Nameless treasure genshin impact review

Nameless treasure genshin impact is a quest. There are three Nameless Treasures located in the Liyue region of the Genshin Impact world. For players to get valuable objects with them, they must first learn where they may be discovered by working through various challenges and riddles. In the Nameless Treasures, there are a total of forty Primogems. It means that adventurers will receive a total of 120 Primogems if they successfully locate all three riches. You will receive an additional forty Primogems as a reward for selling them later. In this article, we will discuss the Nameless treasure genshin impact.

Locations of nameless treasure genshin impact:

Lingju Pass Treasure:

Players must travel to Lingju Pass and leap from the cliff directly in front of the waypoint to find this reward. They’ll find a diary at the designated spot. After reading the journal, the traveler and Paimon must investigate the camp and locate some Treasure Hoarders to complete the, ‘And This Treasure Goes To a mission. In the middle of Lingju Pass, players discover Alrani, who tells them that the wealth is concealed under a gigantic golden tree.

Qingxu Pool’s Nameless TreasureL

This secret mission requires a Geo character in your party. The Statue of the Seven in the Liyue region is good to start if you don’t yet have Noelle, Ningguang, or Zhongli. The location of the Nameless Treasure is shown in the photo. As you arrive, these stone structures are perched on the high cliffs, surrounded by water. Geo ability must be used on five Geo signs.

Middle of the stone platform:

Every stone building has a foundation beneath its apex. There are four of them, all of which are close together. Watch out for the second-highest building’s Geo sign, located one story lower than the symbols on the other structures. Once you’ve activated all of the items, return to the platform in the center. Here, you triggered one of the Geo symbols; thus, this is the same place. Unlock the Treasures of a Grand Chest. As well to the Nameless Treasure, there are further awards.

Dunya Ruins:

Both a Geo and Pyro character are needed to complete this secret task. Visit the Dunyu Ruins if you have them. You may come across some blue Seelie’s Nameless treasure genshin impact in this location. If you’re nearby, start directing them now because you’ll need to finish this task later.

Ruin Guard:

Jumping through the open square amid the ruin will lead you to the picture’s final and only one that wasn’t captured. The torch will be atop a stairwell if you look back towards the lake. The Ruin Guard will activate if you stand in his way. Afterward, you can utilize a Geo attack to take out the Geo pillar with a powerful blast. You’ll see an empty valley amid the lake, which will unveil the Luxurious Chest in the middle.

The Unnamed Treasure:

We briefly mentioned this area in our instruction on how to trade in nameless treasure for prizes. Almira is waiting for you there. Treasure Hoarders kidnapped her when she was searching for study topics. Obtain the keys to her cage by beating the Treasure Hoarders and accessing the subsequent standard chest. A treasure is hidden beneath a golden tree, and she’ll tell you all about it afterward to find a tree that fulfills this description, all you have to do is fly down to the middle of Lingju Pass. Wherever you see the treasure, you’ll discover a pile nearby.

The Lingju Pass Nameless Treasure:

To the west of Liyue Harbor, the third and final Nameless Treasure can be found in the Lingju Pass. There are two ways to get the “And the Treasure Goes To side quest, but this one requires a third. After rescuing an NPC and finding the Luxurious Chest buried behind a golden tree, you can unlock it by visiting the area shown in the picture.

Does Seelie’s freedom challenge take place on the other side of the valley?

Four Slimes will appear during the task. The Seelie is liberated after defeating the trolls. But it will take off if you go too close, so you must pursue it. Getting back to the Seelie will take one more climb up the wall and a jump through the window on the second floor. On a side note, male characters appear to be unable to fit through the window. Once and for all, the shield has been breached. Your well-earned Nameless Treasure is waiting for you when you open the Luxurious Chest!

Forgotten Liyue Treasures:

The Dunya Ruins, Lingju Pass, and Qingxu Pool are three Nameless Treasures discovered in the Liyue region. There is a treasure to be found beyond these lovely locales! We all know that Teyvat is full of foes, so be on the lookout for one or more while you complete this mission.

How to Find All Locations of Nameless Treasure:

Nameless Treasures is a secret mission in Genshin Impact that requires you to go to many locations and solve a series of puzzles before claiming your reward: the Nameless Treasures! A Liyue NPC will buy the Nameless Treasures from newer players looking to get Mora, Primogems, or Adventurer EXP.

Qingxu Pool Treasure:

You can search for the other nameless prizes now that you’ve rescued Almira. Qingxu Pool is the next place you’ll want to check out. There are a lot of monsters in this area, so you’ll need to be prepared to fight at all times. Check out our slideshow to get a general idea of where they are.

How to find Qingxu Pool?

You’ll find yourself on a platform with a geo symbol before a gravestone or sign amid the Qinxu Pool. The logo can be activated using a geo character and their geo skills. Once that’s been activated, everyone’s close to one another. In a stone building with a roof, they are found. A treasure box will emerge beside the gravestone once all of the geo symbols have been activated. Open it, and you’ll find your second unnamed prize.

Dunyu Destroys Treasure:

Visit this area in the Dunyu Ruins to find the final unnamed treasure. This one is simple, but it can take a while to complete. Start by lighting the four torches that round the Geo Pillar’s perimeter.

How to find Dunyu Ruined?

Our slideshow will give you a good notion of where the torches should go if you’re stuck on one of them. After that, use a geo character’s ability to activate the geo pillar. Then a platform appears. Once you’ve found the shield covering the nameless treasure, you’ll need to find the nearby sellers. The first two can be found using elemental sight, while the third is localized. After removing the shield, you’ll be able to obtain the final, nameless treasure.


The Nameless treasure genshin impact is divided into three categories. Keep in mind that you may already possess some of these items. If you’re unsure where you obtained them, return to each of the three sites. It makes no difference in which comes first. It’s not your average Genshin Impact quest for the Nameless Treasure. Neither your Journal nor the tale will lead you there. Secret investigations are exciting and rewarding even when they’re challenging to find.


How to find Identifying Seelies in the Dunyu Ruins?

Nameless treasure genshin impact, A shield is protecting the Luxurious Chest. Once you’ve collected three blue Seelies, it will go.  Before it is led to its socket, this one will float to the same position behind the Ruin Guard.

Where to Put Your Nameless Treasures on the Market?

Nameless treasure genshin impact, Return to Liyue Harbor once you have all three. Nameless Treasures can be sold to Linlang, who is located to the left of the Jewellery shop. Keep in mind that Linlang isn’t around during the daytime.