Connections to the HP Smart App and the Internet.

Hp Envy Pro 6458 is a multifunction printer. The Envy Pro 6455 has a rich feature set, including an automated file menu for scanning and copying inter files. As a result, printing in colour with the Envy Plus is significantly less expensive than printing with the Canon all-in-one. The HP Envy Pro 6458 is a viable substitute for our current favourite, thanks to good print quality, fair capabilities, and low running costs in the entry-level colour AIO market for homes and offices. Let’s discuss Hp Envy Pro 6458 features, pros and cons.

Features of Hp Envy Pro 6458:

Small Size, Powerful:

With two new models in the Envy Pro 6000 series, the more durable of the two is the 6455, which we’ll be looking at momentarily. A manual ADF, instead of an automatic one that can handle multi-page documents on both sides of the page without the user’s intervention, should be noted.

Connections to the HP Smart App and the Internet:

HP’s entry-level AIOs can connect to a single PC through USB or networking technologies, among other options. The Envy Pro 6455 uses the App, which provides access to the printer and many other important functions, such as printing from cloud sites, scanning and printing from email attachments, and creating custom workflow profiles.

Astonishing Results:

The Envy Pro 6455’s output quality is more than its slow print speeds. Even at 6 to 8 point sizes, the text was clear and easy to read. Banding and other ink dispersion issues were almost invisible in the printed business graphics. Except if you were specifically looking for errors, you might miss them.

Instant Ink:

Envy Pro 6455 costs 3.5 cents for each monochrome or colour page when using HP’s Instant Ink service, which costs $10 per month. INKvestment Tank model Brother MFC-J995DW only comes close to this printer. The Canon and Epson printers have a cost per monochrome page of 3-4 cents and a cost per colour page of over 15 cents.

Somewhat to Others’ Dismay:

It was quite straightforward to remove the tape and insert the ink, long end first, into the cartridge. It is a wonderful family and home AIO with Instant Ink. Still, it falls short of being the best entry-level AIO in its price category, including the Canon Pixma TR8520 and the Epson Expressions Premium XP-7100, which are both outstanding options. When printing in quantity, bulk-ink Epson, Canon EcoTank, or MegaTank machines may create grayscale and colour pages for less than a cent per page for individuals who print more than a few hundred books each month.


It was by far the most challenging stage for me to complete. First, I downloaded the HP app and used HP rapid set to try to install the printer. The HP printer would not connect. None of the many networks or passwords I attempted proved successful. HP printer and Smartphone app were tied to a single network. Therefore I reconnected with them.


The printing process was simple and took less time than the initial setup. The printed material is crisp and clear. For their speed and clarity in printing, inkjet printers are renowned. Similarly, the HP Envy Pro 6455 did not differ. It was a completely stress-free experience. The HP printer comes equipped with an automatic two-sided printing feature.

Cartridges for Ink:

There were two ink cartridges supplied by HP: No. 67, black and colour. The ink had to be installed by lifting the flatbed scanner and underneath. Coloured ink is printed on a purple top, whereas black ink is printed on a blacktop. The printer must be running! The ISO assigns a colour page count of 7 and a black page count of 10 for each minute.


Because the print page had been printed upside down, I placed it on the scanner to be read correctly. Thanks to this printer, printing the alignment and ink saturation test pages was relatively painless. Copying pages was a breeze, whether printing a large number of pages or scanning a single page. But there isn’t anything wrong with it.

This scanner is capable of flatbed scanning at up to 1200 pixels per inch PPI and colour scanning at up to 4800 dots per inch. The images have been added to my gallery. Borderless printing is another useful feature. You don’t even need to trim the edges if there are none.

Paper Feeder for Documents on Demand:

The HP printer has a paper tray placed at the bottom. Add 100 sheets of paper to the printer by sliding out the paper tray. The HP printer also has a paper feeder on the top. Printing will begin as soon as the paper is placed in the upper tray.

Control Panel:

The control panel of the HP printer can be used in various ways. There are seven icons to choose from to help you get the most out of the printer. Each of the following symbols takes a unique function: information, stop, resume, copy, power, wireless installation, and ADF error. On the HP website, you’ll find instructions on utilising the control panel.


Purchase at a fair price

Instant Ink provides low-cost printing.

All-around high-quality printing

The price-to-feature ratio is excellent.


The two-cartridge design carries all four inks, wasting money and space

Without a subscription to Instant Ink, the cost per page is extremely high.


The HP Envy Pro 6455 is a great choice for homes or small companies because it prints well and expenses little. A low-cost all-in-one printer from it has comparable performance to other low-cost models. A flatbed scanner and an automatic document feeder are included so that you can scan a single sheet or a stack of documents with this scanner. While photos look good, many of the colours aren’t accurate to the originals, so you may find that you don’t like how they turn out.


HP ENVY Pro 6458 uses what ink?

The HP 67 black and HP 67 tricolour ink cartridges are required for printing with the HP Envy Pro 6458 printer. As a result, these high-yield ink cartridges can print more pages than their normal counterparts.

It’s unclear if the Envy Pro 6458 is an inkjet.

The HP Envy Pro 6458 printer indeed uses inkjet technology. The ink used in these printers is liquid-based, unlike the powder-based ink used in laser printers. Printers with inkjet heads are ideal for personal usage, printing photos, and scanning documents.