i don’t chase i attract- what does it imply that I attract?

I don’t chase i attract is a meme posted initially on TikTok by Sara Fiorvento. You have the option of adopting one of two mindsets as you traverse the world. Chase or attract, it’s your choice. Since both involve attaining the things you want and deserve in life, many people mistakenly feel that pursuing and being attracted are interchangeable terms. Attempting to chase is a low-frequency state that lowers your vibration, whereas attracting is a high-frequency state that raises your energy and attracts the people and things you’re meant to have. Let’s discuss i don’t chase i attract.

Attracting things:

By “attracting,” I mean attracting things that are in line with my mission, the place where I can be the most fearless and brilliant person I’ve ever been. According to the Law of Attraction, “What we think about, we bring into existence.” The concept is that we can attract anything we desire into our lives.

Law of Attraction works:

Understanding how the Law of Attraction works is more accessible with the resources available in I Don’t Chase, I Attract. To attain your life goals, you’ll learn several easy-to-implement suggestions and examples of applying manifestation techniques to your everyday practice. And “How may I attract success, prosperity, love, health, and beauty into my life?” will be answered by i don’t chase i attract.

Law of attraction’s influence on your life:

There are five easy methods to manifest anything in the universe.

Sign of the zodiac rising:

You’re not alone if you’re struggling to figure out your rising sign from your sun and your sun sign from your star sign. Now that spirituality is becoming increasingly popular on social media, getting in touch with your inner goddess and following your lifelong ambitions is easier than you might think. It’s as simple as that: you don’t chase in life; you attract. Our reality can be transformed into the world we want it to be by following this step-by-step manifesting process.

What you focus on grows:

Let us begin with the fundamentals. Your dream life is right around the corner, even if it sounds a little science-fictiony at first. During this age of “new ideas” in the 19th century, manifestation began. The idea was that by expressing what you want in life and acting as if you already have it while being appreciative of what you already have, you could reap the benefits of The Universe. The popular Netflix documentary The Secret, which we recommend, deals with a similar idea. A positive output, your thoughts, and the energy you put into the world are all factors in the law of attraction.

The belief manifests itself in reality:

Even if you think it’s just a tad too sci-fi for your taste, give us a moment to get our point over. To put it another way, the more positive energy you give out, the better your day will be. If you put out a lot of energy, you expect it to return in some form in the form of something good—and that’s what we’re hoping for. Let’s switch things up a bit. Imagine how much better our day would be if it began with a pink sunrise to greet us. Consider how we might avoid being distracted by our coworkers today and still succeed.


Stop and thank your lucky stars whenever you can, then jot down all the things that come to mind in your journal or diary or even just a piece of paper. Family, friends, and even electricity or water can all contribute to your well-being. What did you eat for breakfast, your team’s victory last night, or anything else you’d like to share. You may even realize that you have more reasons to be thankful than you initially thought.

Thinking About What We See and What We Want:

After giving thanks for what you have, it’s crucial to think about what you desire and how you want to enter your future. It’s essential to take it all in. Nothing in our aspirations should have the potential to be overly self-centered or superficial. And we certainly don’t want to spread any negative energy around. To achieve a chiseled physique, you’ll need to take action. Alternatively, you could petition the Universe to bestow the power of superhuman physical strength. You’ll get abs as a bonus if you’re healthy, but they’ll be more defined and last longer.


Let’s make a wish for financial success in our professional lives. For your manifestations to have the most power and help you in the long run, it is essential to know that what you are asking The Universe for is exclusively for your advantage and not for the benefit of anyone else.


You’ll want to keep a journal nearby in case you need it. Let’s come up with a formula for scripting a simple manifestation. A diary entry that looks like this: ‘I am happy’ + the bodily sensation and your wish to express gratitude. Since your job interview went well and the boss offered you the job, you may write your manifestation like this: “I am very grateful, my chest feels warm.”

Let’s take a closer look at this. You haven’t had your job interview yet, but writing in the present tense is essential. If we can convince ourselves and the Universe that the job is ours, we’re a step closer to making it a reality. As a result, the positive energy we exude in this particular situation gets re-radiated by I don’t chase, I attract.


Our manifestations become more powerful when we visualize them in detail as if they were a memory, so we must put our journals aside and go out into the actual world to do this. Even if you have trouble visualizing it in great detail, trying is enough. Don’t worry; this step can be accomplished in bed. As you close your eyes and drift off to sleep, visualize a long-cherished fantasy.


Think about your interview attire before you go. Make a mental map of how you’d get there. Consider taking a seat and making an introduction. Think about what you’re going to say next. Afterward, imagine how the manager would respond to you. Imagine them smiling and saying, ‘I’d like to give you the job,’ then imagine their reaction.


As mentioned before, affirmations are an essential part of your manifesting toolkit. Anything goes here, but the essential thing is to be your own hype man, whether you’re telling yourself in the mirror how much you’re going to amaze that interviewer or telling yourself all day how you’re going to crush those interview questions. It’s a great way to impact your subconscious. Your manifestations will come true if you believe they will.


I don’t chase i attract is the simplest of all because there is just one thing you have to do — nothing. You can go about your day knowing that your manifestations have been sent out. You already know you’ll get there, so you won’t be astonished when your manifestation shows up most unexpectedly and naturally. Because you’ve put your faith in the Universe, the Universe has responded.


Is it essential to understand the meaning of the term “manifestation?”

i don’t chase i attract, Manifestation is how you bring something real into your life by attracting it and believing that it will come to pass.

What’s the difference between Chasing and attracting?

i don’t chase i attract, Chasing is the process of relentlessly pursuing a single target until they are defeated. It’s a lot of effort. Attracting is a process that happens naturally and organically, which makes it easier for people to put their trust in it.

When I don’t chase, what does it imply that I attract?

i don’t chase i attract, Attempting to chase is a low-frequency state that lowers your vibration, whereas attracting is a high-frequency state that raises your energy and attracts the people and things you’re meant to have.