A short travel guide for Minca Colombia

Minca Colombia has become a popular tourism destination for visitors visiting Colombia. Before, the area’s paramilitary presence made it unsafe for tourists. But today, with some of Colombia’s greatest hostels, treks, and waterfalls, Minca has earned its reputation as a top tourist destination. Nothing to worry about here. In reality, Minca has established itself as a mainstay on the itineraries of budget travelers since it is one of the safest places to visit in Colombia.

Where does Minca come into play, and what makes it unique?

Within the slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the little village of Minca may be reached in less than an hour by car from Santa Marta. It has calmer, somewhat colder weather than neighboring Santa Marta and Cartagena. You may still swim in the pool while taking in the views of the mountains and enjoy a night under the stars in the open-air bed or hammock without breaking a sweat.

Are there any must-sees while in Minca, Colombia?

If you’re seeking a peaceful mountain hideaway and have at least two days to spare, consider a trip to Minca. Minca Colombia is a beautiful mountain village perfect for backpackers, with its rich biodiversity, coffee and chocolate plantations, hiking trails, and waterfalls.

If you were to visit Minca, how long would you recommend staying?

You’re welcome to spend as much time as you want in Minca, but a minimum of two days is in order.

To get the most out of your time in Minca, plan on spending more than a day there. Spending a day in Minca is like checking out a spa after five minutes. Now, do you get it? An overnight stay in minca Colombia is necessary, but two full days are recommended. You’ll have enough time to go sightseeing, hike to a waterfall, attend a cacao ceremony, or see a coffee plantation.

Attractions and Activities in Minca Colombia

Minca is a great base for various walks, from little strolls in the forest to strenuous multi-day treks. Some examples are as follows.

The Las Piedras Trek

The Las Piedras Trek is a lovely, low-difficulty hike ideal for first-time hikers or anybody looking to take it easy. Near the village of Las Piedras, a pleasant 15-minute stroll will take you to the River Minca. Although it is more of a hike than a trek, those staying higher up in the mountains may add some elevation gain by walking down. An excellent place to unwind, swim, and refresh in the extremely clear waters of the river. I advise getting there before the weekend crowds arrive since this is a popular tourist destination.

The Los Pinos Lookout

Although Los Pinos is the most well-known trail in Minca, it might be challenging for those who need hiking expertise. Fantastic vistas of the far Caribbean coast, Santa Marta, and the verdant Sierra Nevada Mountains may be seen here. The trek takes six to eight hours, starting in Cascada de Marinka. To get to Los Pinos, follow the wooden markers. The last few hours are a grueling uphill struggle, but the reward is well worth the effort.

Cerro Kennedy

Cerro Kennedy is the most magnificent place to see the sun rise over the snowy peaks of Los Nevados, and getting there is a two-day, rigorous walk. Taking a moto-taxi to the Y junction and then climbing up to the El Ramo hostel is the best method to do this walk. Get up early the next morning to complete the last two hours of the walk to the military installation. Go to Minca on foot after that. You may do it on your own if you are an experienced hiker; otherwise, you should hire a guide in town or join a tour.

Trip to the Minca Waterfalls

Hiking and cooling off at the waterfall is the ideal way to experience Minca. Among the many stunning waterfalls in Minca, I find the one in Marinka most impressive. There is a little swimming hole at the base of a two-tiered waterfall, making it an ideal spot to spend a leisurely day since it is less frequented than waterfalls closer to the settlement.

The Blue Hole of Pozo

It’s no secret that Pozo Azul is one of the best-loved natural landmarks in all of Minca. One of the greatest spots to cool down close to town, it has a succession of lovely tiny waterfalls and swimming pools. The proximity to the Minca hub (around 45 minutes on foot) contributes to its popularity and busyness. It’s best to dodge the crowds of day-trippers by visiting in the wee hours or after work.

Explore the Municipality of Minca Colombia

In a laid-back, picturesque setting, the town of Minca offers some novel and unusual forms of amusement. The city is small, and it doesn’t seem to offer much at first glance. But if you start looking at it, you’ll find a few unexpected things. There are several interesting places to see in the area, including the Museo de Minca, the modest whitewashed church on Calle 5a, and several unique and hippy coffee shops, locally owned souvenir stores, exceptional restaurants, and a couple of fantastic bakeries.

Join Jungle Joe for a Birding Adventure in Minca!

Steely-vented Hummingbirds, Crimson Crested Woodpeckers, Collared Aracaris, and even Toucans may all be seen at Minca. If you’re interested in bird watching, Minca is a top choice. If you’re interested in going on a birding trip, contact Jungle Joe. You may visit his storefront in person or browse the wares for sale online. He is an expert in the region and will see you have a wonderful time there.

What are the transportation options to go to Minca?

Santa Marta is the starting point of the only road leading to Minca. One may take a so-called Colectivo (shared minibus) from Carrera 9 near Santa Marta’s central market to travel to Minca. The Cootrasminca office is where you need to be. If you have trouble locating it, inquire at the ticket booth offering Palomino bus tickets; this booth is considerably more visible due to the constant presence of a Palomino bus.


Those coming from Santa Marta who want to remain for a few days should take carry-on items to Minca Colombia, since they will not need their large suitcases. Yes, I did precisely that! It would help if you didn’t have trouble doing it at any hostel. The District Hostel was where I was staying, and they graciously stored my primary bag. Taking just a little day pack, I ventured out to Minca, Colombia (enough just for a couple of days).


Is it worthwhile to take a trip to Minca, Colombia?

If you’re seeking a peaceful mountain hideaway and have at least two days to spare, you might consider a trip to Minca. Minca is a beautiful mountain village perfect for backpackers, with its rich biodiversity, coffee and chocolate plantations, hiking trails, and waterfalls.

To what does Minca Colombia owe its fame?

It’s no secret that Minca has long been Colombia’s backpacker mecca, thanks to its fantastic hiking, picturesque fincas and coffee farms, stunning rainforest waterfalls, and laid-back atmosphere. If you love the outdoors and natural beauty, this is one of the top spots to visit in Colombia.

How long will your trip to Minca last?

Most tourists will find their stay optimal if it lasts for two or three nights at most. In two days, you can visit the majority of Minca’s top attractions if you’re in a hurry or are okay with taking motos between some of them. You may take the bird-viewing trip and the full-day climb to all the sights with an extra day.