How tall is sundrop? What is Sundrop’s identity?

How tall is sundrop from the fnaf security breach? A seven-footer, Sundrop would be the game’s most elevated animatronic character, but NightMarionne, the tallest character, is said to stand at a towering ten feet. When you play Gregory in the FNAF Security Breach, you’ll witness him encounter several terrible conditions, one of which is the sun in Daycare. Several people have inquired about Gregory’s size in the FNAF Security Hole with Sundrop / Moondrop, and we’re happy to provide you with the information you seek. In this article, we will discuss how tall it is sundrop?

How tall is sundrop? What is Sundrop’s identity?

Security Breach, Sundrop was introduced as a new character in the FNAF universe. As long as the lights are on in the Pizzaplex’s Superstar Daycare, Sun is friendly and harmless. When the lights go out, the Sun transforms into the Moon with angered crimson eyes. For some time now, FNAF Security Breach cosplayers and fans alike have been obsessing about Sundrop since he was introduced to the series. The most confusing feature of Sundrop’s character is his height, which dwarfs Gregory, the game’s young protagonist.

How big is Sundrop/Moondrop?

When Sundrop isn’t working at the daycare, she goes by Moondrop. Estimated height ranges from 6-7 feet, Stripped down to the waist, with long legs and a sundrop jester/sun helmet on top. It can easily stand 7 feet tall due to its somewhat hunched posture. However, the developers have no official statement regarding its magnitude. It’s all a guess right now.

When the lights go out, the Moondrop version is enabled. When this occurs, the moon takes on the appearance of a terrifying foe with glowing crimson pupils. The moondrop’s height remains constant at 6 to 7 feet because nothing else on his body alters.


With his sun-like skull, brilliant desert eyes, lengthy arms, and five-fingered limbs, Surya is an endearing character. A pale yellow dress, shining brown/red slacks, and a brown stripe on the back of his chin make him appear in good health. He is decked out in elf-like garb, with orange shoes and horns wrapped around his arms. We can glimpse the sun’s interior through the sun’s legs, arms, shoulders, and blank back.

Why is it so popular now?

Despite his playful name and demeanor, he carries himself with a certain amount of threat. He’s a big guy, yet he’s also good with kids. Soon, he is in shock and attempts to keep his shine as bright as possible to prevent it from turning into the sun. People’s attention is drawn to their personality and size due to these characteristics.

How massive is Sun Fnaf?

According to a study and public perception, he should be 6-7 feet tall, given the disparity in height between him and Gregory. According to accounts, she is 6 to 7 feet tall and has a slim figure. A daycare helper emerges when the sun’s rays are generated. People’s livers will explode if their bodies aren’t taken care of; otherwise, they’ll have to recreate the moon. When he’s not playing with kids or picking up trash, he’s acting as a positive role model and disciplinarian.

Sun Fnaf’s size:

Children who misbehave after bedtime are the primary focus of these officers. We trust that we’ve clarified any questions you had about Sun Fnaf’s size. Neither his age nor any other personal details are known about him. However, even though we’ve done our best to convey its dimensions. As a result, he does not resist the metamorphosis of Lightsaber into the moon, which reflects his reservations on the other side. Following the rules is extremely important to the Sun.

The How Tall Is Sun Fnaf?

It is the Daycare Assistant’s last resort to use the names of Sun and Moon. The size of the sun’s final is only one of many debate topics when it comes to the sun. Nonetheless, according to some measurements, he is a very active and vibrant individual who stands approximately 6-7 feet tall. Sunny Drop made an appearance in the FNAF Security Breach video game series.

FNAF Studios and ScottGames:

Steel Wool Studios and ScottGames released FNAF Security Breach, a 2022 survival horror game. It is the twelfth episode of the series. Instead of a pizza, this segment takes place at a mall. It also only contains one night instead of the regular five. When it first came out, gamers criticized it because of numerous issues and malfunctions that hampered gaming and performance.

Sundrop FNAF breach is how high?

An astronomy-themed animatronic, the Daycare Attendant, is featured in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. He was also known as either Sun or Moon. According to the accounts, the character’s name was “Sun” or “Moon.” He was dubbed Sun in the morning and Moon at night. According to a Steel wool employee, the character’s real name is “Daycare Attendant,” according to a Steel wool employee. His real name is Sundrop, although he is known as Sundrop or Moondrop by fans of the confectionery Drop.

Is Sundrop FNAF a Big Guy?

Sun and Moon are the names of the dual personalities of the Daycare Attendant. Like Funtime Freddy, Sun, the Daycare Attendant, is full of life and enthusiasm. It shows his fear of the other side because he’s concerned about keeping the lights on to avoid turning into Moon. Sun is a rule follower who takes his responsibilities seriously. The Daycare Attendant, Moon, is aggressive and obnoxious.

After the lights go out, he chases after Gregory and tries to punish him for his mistakes. He’s just as dedicated to following the rules as Sun, but he goes even further. The game’s developers have not yet confirmed the height of the Sundrop in FNAF.

Freddy’s Nightmare:

Fnaf is a famous American media brand. After a video game of the name was released in 2014, it quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. A family-owned pizza shop, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, is the backdrop for the eight survival horror games in the series.

The Sun/Moon Character:

Here are a few thoughts on the FNAF subreddit, Sundrop’s height was likewise estimated to be between six and seven feet. Gregory, the Security Breach. A consensus has been formed that Gregory stands between four and five feet tall. How tall is sundrop? A seven-foot-tall Sundrop would be taller than the game’s main enemy and creepiest animatronic, the 7′ 2″ Circus Baby, and just slightly shorter than the game’s tallest and creepiest animatronic, Freddy.


FNAF Security Breach’s Sundrop’s height has long been a mystery to fans of the series. Sundrop’s height has been the subject of much speculation among fans, with estimates ranging from 5′ 7″ to as high as 9′ 4″. Sun/Moon is an animatronic enemy in Security Breach, the 10th game in the FNAF series. It is affectionately referred to as “Sundrop” by players. When the lights are on, the character appears as the sun, and when they are off, the character appears as the moon. How tall is sundrop? How tall is sundrop? How tall is sundrop?


Do you know which FNAF animatronic is the shortest in the series?

How tall is sundrop? While Toy Freddy is the tiniest, Withered Freddy must crouch to pass through the same doorway as Toy Freddy. But Withered Freddy is a door-sized monster.