is the iphone xr waterproof?

Is the iPhone XR Waterproof, or Can You Use the iPhone XR in the Shower? No iPhone on the completely waterproof market. The iPhone XR and XS do not have a water-resistant body. However, they are water-resistant, so that you can wear them in saltwater without fear. Apple claims that it can survive a 30-minute plunge in water up to a depth of 1 meter (3 feet) for the iPhone XR.

On the other hand, the iPhone XR from Apple is waterproof. You’re good to go as long as you don’t submerge it in water. For example, the iPhone XR is water-resistant up to a point, but you should avoid submerging it for long periods…

What To Do When Your iPhone XR Gets Wet or is the iphone xr waterproof?

If your iPhone XR gets wet, dry it well before reconnecting any wires or plugging it back in. Then, with the Lighting port pointing down, lightly tap it against your hand to remove any remaining water. Place your iPhone in front of a fan that directs cool air through the Lightning port to speed up the drying process. Apple recommends waiting at least five hours before charging your iPhone after it has dried. You risk further harming your iPhone if you use a blow dryer or compressed air to speed up the drying process.

When water gets inside your iPhone XR, the Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) glows red. To locate the LCI on your iPhone XR, you must remove the SIM card tray from its right-hand side. If your phone has been damaged by water, it’s probably time to get a new one. Check out Amazon’s iPhone page to choose the one that works best for you.

What Does iPhone XR IP67 Rating Mean?

IP (Ingress Protection) codes identify water and dust-resistant connection solutions. Following IP, the first number indicates the part’s resistance to solids like dust and sand.  At least 30 minutes of use beneath 15cm to 1m of water is guaranteed, and it is completely shielded from solid items like dust and sand. The iPhone XR’s IP67 rating is significant in terms of water resistance. The iPhone XR has an IP67 rating, which means it can withstand 30 minutes of submersion in water up to one meter deep.

With the help of an iPhone XS Max, I’ve learned this lesson the hard way:

It was scorching hot when I was working out outside last summer. is the iphone xr waterproof? I was listening to music on my iPhone XS Max during my workout when my headphones suddenly stopped working. I checked my phone since I couldn’t figure out what was happening. Because it had overheated, it had shut down and entered the emergency mode. Because I knew the iPhone XS Max was water-resistant, I opted to put it in a bowl of ice water to help it cool down. But it wasn’t supposed to be that way.

Avoid these liquid-damaging behaviors:

You are using your iPhone while bathing or swimming. Water sports, such as waterskiing, wakeboarding, surfing, jet-skiing, and so on, all pose a risk to your iPhone’s battery life. When in a sauna or a steam room, use your iPhone. You are submerging your iPhone intentionally in water. Remove the screws from the back of your iPhone to disassemble it. When cleaning your iPhone, avoid putting it in contact with soaps, detergents, acids, or acidic foods. Also, avoid putting your iPhone in connection with any liquids, such as perfume and insect repellent, moisturizer, sunscreen, oil, adhesive remover, hair dye, and other solvents.

If my phone becomes wet, what should I do?

Rinse your iPhone down with running water if any other liquid gets on it. When cleaning your iPhone, use a lens towel to wipe it down. Before removing the SIM card, make sure your iPhone is completely dry. With the Lightning connector facing down, gently tap your iPhone to remove any remaining liquid. Leave your iPhone in a dry, well-ventilated place. A fan pushing cool air directly into the Lightning connector on your iPhone could speed up the drying process.

Can I charge my iPhone if it gets wet?

The iPhone should not be charged until it is entirely dry after being exposed to liquid. Using accessories or charging your iPhone while it is damp can damage it. Before using a Lightning cable to capture or connect a Lightning accessory, wait at least 5 hours. Using a lens cloth or other soft, lint-free cloth, wipe your iPhone clean and dry. Before placing your iPhone on a wireless charging mat, make sure it is completely dry.

My iPhone’s speaker is silenced after a bath. What should I do?

Inspect the microphone or speaker to see if water has gotten inside: You may check if water drips out of your iPhone by placing it speaker-side down on an unpolluted cloth. The performance of a speaker or microphone may be negatively affected by water in the port until it completely evaporates. Use the previous procedures to dry your iPhone thoroughly.

It isn’t easy to pick the finest robust case out of available options. The average iPhone XR cover offers some surface or drop protection level, but this may not be sufficient to protect your pricey device from every type of harm. One more thing to remember is that not all phone cases are made equal to protection. While many fulfill the IP68 minimum requirements, many phone cases only give modest additional security compared to a naked iPhone. A phone case that does not hinder the operation of your iPhone XR should also be on your list.

Benefits of Catalyst Case:

Thanks to its innovative design, the Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone XR provides all the functionality you need to keep your iPhone safe without sacrificing too many of its benefits. It is water-resistant to a depth of 10 meters (33 feet) and shock-resistant to a height of 2 meters (6.6 feet), thanks to its IP68 rating.

Clear and slender case features, easy-to-use buttons, and a patent-pending mute switch knob are just some of the highlights of Catalyst cases. The latest iPhones can also be charged wirelessly. is the iphone xr waterproof? The Catalyst case is ideal for adventurers and those who lead busy lifestyles since it provides security above and beyond the norm.


Even while the iPhone XR is water-resistant to a certain extent, you don’t want to overexert yourself. I suggest protecting your iPhone XR with a shockproof, water-resistant cover to be on the safe side. is the iphone xr waterproof? There are two new iPhones to consider: the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. It is possible to submerge these phones in water up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes at a time, with an IP68 rating. I dropped my iPhone XR in the water, but was it still functional? As though it were brand new.


is the iphone xr waterproof?

is the iphone xr waterproof? It’s safe to say that you can take it with you when you take a shower.

When drying an iPhone XR, how do you do it?

With the Lightning connector facing down, gently tap the iPhone to remove any remaining liquid.

In the event of a toilet drop, what should I expect?

It will still work if you drop your phone in the bath, pool, or toilet.