La desalmada televisa reviews 2022.

La desalmada was broadcast on Las Estrellas. Executive producer José Alberto Castro is in charge of the show. “The heartless,” a Tv network production directed by José Alberto ‘El Güero’ Castro, is widely considered one of the most highly regarded novels of the year 2021 thus far. Cast and crew members recorded scenes for the show, which will premiere on July 5, 2021, in locations throughout the Aztec homeland, including at Rancho El Primor.


Fernanda Linares (Livia Brito) is a lady whose spouse was slain on their wedding night while raped. She is desperate to avenge his death. A lack of recall is to blame for Fernanda’s shaky decision-making. Rafael catches her eye, but she believes he is the man who betrayed her. She discovers that Rafael’s father, not Rafael, is to blame for ruining her life. To obtain access to the Toscano household and begin gathering evidence against Octavio, Fernanda marries Rafael.

La desalmada original:

It was filmed according to the original La dama de Troya novel for the Canal de las Piece of the material premiere in 2021, La desalmada original being the title. Telenovela interpreters Eduardo Santamarina, Margaret de Sousa, and Kimberly Dos Ramos are the others.

Characters of la desalmada:

The characters of la Desalmada are Jose Rón and Livia Brito, a novel whose plot and the hacienda’s outstanding features have left many readers wondering where it takes place in Mexico.

Livia Brito plays Fernanda Linares:

She portrays Fernanda Linares, a lovely and hard-working young woman devoted to agricultural work and has become an exceptional and daring rider. She is a well-educated woman with uncomplicated preferences. Her husband was assassinated on their wedding night, and Fernanda had been sexually abused as a child. She is a woman hungry for vengeance.

Rafael Toscano:

As a young man, he grew up on the El Primero cattle ranch, one of the most prominent in the area. He went on to study economics in Mexico City, but his heart is always in the countryside with animals. At first, he falls in love with Fernanda, but he is devastated to discover that she and her father kept the truth from him for so long. He must decide if he is capable of forgiving.

Octavio Toscano’s:

His landholdings are among the most significant in the area. He pretends to be generous and compassionate, but in truth, he is greedy, sleazy, and calculating. He’s addicted to power and money and won’t stop until he gets it. Rafael, his only child, is the thorn in his side, and he would do anything for him. He tries to restrain himself, but Fernanda is more important to him than anything else, so he resolves to get away with it once more.

Isabela Gallardo:

A young woman of great beauty and grace is self-assured but uncertain about her ability to make important judgments. In addition to being shallow and spoilt, she also has a lot of aspirational tendencies. Rafael was a childhood friend who quickly blossomed into a romantic relationship before eventually getting engaged. Rigoberto, a farmhand from the El Primor hacienda, is ideal for her because of his rank.

Rigoberto Murillo:

Although he portrays a powerful, sensual, and masculine man, the actor is down to earth and humble. Rafael’s childhood friend and fellow worker, Rigoberto, work at the El Primor farm. It’s not because of the money, but because he needs it to keep Isabela, whom he cares for more than anything in the world. Because of his love for Gallardo, he will have to pay a terrible price.

Julia Torreblanca:

She was looking for a man who would provide her with financial stability and a lavish lifestyle from the time she was a child. Her mother taught Isabela that men should be generous givers, providing vacations and other luxuries. Since she is broke, she wishes she had battled for Octavio’s love instead of settling for Germán. At the same time that Isabela is trying to catch Rafael, she will go after Toscano once more.

La desalmada season 2:

Carmelo refuses to obey Octavio’s commands towards the end of the first part because he loves Leticia, but he decides to tell the truth before escaping. The Primor’s owner is appalled by her husband’s crimes in la Desalmada season 2. He tries to warn Fernanda of the danger when he returns to his farm, but it is too late. By assassinating “The soulless” And trying to exploit her once more, Octavio takes advantage of the fact that she is alone.

La desalmada televisa 2021:

Mexican telenovela “The Soulless” will premiere on la desalmada televisa 2021. It features a cast that includes Livia Brito (as Livia), José Ron (José), Eduardo Santamarina (Marjorie), and Daniel Elbittar. When it was first aired on Televisa, “The Lady of Troy” was a remake of the popular Colombian television series, which debuted in 2008. In addition, it is a work of fiction that will soon be continuing with a new cycle.

La desalmada remake:

Colombian television series “La Dama de Troy” has been updated for the U.S. market. Cristina Umaa and Andrés Juan Hernández were the stars of the 2008 production. Patricia and her husband Humberto, a young farmer, refused to sell their land to Antonio de la Torre, the owner of Puerto Dorado, several years ago, and the tale revolves around them to la Desalmada remake.


Soon after learning that Humberto and Patricia aren’t selling their land amicably, Antonio makes a surprise incursion onto his property on their wedding night and threatens to sign the sale paperwork. Antonio bludgeons Humberto to death for refusing to sign the contract without hesitation.


English-language versions of Telemundo can be found where?

Streaming Telemundo with English subtitles from their Youtube Channel is the only method to see the show in your native tongue if you’re outside of Mexico.

If not, what’s next?

Las Estrellas aired the Mexican drama La desalmada from July 5 to October 29, 2021.

What was the resolution to La Desalmada?

She ultimately tells Julia and Fernando’s infidelity in the video Fernanda filmed with César.

Watching La Desalmada on an app would be ideal.

Streaming with the Roku. Livia Brito, José Ron, and Marlene Favela star in the telenovela La desalmada, which can be streamed now. Use a Roku device to access Univision NOW or Spectrum TV.

When and where did La Desalmada shoot?

Recordings for the show, which premiered on July 5, 2021, took place across the Aztec land, including at Hacienda El Primor.

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