Saturdays are for the bous (step by step guide)

Saturdays are for the bous is a popular prelude to this line of reasoning. Saturdays are for the bous is essentially meaningless but serves to draw. Monday through Friday, nevertheless, we revert to our boyish selves, unrestrained by responsibility on Saturdays. For the most part, Saturdays are, for the bous is, a celebration of the bonds of brotherhood and the bonds of friendship that are developed between boys. Your girlfriend or wife won’t be there to keep you company on “Saturdays are for the boys.” In other words, you’re planning a night out, perhaps involving copious amounts of drink. The following discussion¬†is about Saturdays are for the bous.

Saturday symbolize:

For the boys, a Saturday is a day to go wild, partying all day long, and of course, too many Saturdays are reserved for this. The phrase “Saturdays are for the boys” (SAFTB) was coined by Barstool Sports blogger John Feitelberg while intoxicated and has since become a rallying cry for men throughout the world. Barstool Sports writer Feitelberg started the movement by referring to “some old guy” in a tweet.


While the negative aspects of brotherhood are widely discussed, there is a positive aspect. My dudes, my brothers, and “the guys” all refer to a male connection in which two men support and enjoy each other. To view photos of friends having fun and engaging in innocuous activities while holding a massive amount of beer on Saturdays by searching the hashtag SAFTB on Instagram is an enjoyable experience.

Saturdays are for the bous digresses:

Instead of disparaging the opposite gender, SAFTB aims to elevate its own. It distinguishes it from more widely used phrases like “bros before hoes.” Male-only communities, such as sleepaway camps or a Jewish youth group with a gender divide, have been beautiful places for me to make great friendships and find brotherhood partially because of their intended gender segregation, but everyone’s experiences vary. Just as if girls wanted to hang out with only the girls on Saturdays, wishing to spend time with only the guys is a celebration of a special bond.

Refusing to perform one’s duties:

When men use SAFTB to justify ignoring responsibilities and delegating onerous tasks to women, it becomes problematic. In the United States, it is a widely held notion that men are excused from housework once they return home from work. While his wife does the housekeeping, he goes out with his buddies for a beer or a round of poker while she does it.

Make an excellent first impression:

Even if the woman had a full-time job, men still expected their wives to take care of the housework while they went out with friends, and this was the norm. There is an argument that males should be able to spend Saturdays drinking beer with their mates, even if they have other plans for the day. When a family and children are involved, “Saturdays are for the bous” takes on a new meaning.

It’s less of an issue because the word is used mainly by younger guys, but it’s still a means of perpetuating this toxic society. But when it comes to being tainted, Saturdays are for the bous ranks relatively low compared to other male-centered trends. Finally, Saturdays are a day reserved for boys.

Use and Distribution:

Barstool readers have generated GIFs in response to the tweet, reflecting the sentence correctly. A week after the original tweet, Barstool produced an article exploring the term and everything it represents. In movies and clips, guys worldwide embraced the expression, expressing drunken excess and sincere hedonism, and it became a craze. Saturdays are reserved for the boys who have conquered every primary social media site with hashtags enticing other men to join the Brotherhood of Men.

Michael Phelps and Noah Syndergaard:

Several athletes, including Michael Phelps and Noah Syndergaard, have taken up the cause. After selling t-shirts with the phrase printed on them and filming players reciting it in 2017, Barstool made the catchphrase part of their brand. Saturdays are reserved exclusively for the male gender.

Plans for this weekend:

Our plans for this weekend include a night out at the local pub. Yes, I’ll be there. Just tell your wife, “Saturdays are for the boys,” if she won’t allow you to leave the house. “I refused to take my girlfriend out to supper tonight because she begged me to. On Saturdays, “the boys” are allowed to play. If that’s okay with you, honey, I’ll take care of it tomorrow; for the time being, I have to see Jeff and George. My girlfriend requested a non-Saturday date.” Saturdays are for “the fellas.” Saturdays are for the boys, so Tom goes out with his pals.

Boys’ night out on Saturdays:

John Feitelberg’s tweet is credited with coining the phrase “Saturdays are for the lads.” Dave Portnoy’s company, Barstool Sports, employs John as a writer. While John coined the term in 2016, there are still hundreds of posts on Instagram using the hashtag “#SAFTB”. You’ll find a lot of young males using the term if you go through your social media feeds. Feminists and other “woke” people, on the other hand, consider the phrase to be sexist and misogynistic.

Idiom’s history and meaning:

Although the idiom’s history and meaning aren’t hostile, those offended by its use should calm down. On the other hand, Barstool received a lot of flak for his continued usage of the phrase. After sticking with the hashtag and saying, they lost several high-level sponsors. Following complaints from the internet community that Barstool Sports published content with misogynistic connotations, ESPN terminated its association with the company.


It’s a reference to both the day of the week and the people that attend the event. Although it’s a sexist term, it’s acceptable for women to use it. If “bros before hobos” sounds familiar to you, it’s because it is. Men use the term Saturdays for the bous to describe Saturdays spent “hanging with the boys” without the distraction of women who would “bother” or “distract” them from their bro-bonding activities. It’s become a meme as a joke. This slogan comes from the sports-themed humor blog Barstool Sports.


What is the origin of the adage “Saturdays are for the boys”?

When Barstool Sports blogger John Feitelberg tweeted the term “Saturdays are for the bous,” it quickly became a rallying cry for lads worldwide.

Who originates “Saturdays are for the bous”?

In T-shirt sales, John Feitelberg, who coined the tagline “Saturdays are for the bous,” stated that this is the norm. On the other hand, Barstool had no intention of ignoring the NFL’s predicament.