field or if you’re generally up for it, LinkedIn is an excellent place to start. But for the vast majority of us, our résumé is all that matters.


Many programs on the Internet can write your CV for you, assist you in deciding what to include or exclude, and help you prepare for job interviews. To be clear, I have nothing against any of these programs, but today I’m going to demonstrate something new. A simple and free Web software called Slash CV can let you build a beautiful PDF CV and a simple profile page to accompany it. There will be no explosions here — it’s all effortless – but sometimes simplicity is what’s required.

How Do I Get Slash CV?

First and foremost, you should know that Slash CV is a beta product. It’s a very new service, and the UI and functionalities aren’t quite up to snuff yet. But conceptually, it’s near-perfect, and that’s what I’d like to show you. It is possible to upload an existing CV to Slash CV and create a profile page with a unique link or to start over and build a CV that can download as a PDF. There is no need to worry about a blank page when you use Slash CV’s step-by-step procedure to create your CV. Get right in there and see what it’s like.

Building Your Brand:

Before putting pen to paper on your resume, you need first to take care of your brand. Amusing, perhaps, but perhaps not what you want to send to potential employers if you don’t add a profile image. It’s best to begin by clicking the “Profile” option and uploading a picture of yourself along with some relevant information. Your profile will look much better once you’re done. You’ll want to modify your username as the next step.


Managing your account is as simple as clicking on the “Account” tab in the menu bar. Instead of a random username, Slash CV will provide you with a URL that anybody can understand so that you may present it to others as a virtual business card. Select your new username on the “Account” page and then input your password below before clicking “Save Changes,” which is a little puzzling. In the absence of a password, your new username will lose, and you may have to attempt numerous times before you notice what’s happening.

Developing a Resume:

There are nine areas to the CV on Slash CV: contact information, education, work experience, publications, and more. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the answers; fill in the ones that apply to you and go on the yellow side menu will indicate which sections have already been completed as you progress. It’s simple to create a CV because it’s done step-by-step. Just dismiss the tab and come back to it. If you become bored, it’s going to be okay.


The first step is to fill in your name and contact information (I suppose Pin Code is Zip Code?) and then continue to your educational background, career goals, and previous job experience. However, many sections are already pre-formatted and have all of the information you’ll need, such as dates and a place to write comments. Even though a firm website field exists in the CV, it doesn’t appear in the final product.

HTML tags:

The comment section does have the ability to turn a website address into a link automatically, however. Because the editor does not accept HTML tags, your only option is to enter the URL exactly as it appears on the website. Thoughtfully straightforward. In Slash CV, you can’t get rid of Objective and Skills fields, as well as if you add Activities and choose to remove them, they might not disappear as well. It is the most aggravating problem or bad feature I experienced. Your CV will look shabby if you don’t fill things out, and that’s not a good thing.

Assembling Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile:

Slash CV’s PDF is surprisingly easy to make. There is currently only one to choose from when it comes to templates. You will receive a clean, crisp, and professional-looking PDF file that you can begin sending out to potential employers immediately. The being had to wade through an ocean of resumes myself; I can tell you that this one stands out above the rest. A good-looking CV from Slash CV requires objective and relevant abilities, which isn’t awful at all. You may also need to include activities.


What do you mean by the term “activities”? I suppose it’s up to you to decide what it is. If you want to write something flattering to yourself, go ahead. Your profile page URL can now use in the same way as a sort of business card, or if you want, you can construct a bespoke short link if you have your domain. If you wish, you may submit the PDF.


Is Slash CV still a beta product? Is Slash CV still a beta product? Due to the possibility that it will be incomplete, I’m making this public announcement. What inspired me to write about Slash CV is an excellent idea. I’m a big fan of services that make it easier for me to get them done for tedious tasks. Slash CV has a noticeable “Feedback” link that follows you wherever you go if you’re trying it out. It’s up to you to tell the developers what you’d like to see added or altered, so feel free to do so.

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