Release date of Reggie Julie and the phantoms.

Reggie Julie and the Phantom is a popular Netflix series developed by Dan Cross and David. The show’s executive producer is Kenny Ortega, a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. Because of JATP’s involvement, this is a show similar to High School Musical, the Series on Netflix. While Julie Molina loses her father in a tragic accident, the series follows her as she strives to rekindle her passion for music by joining together with a group of ghosts who can only be seen when performing on stage with her.  Here we will discuss Reggie Julie and the phantoms and characters.

Release date of Reggie Julie and the phantoms:

While Reggie is not the show’s primary focus, he serves as the glue that ties Sunset Curve together as an all-female band. As a result of its catchy tunes and likeable characters, Netflix viewers have fallen in love with Julie and the Phantoms. Julie Molina, a high school student who tries to compose music following her mother’s death, is the focus of this new series, which premiered on Netflix on September 10th, 2020.

It’s a good thing she’s not going through this alone since she’s got lots of support in the form of her band, the Phantoms, a trio of ghostly musicians who are always there to play music with her and to lend a shoulder when she needs one to cry on.

Role of Reggie Julie and the phantoms:

The Phantoms have a lot of musical talent, but Reggie is the show star for the group. As it turns out, the actor who plays Reggie, Jeremy Shada, has a long history of portraying characters who sing frequently. Just not in the way you might anticipate. It’s possible Reggie doesn’t look familiar, but you’re definitely on the right path if you think he sounds familiar.

Jeremy Shada as Finn in the Next Generation:

In his early twenties, Jeremy Shada began working as a voice actor. He did some voice work for the 2004 film Team America World Police when he was just seven years old. Before voicing Finn the Man on Adventure Time on Cartoon Network, he appeared in several animated and human action films and TV shows. He even played a young Charlie Pace in Lost for a flashback scene.

Where to watch Reggie Julie and the phantoms?

Distant Lands on HBO Max also feature a comeback for Shada, who first appeared in the original series in 2010. No new characters will be introduced, but fans can expect to see familiar faces like Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen return to their post-apocalyptic world.

Jeremy Shada:

The voice of Jeremy Shada is most well-known for his work on the highly acclaimed Netflix series Voltron Legendary Defender. Still, he has also provided his talents to many other high-profile projects throughout his career. If you thought that Shada seemed like a natural musician in Julie and the Phantoms, it’s not simply because he had so much singing experience in Adventure Time: as it turns out, he went on to form an authentic indie rock band.

Jeremy Shada as a secondary vocalist:

When he isn’t acting, Jeremy Shada is a bassist, and a secondary vocalist for the pop-punk band Make Out Monday when he isn’t acting. Kicking Cars, the band’s debut EP, was released in 2014, and the band’s first full-length album, Visions of Hollywood, was released in 2018. The singles “Bullet for Your Sweetheart” and “Kissaphobic” were among the album’s 11 tracks. Shada’s profession as an actor and musician appears to have a promising future now that he’s in front of the camera.

Reggie Peters:

Although Sunset Curve’s otherworldly band relies on him, Reggie Peters, played by Jeremy Shada, is a supporting character in Julie and the Phantoms. A non-existent second season would have extended Reggie’s storyline, although all three members shine on the show. In Season 1, we get to know Reggie mainly through the eyes of the people he cares about the most. Because of his positive attitude, he keeps the band on track and the show running smoothly.

Sunset Curve:

Sunset Curve’s bass player is Reggie Peters. The band’s climb to stardom was stopped short in the 1990s due to several terrible street hotdogs eaten by the members, but Reggie never lost his enthusiasm. He keeps the beat for Julie and her family and the rest of the cast all season. Reggie’s “funny one” status is challenged in a meaningful way by the show. It’s more likely that Shada’s performance makes Reggie into something much more significant than he ever imagined.

Who are one-liners in Reggie Julie and the phantoms?

Shada delivers Reggie’s most excellent one-liners on Julie and the Phantoms, but the ghost is capable of much more than that. He’s a natural at lifting people’s spirits. There is a hilarious and heartwarming scene in which Reggie tries to persuade his aunt, afraid of ghosts, that they exist. When Carlos’s aunt runs screaming from the house, he has the final laugh. “I’m always there for kids who believe in ghosts,” Reggie tells his bandmate.

Superhero storey of  Reggie:

He’s even written a superhero story of his own. Reggie deserves the cape because of his efforts to keep children curious, joyful and hopeful. That’s just as admirable as Reggie’s tendency to defend his buddies when they’re feeling down about a song or a performance. It’s a given that Reggie will show up with a heartfelt compliment. The way Reggie Peters lived and how he continues in the hereafter are the same.

Loveliest aspects of Reggie’s character:

When it comes to him, you can tell he’s sincere. One of the loveliest aspects of Reggie’s character is his sincere desire to make everyone feel accepted and loved, even if they can’t see him. Although it is a one-sided relationship, Reggie’s relationship with Julie’s father, Ray, is often amusing and tells something about Reggie’s character. As Reggie typically does, Ray lifts Reggie’s spirits in the same way.


In the conclusion of Reggie Julie and the phantoms, they can’t think of him as just the comedic relief. It’s not easy keeping everyone’s spirits up during terrible times. Reggie’s friends are like family to him. Thus, he gives them everything. As the series progresses, that notion is reaffirmed. When Alex and Luke cross over, he worries about being with them. Reggie uses his energy and general optimism to heal people around him in this dramedy aimed at a younger audience. Despite this, Reggie makes Julie and the audience laugh and smile.


What role does Rose play as Julie’s mother?

Costume designer Soyon And had revealed that Rose, the waitress who Sunset Curve met during their soundcheck before Alex, Luke and Reggie perished, is Julie’s mother, as previously reported by the show’s writers.

Did Alex and Luke Reggie make the journey?

After much deliberation, the lads decided to cross the border into Canada. Performing at the Orpheum, they reasoned, was their unfinished business, given that they died just moments before going on stage there.

What happened to Julie and the Phantoms’ fourth character?

In the club, Bobby stayed to flirt with a woman named Rose. If his bandmates died from food sickness, Bobby was unaffected.