All about Sharron Elkabas: The head of MN2S

Sharron Elkabas, the situation with my family and me is good. The fact that all of us are still here and in good health is, of course, of the utmost importance right now. Corporate operations are continuing as usual despite the challenges posed by the outbreak. There is no disputing that the music industry is now through a turbulent moment; nonetheless, the key is to be positive and tenacious in your goal of reinventing, innovating, and diversifying your business model. This article tells the story of Sharron Elkabas.

Background of Sharron Elkabas

Elkabas, Sharron, I run MN2S, a multinational talent agency with offices in London and Miami, as its chief executive officer. At first, in my work, I was a club night organizer in London, organizing events when the first American house DJs arrived in the city. Inspired me to start a travel business, which, 25 years later, is still strong. Over the years, we’ve seen a radical evolution and expansion, expanding our services to include digital distribution and celebrity branding while working with live performers, athletes, actresses, and influencers.

MN2S brings new ideas to the table

Sharron Elkabas: We constantly look to the future for fresh and exciting ways to develop and remain ahead of the curve. We’ve always been ahead of the curve in adopting new technology; for example, we started doing digital distribution and making digital investments when most of our competitors still used analogue methods. Even though live performances have been impossible and venues have been shutting their doors, the world of talent and brand collaborations has stayed more vital than ever before.

In what ways does coronavirus threaten your company financially?

Sharron Elkabas, like other booking agencies, had to make some adjustments financially at the height of the epidemic since the previous paradigm couldn’t be maintained when every venue on the planet was shutting down. Another change we’ve made is the introduction of remote work, which I’ve grown to much like. Although I, like many others, like to put in my days at the office, I am now open to the possibility of working from home and reaping its numerous advantages, such as avoiding the hassle of daily commuting and saving money on office space.

Is it true that you have to make tough decisions about HR?

Elkabas, Sharron It is true that we were faced with some difficult decisions; nonetheless, in the face of such unanticipated dangers, a sluggish reaction almost ensures certain death. We have never encountered anything like this in our line of work, but we have always been game for an adventure, and as a result, we have restructured our company to take the challenge in stride and stay current with the times.

How has the way you handle relationships with customers changed over time?

To paraphrase what Sharron Elkabas said about it, “We have continued to be proactive over the phone.” We do fewer in-person meetings, but we spend a significant portion of each day speaking via these channels, so tools like Zoom and other video conferencing are a natural match here. Even though it’s not the same, it’s worked out very well for us and allowed us to keep going.


I need something that piques my interest, like how the music and entertainment businesses operate in their present state. We are adjusting to the new conditions that the pandemic has sent our way. We are having a fantastic time working with the cutting-edge platforms and technologies that have emerged as a direct reaction to the emergency. We are relieved to hear that lockdowns in the UK have been lifted at long last, and we are excited about the prospects for a successful and eventful 2021.


What exactly is MN2S?

MN2S is a global music and talent agency that facilitates collaboration between musicians, DJs, celebrities, and record companies.

Who owns the MN2S domain?

Entrepreneurs: Casting office Sharron Elkabas, creator of MN2S, discusses her career pivot from antiquities to A-listers.