How to delete tiktok videos?

How to delete tiktok videos without losing followers or likes? Playing around with TikTok is a great way to spend time. A lot of time will generate videos once you learn how to add effects, filters, and other great features. After a few days or weeks of filming, your video gallery may grow cluttered. So maybe it’s time to retire some outdated videos. However, As your TikTok following expands, you may wish to reimagine your identity. Creating a new account means you’ll have no followers, which is a bummer. The best technique to get rid of outdated videos is to delete them. In this article, we will discuss how to delete tiktok videos?

Things to keep in mind before deleting tiktok videos:

Removing yourself from the service will remove all you’ve shared with friends and family. Chat messages sent to other TikTok users, on the other hand, will be kept private from the recipient. You’ll also lose access to all your videos, features, and profile preferences. Delete your account, and you’re doneā€”no way to get it back. Creating a new account is required if you ever plan to use TikTok again.

What if I want to delete someone else’s post?

If one of your friends posts an unflattering video of you online, how would you feel about the situation? Even though you cannot remove a video from another user’s profile, you can report it. If a video violates the app’s terms and conditions, this may be the sole option. Locate the video, hit the ‘Share’ icon on the right-hand side, and tap “Report” if you choose to go that route. Could you submit the form after filling it out? The video will be removed if TikTok deems it violates the community guidelines. Don’t forget that doing so could cost you a long-term friendship.

What Happens to TikTok’s Deleting a Video?

Delete a TikTok video, and it is gone for good. If your followers try to find the video you’ve deleted, they’ll be disappointed. No one will be harmed if you remove the video from their phone or computer. In other words, even if you delete a video from TikTok, it doesn’t go away from devices that you’ve previously saved it to.

Are TikTok Videos Recoverable?

Deleted TikTok clips cannot be recovered. Deleted videos are gone for good and cannot be recovered. Delete videos from TikTok with extreme caution, as they cannot be recovered once they’ve been deleted. Reposting deleted TikTok videos is impossible unless you first saved them to your phone. It’s impossible to restore a deleted video, but if you already saved it, you can re-post it.

What’s Wrong With TikTok’s Delete Button?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to delete videos from TikTok. You can’t remove a video that won’t play since the ‘delete’ button won’t appear if it’s not loading. The same holds for sluggish internet service. You won’t be able to remove the video if your internet connection is too slow and the three-option menu doesn’t show up on your computer screen.

What’s the Best Way to learn how to delete tiktok videos?

As you go through these steps, you’ll be able to include media like sound effects and text and the usual hashtags and mentions. There are a few methods to exit the video and start over or not record one because of these processes. Recordings are shown on the TikTok Screen:

1: When you begin filming a video, you may realize that you need to halt it at some point. You can delete the video by following these instructions.

2: Immediately tap the checkbox in the lower right corner of the screen to confirm your action.

3: To return to the previous screen, use the arrow in the upper left corner instead of pressing Next.

4: Then, on the upper left, press the X.

5: Start Over or Discard anything you’ve captured will be your options.

6: When editing a video on the TikTok Editing Screen

7: As a result, you can miss the checkbox above if you record a short video. There’s nothing to be concerned about! Make sure you do this.

8: Tap the arrow at the upper left of your video preview to return to the editing screen.

9: Then, press the X key.

10: There are only two options: Restart or Delete.

Deleting a Video:

Following is a process to learn how to delete tiktok videos?

1: TikTok makes it easy to get rid of unwanted videos.

2: It’s as simple as opening the app and going to your account.

3: The videos you’ve made in the app will be listed once you arrive.

4: Tap the video that you don’t want to see.

5: Fullscreen mode will be used to display and play the video.

6: During this time, you’ll notice three small dots in the lower-right corner of the screen. The app will show you the remainder of the options if you tap the dots.

7: Get rid of it. By pressing Delete again, you may be sure that you’ve deleted everything.

8: Wipe left to right until the garbage icon appears when the pop-up menu first displays.

9: The video in question will be removed from your gallery as soon as you tap on it. When the app asks if you’re sure you want to delete the video, press yes to proceed.

How to delete several Tiktok videos at once?

It’s possible to erase all of your videos from the app. Your Tiktok account must be deleted to delete several Tiktok videos at once. There is no other method to erase all of your videos in bulk if you don’t want to deactivate your account. All of your TikTok videos will be permanently destroyed if you delete your account. Videos saved to your camera roll are included. Before you hit the delete button on a TikTok video, consider the following considerations:

1: Recall that once you remove a site movie, there is no way to get it back.

2: When in doubt, don’t touch “yes” because there’s no way to undo the deletion.

3: If the video has been downloaded or saved to a phone, nothing will happen if you remove it.

4: You won’t be able to remove the video if your internet connection is too slow and the three-option menu doesn’t show up on your computer screen.


It’s a good idea to save any favorite videos you wish to keep from TikTok before deleting your account. A refund is out of the question if you’ve made any in-app purchases. You will also lose any TikTok coins on your profile, and there will be no way to get them back. You always have the option to hide your profile from other users. When your account is suspended, you can resume where you left off at any point in the future without losing a single token or video. Delete your TikTok account only after careful consideration. From the above discussion, you can learn how to delete tiktok videos?


Is it possible to remove videos from TikTok?

How to delete tiktok videos? You can erase your videos by canceling your account, restoring archived films, or uninstalling the program.

What happens if I remove a TikTok tape from my account?

How to delete tiktok videos? Removing yourself from the service will remove all you’ve shared with friends and family. Messages made to other TikTok users will be visible to the recipient of the message. Any other content or profile settings you’ve saved will be permanently lost.