All you need to know about Iran dog breeds

Iran dog breeds have long been a divisive topic in Iran, a nation in Western Asia. And as of late, in Iran, they have taken away liberties that you and I take for granted daily. The Iranian capital has recently instituted a restriction on dog wandering in public areas. Those disobey the prohibition face severe punishment, including fines and possible seizure. There is a list of Iran dog breeds to highlight the Iran dog breeds.

Saluki (Persian Greyhound)

The Saluki, sometimes referred to as the Persian Greyhound, Arabic Hound (occasionally Arabian Dog), and gazelle hound, is, like other greyhounds, exceptionally tall, with long and thin legs, a narrow body, a small waist, and a deep chest. Their height is between 23 and 28 inches, and their weight is between 35 and 65 pounds (females are often smaller). The breed features large, floppy ears covered with long, silky hair and a long tail covered with fur. The Saluki’s silky, short coat of fur covers its whole body except for the ears, the tail, and a few small spots.

The Sarabi (Persian Mastiff)

The Sarabi dog, sometimes referred to as the Persian mastiff, Iranian Mastiff, or Iranian shepherd dog is a huge breed of dog with heavy bones and a massive skull. Both sexes range from around 28 to 35 inches tall, and males may weigh up to 220 pounds. The breed is one of the strong dogs in the world and has a large, mid-length muzzle. This breed is distinguished by its long, thick, sickle-shaped tail and its loosely hanging top lips. Therefore they have black masks on their faces and may have short or medium-length brown coats. There are occasions when the whole body is completely black.

Alabai (Sage Mazandarani)

Sage Mazandarani dogs come in two distinct sizes due to their massive stature. Most often, the bigger of the two is used for hunting bears, while the smaller, lighter one is utilized for hunting big cats. The typical member of this breed stands at the height of 28 inches. Both subspecies of Alabai are robust and well-muscled, having muscular bodies, muzzles, jaws, and powerful and sturdy legs. Therefore some dogs of the Sage Mazandarani breed may not have their ears or tails clipped, although most of them do. The breed is distinguished by its medium-length fur, which may be any color, but is often white with black spots.

Rarely will the dog be an all-black variety, which is highly prized.

Phi Dog ( Kurdish Mastiff )

Pushkar dogs, currently known as Assyrian Shepherd dogs, are massive canines that range in size from 60 to 90 kilograms (135 to 198 pounds), with females often being on the smaller end of the spectrum. This breed is distinguished by its deep and wide chest and powerful jaws. They have long, curly tails and short, floppy ears. The loose fold of skin that hangs from the dog’s neck (a dewlap) is one of the breed’s most recognizable characteristics. The Pushkar dog has a loose, supple coat that may range in length from short to medium and can be any color from black and white to grey to reddish-yellow.


This dog’s ancestry may be traced back to the Ovcharka, a breed native to Central Asia. Large, short-coated mountain dogs of varying sorts are what you may expect to see among these breeds. From this, we might infer that many contemporary dog breeds can trace their ancestry back to this original canine species.


In conclusion, the dog breeds of Iran are just as worthy as any other dog breed in the world since they are loyal, caring, and affectionate. Even though the Iranian government claims that these dogs cause people to experience “fear and anxiety,” many people like having them as pets by raising awareness of the numerous positive aspects of dog ownership (e.g., safety, love, loyalty, companionship, service, etc.), we can increase the likelihood that dog-related legislation will be revised.


Where can I find out whether there are Iran dog breeds?

Dog ownership has long been widespread in Iran’s rural communities, but they have also come to represent the city in the modern era.

So, where do Sarabi dogs originate from?

Specifically, Iran’s East Azerbaijan province is home to Sarab County.