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Nyc to san Juan flight duration time is 3 hours, 42 minutes. Getaway for a weekend and the last vacation by taking advantage of the many flights from New York to San Juan! San Juan’s low airfare means that you won’t break the bank while there, making it an excellent option for a vacation. You can locate flights that fit your schedule and won’t break the bank, whether you’re flying one-way, non-stop or round trip. Here we will discuss different ways of travel from NYC to San Juan.

On a budget from NYC to PR:

If you’re flying from NYC to San Juan on a budget, you’ll have more money to spend on unique souvenirs, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the quality of your flight. You’ll also have plenty of chances to shoot a few shots of the high life that will turn your buddies green with envy.

Dream vacation:

There’s no excuse to put off booking a beautiful ticket till tomorrow when there are so many reasonable options and so many lovely experiences to look forward to. Preparation is vital, so don’t put off booking that dream vacation till the last minute. Gather your favorite travel essentials, organize your itinerary, and get ready to explore new places because San Juan waits with Expedia. Get in touch with us today to book your vacation plans.

Low-cost flights to San Juan:

Many people prefer to purchase one-way tickets that allow them to travel on various airlines to San Juan. It costs $82 for a one-way ticket to San Juan. In addition to being Puerto Rico’s largest and oldest city, San Juan also serves as its capital. The city’s attractions, including colonial buildings and Caribbean beaches, convey historic charm and natural beauty. Enjoy opulent casinos, cutting-edge technology, and delectable Puerto Rican cuisine.

Time of NYC to San Juan:

The Castillo San Felipe del Morro has a 1500s fortification, an old chapel and monastery, Condado Beach, Palomas Field, and a magnificent beach. When flying out of New York City to San Juan, you may choose from the best airlines, like American Airlines and JetBlue Airways, for a safe and convenient trip. The 1604-mile trip between the two cities may be flown in an average of 3 hours, 40 minutes.

San Juan International Airport:

When flying from New York to San Juan, most people fly to JFK International Airport; many New Yorkers fly to San Juan’s Luis Jose Benitez International Airport. JFK has several airports from that you can then take a flight to San Juan. If you live in New Jersey, you can fly into Newark, LaGuardia, or New Windsor Stewart. New York to San Juan Luis De Marin Intl Terminal may be a convenient landing point.

Book Your San Juan SJU Flights:

Flights to San Juan are reasonably priced:

Select a bargain from this page or type in your travel dates and origin airport into Expedia’s search bar to search for a low-cost flight to San Juan. You may narrow down your search for the best flight by adjusting the number of stops, the airline, and the departure and arrival timings.

Nyc to san Juan by plane:

Plane ticket prices for nearby dates can be seen using the ‘Flexible Dates’ calendar at the top. To get the best rates on flights to San Juan, you can choose the best days to fly if you have a lot of flexibility in your travel plans. One-way fares to San Juan start at $58 and go from $116 to $116 for roundtrip travel. It’s essential to keep in mind that while nonstop flights are more expensive, they also save you time. Additionally, routes with links may cost less than those without.

Airlines serving San Juan include:

You can choose from a variety of airlines to fly to San Juan. Spirit Airlines is the only airline that flies into SJU. Various airlines may offer cheap flights at different times and with different terms. Before determining the value of an airline’s offer, it’s best to learn about its specifics.

Bigger baggage tax:

Take into consideration whether or not the low-cost airline offers a baggage allowance, regardless of whether you want to check a bag or bring a carry-on with you. Other airline ticket options may not contain a more significant baggage tax, even if they come with perks like free checked or carry-on luggage in exchange for a slightly higher fare. Your preferred frequent flyer programs are an extra factor to consider, as they could affect the low-cost airline you select.

How to get the most excellent prices?

Using Expedia, you can quickly find the most excellent rates on flights from various suppliers. If you want to obtain the best deals, make sure you book and travel at the correct times. Airfare to San Juan is subject to seasonal fluctuations. In August and November, one-way fares to SJU are at their lowest.

Flexibility and cancellation:

My Trips can be used to make changes or cancel eligible flights. It’s possible to cancel your flight for free if you booked it in the last 24 hours. Our customer support webpage has information on making alterations or canceling a flight. You can specify throughout your search that you want to avoid paying a change charge if you find a ticket that way.


We are fortunate to have several options open to us to choose from. To get to the island, you can fly into one of the international Vieques Airports. These are all airports that you’ve specified. In May, a round-trip ticket from New York City to San Juan generally costs $173 when departing from EWR. That’s the cheapest available.


Which airport offers the most convenient connections between New York City and San Juan?

San Juan’s unusual sights and noises can be found at least 5 hours and five minutes from New York City. Travelers who like extra legroom can reserve a seat with more legroom.

Can I reschedule my flight to San Juan if I’m unable to travel because of COVID-19?

Nyc to san juan, We know that organizing a trip at this time might be challenging; therefore, we’ve made many reservations changeable or cancellable. If you can’t fly to San Juan because of COVID-19, many airlines give credit vouchers.

Flying to San Juan and need to make last-minute changes?

Nyc to san juan, You can usually reschedule your trip to San Juan without penalty. That leaves only the difference between the old and new fares. Use the “no change fees” filter to book safely.