Nike free metcon 4 step by step guide.

Nike free metcon 4 is a hybrid shoe that blends flexibility and stability to help you get the most out of your training routine. One of the most accomplished CrossFit athletes in the world. Companies such as Nike have seen the tremendous rise of CrossFit in the previous decade and are producing shoes expressly for the activity. At this point, the Metcon 4 has been updated for the fourth time. Nike reaffirmed their position as the industry leader in CrossFit footwear with the release of the Metcon 3. After the triumph of the Metcon 3, Nike has a lot of work to do with the Metcon 4. Here we will discuss Nike free metcon 4.

Features of Nike free metcon 4


The Metcon 4’s weightlifting performance was essential to the shoe’s overall success in CrossFit because of the sport’s emphasis on weightlifting. It is one of the best sneakers for weightlifters, according to experts. With a broad base, the Metcon 4 provides a robust lift. Metcon 4’s broad base allows athletes to test the machine’s lateral limits without fear of rolling an ankle. Using your knees to drive the floor out, you get a sense of stability. The lightweight construction makes it easier for athletes to do lifts like the snatch or clean and jerk.

Workouts and lifts:

The Metcon 4 performed well in both workouts and lifts that were faster and more powerful. Kettlebell swings and power snatches felt solid in Metcons. Testers preferred this supplement when performing heavy cleans in exercises that included box jumps or sprints. When launching a barbell, you need a stable landing and enough power transfer from the ball of your foot to the heel of your shoe. Toe-off can be accomplished in various ways because of the sole’s flexibility and the fact that it’s less sticky than it could be.


The Metcon 4 can perform well in sprints and shuttles. The sole’s flexible and robust forefoot contributes to the shoe’s excellent ground feel and power transfer. The heel of this shoe was less effective in dispersing shock when running a long distance. Metcon 4’s high score was predicted, considering the emphasis on short, rapid runs in CrossFit exercises. The laces on Metcon shoes are famously weak when attempting a double under. Since this has been an issue, Nike needs to develop a new lave material for Metcon shoes.


In terms of assistance, the Metcon 4 received high marks. We made sure the tongue was thick enough to ensure a snug fit created a comfortable fit. With the help of a flywire system, the laces’ pressure is appropriately transmitted over your foot. The heel’s structural components provide good stability when performing lateral movements.


Because of the additional colours, the Nike Metcon 4 is preferable to the Metcon 3 over the 3. To begin, let’s take a look at the sole. The outsole of the Nike Metcon 4 is substantially comparable to that of the Nike Metcon 3. As far as full retail price shoes go, the Nike Metcon 3 and 4 outsoles are some of the best. Several other companies have duplicated outsole rubber that extends up the sides of the shoe. You can benefit from this even if you don’t intend to perform a lot of rope-climbing.


Minor cuts, scrapes, and bumps were no match for this sneaker. It performed better than most other products to protect users from repeated toe-to-bar and double-under errors. This shoe provided excellent protection against rope burn, and the traction on the inside edge of the sole provided a firmer grip than any other shoe we tried when ascending the rope.


Toe-to-ball flexibility in the Metcon 4’s flexible sole provides outstanding sensitivity. It helped in sprint accelerations, jumping, landing, and weightlifting—those in need of greater cushioning need to go no further than the Metcon 4.


Breathability is enhanced thanks to the top’s clever combination of mesh and protective material. However, even if it didn’t take first place, it provided for a reasonable amount of productivity anyway. It was light and airy and didn’t trap sweat or perspiration.

The Nike shoe was graded worse than the New Balance Minimus 40 sneaker in terms of breathability. We found the Metcon 4 to be as good, or better, than the Asics Conviction X V2 when it came to breathability. As far as toe box mesh goes, both models have a lot of it and rank highly in this department.


All of our reviewers were pleased with Metcon 4. With no seams or pressure points on the inside of the foot, these shoes were also quite comfy. During lunges, burpees, and carries, the shoe’s overall grade was decreased due to heel sliding.

Best software:

As a whole, this shoe is excellent for CrossFit. Two of the persons who tested it out indicated they would be happy to wear it for their workouts. It’s a perfect choice for CrossFit exercises if you only need one shoe. Those who are terrified of rope climbs during training should use this model since the traction on the inside arch of the shoe provides more grip than any other shoe we’ve tested.

Comfort and Size:

This shoe has a relatively small forefoot and toe box. As soon as it comes out of the box, this shoe is quite constricting. Even though the upper has loosened up and now feels more comfortable, this brings up my sizing issues. I recommend going up a half size in this shoe if you’re in between sizes. If your feet are more extensive and flatter, you may want to go for a full-size shoe. It’s usually a good idea to try on clothing before purchasing.


There are no differences in price between other high-performance CrossFit sneakers. As a result of its excellent overall performance in a wide range of areas, it is well worth the price. If you’re on a strict budget, the Asics Conviction X, which costs $90, is available from us. Because of the shoe’s size, this is a significant negative. Inconveniently, this shoe doesn’t suit my feet very well. The Nike Free Metcon 4’s tight forefoot and midfoot fit may be a problem for people with more extensive or flatter feet.


Plush to the point of being bug-like





Wide-footed individuals should avoid this shoe.

Running or cycling in these is a no-no.


As a result of the Nike Free Metcon 4’s durability and lifespan, training in the shoe is a cinch. With the mesh-constructed shoes, you’ll feel like a million bucks. You’ll be amazed by how much flexibility and grip you receive from the fractured soles if you’re doing a simple calf raise. These sneakers are equipped to take on any task and keep your feet comfortable and ready for any occasion. The Metcon 4 successfully blends weightlifting, running, jumping, and climbing.


For CrossFit, can Nike Free Metcon 4 be used effectively?

The Nike Free Metcon 4 may not be the best option for CrossFit workouts. As a result of its lack of CrossFit-specific traits like rope climbs or heavy lifting, this shoe will fast become unusable in specific scenarios.

Is it safe to lift with the Nike Free Metcon 4?

The Nike Free Metcon 4 is a good option when it comes to lifting. To avoid damaging the shoe’s midsole, you should only lift loads of up to 275 pounds while wearing it.

Is the Nike Metcon 4 a good choice in terms of running shoes?

The Metcon 4 excels in sprinting and shuttle running. The forefoot of this sole is flexible yet sturdy enough to transfer power and accelerate quickly properly. Its stiff heel made it unsuitable for long runs.