How to fix new vegas crashes on startup?

New vegas crashes on startup: Fallout New Vegas crashes Windows 10 for a large number of gamers. It is the appropriate location if you’re attempting to figure them out as well. Many gamers enjoy Fallout New Vegas because of its groundbreaking shooting role-playing game on Windows and other platforms. However, you may run into issues like Fallout New Vegas running out of memory, new vegas crash on startup, and the one we’re currently discussing.

How to fix new vegas crashes on startup?

Fallout New Vegas crashes for no apparent reason. We’ve looked at many user reports and publications and come up with a few theories. Incompatibilities are one of the most common causes. When Fallout New Vegas starts up, it may crash because of a malfunctioning graphics card driver or an incorrect game setting. Following are ways to fix new vegas crashes on startup.

Use Compatibility Mode to play this game:

Run the game in compatibility mode to fix new vegas crashes on startup on Windows 10. In this way, it avoids compatibility difficulties. The following is a step-by-step procedure:

Step 1: Using the Compatibility tab, choose the Run this program in compatibility mode for checkbox and click OK.

Step 2: To save the updated changes, choose Operating systems or Windows 8 from the drop-down menu and click Ok though Apply.

Step 3: You can now try relaunching New Vegas to check if the problem persists.

Install the Anti-Cash Mod for New Vegas:

Adding additional game mechanics, models, features, and even characters to a game is possible with the help of mods. Although these tweaks can cause certain glitches and incompatibilities, they are generally safe to use. Anti-cash mods for Fallout New Vegas are available. We recommend installing an anti-cash mod from a trusted source if you’re having trouble starting up Fallout New Vegas.

Your Graphics Card Drivers Need to Be Updated:

CK2 may crash upon startup if you use an out-of-date or corrupt graphics card driver. The following steps can use to try and update your device driver in this situation:

Step 1: After that, you can select Device Manager or Power Button by right-clicking on Start.

Step 2: To update your graphics card driver, right-click on it in Device Manager and select Update car owner from the command prompt.

Step 3: Search automatically for the updated driver software option and finish the operation.

Step 4: After installing the driver, restart your game and see whether it crashes.

Use Windowed Mode to Play the Game:

New Vegas may continue crashing due to incorrect game settings. Windowed/borderless mode can try if the game is currently running in fullscreen mode. Here is a step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1: Right-click the game shortcut and pick Properties.

Step 2: Tab will open in Properties window, with a Shortcuts option.

Step 3: Once you’ve found the shortcut’s original location in the Target box, click on it to activate it. Make that the Target field includes the –windowed argument.

Step 4: To save the changes, use the OK and Apply buttons.

Step 5: It’s now possible to see if Fallout New Vegas will crash.

Performing a Fresh Reinstall of the Game:

It is possible to reinstall this game if all preceding techniques fail. As a result, you can do it as follows:

Step 1: Simply type Appwiz.CPL into the Run textbox by clicking Win + R and pressing

Step 2: Enter: Make a right-click and difference Method from the context menu of Fallout New Vegas. If there are any residual files, follow the on-screen directions and delete these as well.

Step 3: Finally, put AppData percent into the Run dialogue box, then press Enter.

Step 4: Remove the Fallout New Vegas folder from the Roaming folder.

Step 5: Re-download and install it on your computer now that you’ve completed the previous steps.

Change the settings in your configuration file:

It is possible to fix the crashing problem by editing the configuration file if you follow the installation guide correctly. Steam can use to play games. Please look at Fallout 3’s properties by right-clicking on them and selecting Properties.

1: Select BROWSE LOCAL FILES from the LOCAL FILES tab.

2: Open the Fallout default. In the notepad, type “Busethread.”

3: Use Threaded AI instead of the default bUseThreadedAI=0.

4: Subsequently, save the change by adding iNumHWThreads=2.

5: Check to see if the problem is solved by launching the game.

To fix corrupted system files:

In some cases, a faulty Windows system file can also cause the game to fail. As PC gamers, you may already know that even a faulty or missing.dll file (dynamic link libraries) can cause a game to crash. Repairing your computer will restore and improve your computer’s performance, stability, and security. To fix corrupted system files, follow the methods outlined below:

Step: 1 Reimage can download here:

Step: 2 Reimage has to be installed and launched.

Step: 3Wait for Reimage to scan your computer. I expect this to take a while.

Step: 4 Reimage will present you with a PC scan summary once the scanning process has been completed.

Step: 5 Mostly on the lower-right corner, hit the “START REPAIR” button. Reimage will begin the process of repairing your computer’s Windows OS.

Modify your game using the NVAC mod:

Extract the mod’s contents to fix new vegas crashes on startup.

1: Open the New Vegas Anti-Crash mod’s download page.

2: On the NexusMods website, sign up and log in.

3: NVAC’s manual can be downloaded by clicking the Manual Download button.

4: Then click on the NVAC.ZIP file to download it.

5: In File Explorer, locate the NVAC.ZIP file and open it.

6: Open the NVAC.ZIP file by double-clicking it.

7: Compressed Folder Tools > Compressed Folder Tools > Compressed Folder Tools > Extract All

8: To extract the ZIP file to a new location, click the Browse button.

9: Activate the option to Show extracted files when complete.

10: To extract the file, click the Extract button on your keyboard.


Suppose your current Windows OS is compared to a functioning system. In that case, Reimage will replace the damaged files with new Windows components of its constantly updated online record that includes a vast repository of system services and files, registration system values, dynamic link libraries and other components from a new Windows installation to fix vegas startup errors. New vegas crashes on startup.

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