How to unlock airtel dongle?

How to unlock airtel dongle? It’s possible to find similar advice elsewhere, but many of them will only give you a partial solution unless you pay them a fee of around Rs500/- Please like and share this post if you think it has helped you in some way. Please include a link to this page if you’d like to post this on your blog.

How to unlock airtel dongle?

Everyone can use the solution I’ve provided here for free, but I’ll charge you if you want me to perform this for you. Also, use the QR code at the end of this page to donate to me if you found this post helpful. When updating the firmware on older versions (E5573s), you had to provide a code known as a device Flash code. Because the algorithm utilized was Algo V1, Algo V2, or Algo V3, it was simple to calculate this flash code for older models using the IMEI number.

Algo V4:

Algo V4 is used in the E5573Cs model, which necessitates the usage of a DataLock Code. The IMEI number cannot use to decipher this code. The code provided by Airtel is also not supported by the service provider. Thus, if we want to upgrade the firmware, we must remove this code.


The first step is to identify the problem. Your device will start up when you press and hold the middle button for a few seconds. Install the drivers by connecting your device to the computer or laptop and letting them run. Do what you can with the Autorun option if it is available, then install the programs. Install the Huawei-HiLink-Drivers and Mobile Partner Drivers once the Default Drivers have been installed.

Serial Number:

After that, open your browser and type in the address bar (if it doesn’t open automatically). Take note of the IMEI and Serial Number in Settings (if asked for ID or Pass, enter admin in both). Additionally, this information can find on the back of the gadget’s battery and on the box it came in. Because of the erratic nature of the procedure, we will need this information to restore the data afterward.

Steps to unlock airtel dongle:

Step 1:

Turn off your device by holding down the Center button for an extended period, and then remove the cover. Remove the six screws from the front of the gadget, but do not remove the battery. The next step is to boot the device. For this, you’ll need a piece of metal that you can use to touch the Boot Loader’s Ground connection on your board. Keep one hand on the gadget while the other connects it to a computer or laptop using USB. Observe the installation of some hardware, and you should hear a sound.

 Step 2:

You’ll access the folder that contains the extracted versions of the E5573cs-323 Usbloader and the Balong USB Downloader (both versions are in this folder). To load the USBLoader file that we removed, run Balong and click on the Detect button. It will then automatically detect your COM port. There will be a loading progress meter at the bottom. Let it finish to the end, even if it freezes, and do not interrupt it or disconnect the cord. You’ll hear a beep, the router will restart, and new hardware will begin to appear.

Step 3:

Open and then run the.exe File contained within it, then quit Balong. Click Next, and the Router’s Firmware should begin downloading and installing as soon as it detects the device. Then rerun the exe from either E5573Cs-609Update 21.318.09.00.00 Firmware or E5573Cs-931TCPU-21.318.05.00.00 Firmware (whichever works, if one doesn’t try the other).

Step 4:

The WEB UI must install now that the firmware has been deployed. It’s best to open the E5573Cs WEBUI Firmware or E5573Cs WEBUI.17.100.1501.03 and run the exe inside it. When it has finished detecting and installing the Web UI, the device will restart, and your browser will automatically open to the URL after a short time has elapsed.

Step 5:

If you’re using the Huawei WebUI, you’ll be able to add any service provider’s APN profile to this section. Without adding the APN profiles, you will not be able to update the APN in the default Idea and Airtel WebUIs in the future. The Huawei Link Android App can also add APN profiles at any time. Go to Settings –> Profile Management and add the APN there before clicking on LOAD APN for the Network Provider profile you want to use.

Step 6:

Must be restored to proceed. Step-by-step instructions are provided below. Let your device sit for a few minutes before turning it back on. It’s time to launch dc-unlocker. Go to Select manufacturer and click on the magnifying glass to find Huawei modems.

Step 7:

It means “Substitute your IMEI number” in this context. The Hash Hex Code for your serial number is the next step in fixing your serial number. Install the free-hex-editor-neo.exe program to accomplish this. Now that you’ve opened it select File –> New File. Right-click on the Hex Code box and select “Generate Hex Code.” The code will generate for you. I’ve added a new link at the top of this post for WebUIs that support this feature. WebUI from Airtel and Idea can use. Open either E5573CS WEBUI- or zip when you’ve completed the unlocking process. Install the new WebUI by running the software.

Step 8:

Take out the battery and then reinstall it to see if it fixes the problem. Then the gadget is turned on, and the software starts. As a result of the software running in Arabic (just during installation), the Yes button is on the right side of the keyboard.


How to unlock airtel dongle? If you erased the device’s NVRAM, the IMEI and Serial Number would erase, making it unlawful to use in any nation. A device without an IMEI may be immediately disconnected from the internet by your service provider if you try to connect. Thus, the IMEI and Serial number you obtained. How to unlock airtel dongle? How to unlock airtel dongle? How to unlock airtel dongle?

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