Is it possible to renovate an old building?

Larry’s giant subs: Larry and Mitch opened their first submarine sandwich store. To make their first subs, they started with the best deli meats and cheeses and daily-delivered fresh produce. The two entrepreneurs were motivated to expand their concept across the country after seeing the positive reception in the initial location. Having worked in the industry for over 30 years, have established a standard of excellence. To continue to grow and succeed, Larry’s Giant Subs has remained dedicated to generating some of the best subs in the world.

History of Larry giant subs:

Larry and Mitchell Raikes opened the first Larry Giant Subs in 1982 Florida. A year later opening, Larry and Mitchell expanded the business first location by franchising Larry’s Giant Subs towards other towns and cities around the country. Larry’s Giant Subs rose to prominence in the sub-food sector in eight short years.

What Is It That Separates Us?

Maintaining an unwavering dedication to delivering the best sub sandwiches possible has helped Larry’s Giant Subs grow into a successful business. It’s a great opportunity to own a Larry’s Giant Subs enterprise to operate a business that has built a solid reputation for providing consumers with fresh, fast, and affordable meals.

Important Ingredients:

Only Larry’s Giant Subs offers a variety of healthy and nutrient-dense subs. No hormones or antibiotics are used to raise our Black Angus USDA choice roast beef. We provide antibiotic- and hormone-free Raikes Farms Roasted Chicken and Grilled Chicken Breast, all produced using safe farming methods. We have six-foot deli cabinets where consumers can watch us slice our meats and cheeses right before their eyes.

A lot of value:

Due to Larry’s Giant Subs’ commitment to using only premium ingredients, every item is made to order. Only the finest ingredients are used in our sandwiches, such as USDA Black Angus steak, fat-free premium hams, custard Golden Supreme turkey breast, real smoke smoked provolone, and house-baked bread.

Features of Larry’s giant subs:

Following your acceptance into the company, you’ll get a private Operations Manual that outlines every facet of our operations. We can pass on big discounts that we get to our customers with our national vendor relationships.

Quite a Helping Hand:

You and your team will be properly trained in one of our training establishments and by Larry’s Giant Subs at your location. We won’t let you go until you’ve perfected the art of making a sandwich. An instructional video and an emergency hotline are also on hand. You’ll have access to our support staff during and after your course. Larry’s can help you with site selection to store design, equipment purchases, and lease negotiations.

It’s a Big Deal:

You’ll be creating jobs and serving up delicious, nutritious cuisine to hungry clients at the same time. At just 6%, we have one of the lowest royalty rates in the business. We provide volume-based discounts every three months. We get quarterly refunds from our suppliers because of our large purchases.

Benefits of Larry’s Giant Subs’s Franchisees:

Because we are one of the very few companies, our Franchisees benefit from these rebates. In addition to saving each franchise owner money, this is one of the many ways it helps them succeed. These are the greatest that you can get, in our opinion. You’ll have more options if you have a great sandwich for those who want a fast-growing and interesting business.

Assets made at the beginning:

Improvements to the Leasehold:

Within this range, you will find a Larry’s. Tile and countertops are included in this estimate.


This package contains tables, chairs, and other restaurant supplies.

Signs and Decorations:

The logo, outdoor sign, photographs, and the menu board are all included.


According to how much business the store generates, the initial merchandise order might last anywhere from one week to two weeks in a retail setting.

Pre-opening services:

You’ll have to go through Larry’s training program before you can open. A lot of time and attention has been put into building Larry’s. They will not discount the value of their goods and system. Unit Managers must complete a 120-hour training program and demonstrate proficiency in several fundamental skills before being considered for promotion. We need Unit Managers because of this. This program is completely free to join. Following are the New LGS locations should follow these rules:


15,000 vehicles a day traveling no faster than 35mph. There should be a two-way local street near the store with a traffic light. The median should be omitted if at all possible.

Straightforward to find a spot to park:

It’s possible to see into the store from every direction. Signs for both consumers who are walking and those who are driving. Studying people’s driving, eating, and buying behaviors is a good first step.


Several factors influence the amount of money required for leasehold renovations, including the condition of the premises, the availability of utilities, and the size and shape of both the intended store. It is important to remember a few important points, including. With a minimum ceiling height of ten (10) feet, it is possible to provide indirect illumination for better product displays and menu options.

Larry’s Giant Subs Locations:

Stores can be divided into three categories based on their advantages and disadvantages

Whether it’s a gas station or a big-box retailer.

There should be a huge, high-volume supermarket entrance at this shopping mall type.

An examination of storefront visibility and parking accessibility is required.

Mall with a Walled-In Environment:

The importance of the right location cannot be overstated. Flow patterns of pedestrian traffic and entrance/exit points should be analyzed at different times of the day. If at all possible, ensure that parking is both ample and weather-protected. The suggested store location must be nearby. It’s a good idea to look for in-line stores convenience stores, as long as they have the right generators and demographics.


How much does it cost to open Larry’s location?

In the current financial year, Larry’s membership fee is 20,000 dollars.

Is it possible to renovate an old building?

Yes. The only limitation is that our corporate management must approve any remodeling.

Is there a charge for the use of the image?

According to the terms of the Franchise Agreement, Larry’s earns a six percent (6%) royalty on gross sales, a two percent (2%) regional advertising fee, and one percent (1%) national advertising fee.

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