Luhua landscape genshin impact review.

Luhua landscape genshin impact is a tutorial that will help you complete the World Quest. Luhua Landscape entails helping a wandering artist called Vermeer overcome his artistic block. Near the Luhua Pool lies the Luhua Landscape World Quest. Two knight sculptures are visible, and a lockable granite pillar sits in the centre of Vermeer’s painting studio. Two towering sculptures with a visible holes in their helmets are found here. Vermeer stands near a locked geo pillar, considering his painting block. Talking to him triggers the mission. Let’s discuss Luhua landscape genshin impact.

What is the Luhua Pool region?

Find Vermeer at the massive ruins west of the Luhua Pool bank. Vermeer, an artist seeking inspiration at Luhua Pool, needs aid. 450x AEP, 50x Primogems, 2x Hero’s Wit, 30000x Mora. Its quest may be accomplished quickly near the Luhua Pool region for a large payout, particularly if you want to get Adventure Rank quickly. Based on the opponents encountered, your group should be at least Lv. 25 before tackling it.

Art Supplies Need:

The next step was to find his lost art materials. They surround Luhua Pool and overlook the two sculptures. The first set of art materials is near the Luhua Pool waypoint and the Pyro Regisvine. Interact with it and go on to the next. The second position is on the Luhua Pool’s right. However, Teleport to the right of Luhua Pool and travel west. Stay on the same level as the art materials.

Painting Tools:

Vermeer, the Travelling Painter, may be seen at the Luhua Pool section of luhua landscape genshin impact. It starts with helping the painter and ends with you digging deep into ruins for riches. The Geo Marker unlocks once both eyes are in the statue. An Lv. 24 Fire, Water, and Ice Abyss Mage will arrive after a Geo assault. You have 90 seconds to beat them, so get ready to battle. After their defeat, the ruins’ portal will open. Hydro and Cryo magicians like to freeze you. Use the opposing components to shatter their shields.

A quest to Finish Genshin Impact Luhua:

The first step is to find Vermeer’s paints. Quests in Genshin Impact are usually simple; you’ll be given a waypoint marker or at least a location to search. The Luhua Landscape quest tells you that Vermeer was gazing at the countryside from high vantage points, where he abandoned his gear. You may have stumbled across one of his camps while clearing previous tasks, but if not, their locations are indicated on the map below.

Highlights of luhua landscape genshin impact:

Right before the pool in the northeast, a shining light reaches entirely out of the yellow circle. Enemies surround Vermeer to the north. Again, adversaries should be between the first point and the goal. It’s hidden in the grass. Returning to Vermeer, he says the statue’s eyes don’t light up because they don’t have any. It’s time to climb the figure and place the Strange Rocks on its face. You may remember the orb inside the figure by stepping on its hands, shoulders, or head. It glows once inside.

Travelling Painter Meet up:

Two monumental sculptures guard the Luhua Pool’s lovely water baths. A Geo monument and a lone visitor examine the sculptures. Vermeer is a wandering painter who may need your assistance. Vermeer says he intended to paint Luhua Pool to take home but couldn’t find a decent viewpoint. He also misplaced his paintbrushes and paints while seeking the correct perspective. He did some sketches while looking for angles. Thus his tools are where he produced those sketches.

Vue points of luhua landscape:

Locations will feature adventure packs and literature to help them stand out. A little flickering light will show you where to look when you get near enough. Vermeer’s tools are highlighted with a yellow arrow near the investigation site. It’s simple to locate black and white. From the Luhua Pool, take the closest correct waypoint and go north-west. There is a place for the black and white drawing. Looking closely at the picture above, you will see a spot highlighted with Vermeer’s paintbrushes. Remember to gather it in luhua landscape genshin impact.

Finding the Eye:

Vermeer claims he heard tales of monuments with glowing eyes that may be seen from afar. That’s a great time to paint. But the statue lacks those blazing eyes. Strange Stone is a stone that resembles a look that he discovered in the pond. Then it would help if you located the second eye. The game doesn’t inform you where to seek a replacement eye, so you’re on your own. The answer is more straightforward than you think. An arrow points to a few spots across the ponds, some feature hilichurls. The places may be randomized, so examine carefully.

Missing Stone & Climbing Statues:

Return to Vermeer with the art materials. He will then give you one odd rock and instruct you to find the other. If you can’t locate it, wait until dusk and look for bright light. Then climb each statue and place the odd stone in its helmet. You may then utilize Geo ability on the Geo Pillar. One cryo, one pyro, and one hydro Abyss Mages will spawn. If you beat them in time, the gate in front of the geo pillar will open. Grab the prize inside, and the journey is over.

Statue Repair:

Now that you have both eyeballs reattach them. Climb both statues and place a stone in their heads. The Geo monument unlocks with the stones in position. Vermeer is thrilled and will leave you and the memorial to paint the sculptures. The Geo element must strike the Geo monument. Geo attack/skill/burst activates it. Then a Time Challenge awaits. In 90 seconds, beat three adversaries. Hydro is for Pyro, and Cryo is for Cryo, and vice versa. The most OK free-to-play characters for this are Kaeya, Barbara, and Xiangling.


In Luhua landscape genshin impact, Luhua Landscape side mission, you explore Luhua Pool. It’s a game-based territory southwest of the Guili Plains. It’s not challenging, but you need to know where to go to complete it fast. To begin the task, find the quest giver at the remains of Vermeer in the Luhua Pool’s southern section. Speak with them to begin the mission. So they painted from various vantage points across the area to get inspiration for their current works. However, they lost their painting supplies and want you to help them find them. Sadly, Vermeer has forgotten.


Where is Genshin’s Luhua landscape?

Near the Luhua Pool lies the Luhua Landscape World Quest. Two knight sculptures are visible, and a lockable granite pillar sits in the centre of Vermeer’s painting studio.

How does Yuhua Genshin impact?

Luhua landscape genshin impact, Climb up to the gigantic statues’ heads and place a stone in each. Use a Geo Elemental Skill to activate the ruin entrance’s monument. Defeat the three Abyss Mages that spawn in 90 seconds.

How to use Luhua Pool Genshin?

Luhua landscape genshin impact , To complete the Luhua Pool Puzzle, players must activate all three Pyro Monuments. Initialize the mechanism. Then start the right Pyro Monument to break the seal. Amber can easily do this.