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Ruby O Fee is a well-known model, television personality, and social media influencer known as “Roby” or “Roby Fee.” On February 7th, 1996, Ruby was born in SanJose, Costa Rica. She has a large following around the world, particularly in Germany. She has a stunning appearance and professes faith in Jesus Christ. The Invisible (2017) and Polar (2015) are a few of her other credits (2019). Aquarius is her horoscope sign. She has a German mother, but we don’t know anything about her father.


In 2008, her German mother and French father relocated to Berlin, raising their daughter. In the year of 2010, she started her career. She was recruited again. Ruby’s formal education ended with her graduation from Bela Bartok Music School. Aside from that, she had her sights set on pursuing an acting career as a way to fulfill a childhood desire.


Moritz Bleibtreu directed a version of the children’s book The Black Brothers, in which Ruby O Fee played the role of Angeletta. A TV movie in which she played a sick girl who suffers from heartache, Lotta & the Happy Future, followed. For its portrayal of Sarah, the murder suspect inside the Happy Birthday episode of Tatort, Sarah received a lot of praise.

Movie Database on the Internet:

Ruby O Fee may be a newcomer to many viewers, but the young actress already has a long list of German and American media outlets accolades. Fee’s finest works in television and cinema can be re-visited for new and old fans alike by checking out which ones are the most popular on the Internet Movie Database. Following are movies of ruby o fee.

At the Time of Our Dreams:

At the beginning of the 1990s, just as Berlin was reunifying following the conclusion of the Cold War, “As We Were Dreaming” is a story about youth and growing up in the city of Berlin, Germany, at that time. As a film adaptation, it is based on Clemens Meyer’s 2006 novel of the same name Ruby O Fee, who plays Sternchen in this 2015 coming-of-age drama, has joined the cast.

The Aged Fox:

Germany’s longest-running television series is Der Alte, better known as The Old Fox, which premiered in 1977 and continues to screen new episodes. Since the show started nearly fifty years ago, the cast and storyline have undergone numerous changes. During the spring of 2018, Fee debuted in the fifth episode of Season 47. In this episode, titled “In Voller Absicht,” the detectives are tasked with solving the murder of a talent agent.


The womb is a 2010 drama about Rebecca, a woman who becomes impregnated with the clone of her late partner. Women’s rights assault is just some of the film’s topics uniquely. Ruby O Fee made her acting debut in this picture, which is very noteworthy. She portrays the young Rebecca, Eva Green’s role, at fourteen.

The Army of Thieves:

After appearing in Zach Snyder’s Army of the Dead: The Prequel on Netflix, the original film’s Ludwig Deiter joined an international robbery crew. Korina, the squad’s hacker, is played by Ruby O Fee. A sarcastic and largely single individual, the character is well-known for his wry observations on human nature. Nevertheless, she proves to be one of the Dead team’s toughest members when she refuses to go along with Cage’s betrayal of Deiter.

Your Color:

Your Color is a 2019 drama film about a pair of young men who wish to leave behind their tranquil leaves and go to Barcelona. The film, originally titled Deine Farbe, stars Jannik Schümann and Nyamandi Adrian as two men who go on a series of adventures that quickly turn spooky. As Zoe, the love interest of Schümann’s character Karl and the best friend of Maria Dragus’s character Suzi, Ruby O Fee, makes an appearance.


Tatort is one of the most popular German procedural television shows. The series, which debuted in 1970 and has since aired more than 1,000 episodes, is the longest-running German-language television drama of all time. A large number of actors appear in various roles on the same show. While several characters have appeared in multiple episodes, Ruby O. Fee has been in at least three.

The Colors of Guilt:

Schuld, sometimes known as Shades of Guilt, was a German criminal and legal drama series from 2015 to 2019. The series depicts a defense attorney forced to reassess his legal position when defending his clients. Ruby O. Fee appeared in the show’s second season as a guest star. Fee plays a young woman called Chiara Ebert in the episode “Anatomie,” in which she is engaged in an automobile accident.

The net worth of ruby o fee:

According to reliable sources, she earned a substantial amount of money through her acting career. Modeling and social media management of various sponsorships bring in additional income. In addition, her projected net worth is between $4 and $5 million as of 2021.


Ruby o fee is also a well-known television celebrity or actress due to her dedication and hard work in honing her talent. Though she has only just begun her writing career, Ruby O Fee already has an impressive list of titles from which to choose, which can be a bit overwhelming. In Womb (2010), Rebecca starred in her first feature picture as a teen. She also played the lead part of Laila in Dandelion the Cinematic Adventure.


Who is Ruby O Fee?

On February 7th, 1996, Ruby O Fee was moved to San José, Costa Rica. She is a German actress. This time, she was hired for the second season, filmed in 2010/11.

Ruby O. Fee works in what field?

She is a well-known TV star or model.

Do we have a good idea of Ruby O Fee’s net worth?

She’ll be making between $4 million and $5 million years by 2021.

Ruby O fee is of what country’s nationality?

She is a German actress.

Is Ruby O Fee fluent in French?

Korina’s ability to speak English, Portuguese, and French, as well as her prowess as a hacker, make her a useful asset for robbing the world’s three most secure safes.

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