Which Monitor Stands Are the Best?

With their stands already included, LG’s 27UD88 and LG’s subsequent USB-C monitors are excellent choices. But if you’re looking to free up some desk space, make your monitor more ergonomic, or have more control over the monitor’s height, one of these great mounting arms for your workspace is something you’ll want to look into. In addition to supporting LG27UD88’s 13.3 LG monitor stand, these arms also support the required 100 x 100mm VESA mounting setup, included in the purchase price.

AmazonBasics Premium Engine Arm Mount:

This monitor arm has a sturdy clip that attaches to your desk, allowing you to easily and safely adjust your monitor. It has a tilt range of 70 degrees backward and 5 degrees forwards, making it easy to switch between landscape and portrait orientations with your monitor. This monitor arm has a weight capacity of up to 25 pounds.

3M Desk Monitor Arm Mount:

The LG 27UD88 can be supported easily by this sturdy monitor arm, which can hold up to 30 pounds. Its sturdy arms conceal hollow interiors that let you easily run cables through them, keeping your workspace neat and clutter-free. For desks up to 2.36 inches thick, this arm has a clamp and grommet.

VIVO Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount:

It is a great solution if you’ve bought two LG 27UD88s and need a place to mount them. Each mount can support up to 14.3 pounds of weight, and it can swivel 180 degrees and rotate 360 degrees.

VIVO Single Monitor Adjustable Desk Mount:

The VIVO Single Monitor Adjustable Desk Mount is an excellent value for the money. Because of the arm’s flexibility and tilt and swivel, you can easily switch your monitor’s orientation between landscape and portrait without any hassle. This arm can accommodate screens ranging in size from 13 to 17 inches and can support 22 pounds.

LG UltraGear 27″ Gaming Monitor Desk Mount:

WALI’s Premium Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount is a great option for mounting your 27-inch UltraGear to a desk or table. Base mounting options are available for this mount on your table. With a maximum weight capacity of 17.6 pounds, the WALI product is compatible with LG’s 27-inch UltraGear monitors that use the 100mm x 100mm VESA mounting pattern.

27″ LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor Wall Mount:

The Monitor from WALI is a great option if you want to mount your 27-inch UltraGear to the wall. Using a stud as a mounting point, you can put this item up on a wall. The wall mount is compatible with 100 mm x 100 mm VESA patterns and can support 14.3 pounds of weight. It is made of steel. As a result, it’ll work with any 27″ LG Ultra Gear model.

Which Monitor Stands Are the Best?

When looking for the best Monitor Stands, there are several things to keep in mind. The following are the most significant ones that we discovered while compiling this list.


To fit two monitors on your desk, you’ll want a stand that’s between 10 and 46 inches wide. Smaller stands are better for small desks.


The monitor stands in our guide range in height from 2.19 inches to 8.5 inches, so bear that in mind when determining the ideal height for your monitor. You’ll have more options if you use a height-adjustable monitor.


To make your home office look nicer, we’ve chosen monitor stands that are made of wood or metal.

There’s still room for one more thing.

Using a monitor stand has the added benefit of allowing you to utilize the space underneath it for storage. Each of the monitors below has some accessory storage, so you can keep your desk neat and orderly.

Stand for two monitors made of wood by Grovemade:

There isn’t a better monitor stand if you have enough space than Grovemade’s Wooden Dual Monitor Stand. With a width of 46 inches and a height of 4.2 inches, you’ll have plenty of room to work. Two 15.6-inch portable monitors fit perfectly on the stand, and there was still room for a third. It’s possible to fit two larger monitors on your desk if yours is larger than 28 inches.

Fluidstance It’s Time to Stand:

For those of you with limited desk space, Fluidstance’s Raise monitor stand is the best option. A 15.6-inch AUZAI portable monitor and a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook fit perfectly on top of it, with room to spare on both sides. It measures 23.5 inches wide by 4.75 inches high. When not in use, the area beneath the stand is large enough to accommodate a full-sized keyboard and mouse.

Twelve South HiRise Pro:

To work with LG’s UltraFine 4K display and Apple’s iMac computers, Twelve South created the HiRise Pro. In addition to having a surprising amount of storage space, the Hi-shelf Rises can be adjusted in height.

Aluminum Monitor Stand with Hub by Satechi:

The Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub from Satechi raises your screen off the desk and lets you connect more tech gadgets to your computer while keeping things tidy. The aluminum stand measures 10 inches wide by 2.19 inches high, and it matches the aesthetic of Apple’s Mac lineup. Despite its short stature, the LG monitor stand boasts a built-in USB-C hub with a USB-C port, three USB-A ports, a headphone jack, and full-sized MicroSD card slots.


The LG monitor stands Premium Lift Engine Arm Mount is an excellent LG 27UD88 monitor arm option. With this arm, you can easily switch the orientation of your monitor from landscape to portrait based on your current activity. The fact that it can hold most monitors of a typical size and weight of LG monitor stand is also a plus if you want to upgrade your monitor in the future. lg monitor stand, lg monitor stand, lg monitor stand.

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