How old is nezuko?

How old is Nezuko, or what is Nezuko’s birthday? Nezuko Kamado’s age was twelve years at the beginning of the series. The 28th of December was Nezuko Kamado’s birthday. At the beginning of the anime, she is the show’s youngest character at 12. She is 5 feet, 5 inches tall, and weighs 45 kg. To become a demon slayer, Tanjiro must leave Nezuko by his tutor Sakonji’s side while training. Until her brother returns from training, she lies in bed unconscious. She had just turned 14 at this point in the novel. How old is Nezuko? That’s all you need to know.

Who is Nezuko?

In Demon Slayer, Kamado Nezuko, Tanjiro’s younger sister, serves as the deuteragonist. Strange pink eyes with paler pink irises give her persona a fair complexion and tiny frame. Her light pink kimono is hidden beneath dark brown hair, a traditional Japanese garment worn over the hips or thighs. The pink ribbons accentuated her dark hair.

Why does she live in a box?

The sun frightens demons. Therefore they avoid it at all costs. The creatures’ weakness in Kimetsu no Yaiba is comparable to that of ancient vampires. How old is nezuko? A demon’s strength and rank affect the sun’s lethality toward them. Mizuko is also vulnerable to the sun’s rays due to her transformation into a monster at the novel’s beginning. Consequently, she alters her body shape to fit within the container.

Nezuko’s Abilities:

1)   Changing Body Size:

She can alter her height and weight. That she shrinks to fit inside the sun-protection enclosure proves this point. When she confronts other demons, she can return to her average size.

2)   General Strength Upgrade:

Even without Tanjiro’s training, her strength increases compared to her fellow typical demons without ingesting human flesh. She lacks both martial abilities and finesses when putting down opponents. The application of brute force is a priority in her initial attack strategy.

3)   Hyper Regeneration:

It’s not unusual for demons to be able to regenerate at a rate that is exponential to the rate at which humans can do the same thing. Nezuko’s regeneration, on the other hand, can go even further. She can regrow her severed limbs at an incredible rate and with exceptional skill. The regenerative power of a lower moon demon is on par with this trait’s level.

4)   Demonic Transformation:

When she senses that she or her brother’s life is in danger, she flies into a rage and transforms into a monster. A single horn protrudes from her right brow, and several veins appear on her body in various locations. In this form, it’s clear that she has considerable power and combat ability.

5)   Protection Against the Sun:

she is very resistant to sunlight. She can now tolerate sun exposure after encountering an upper moon demon. Other demons don’t seem to have this power.

6)   Blood Demon Arts:

Generally, most high-level demons can perform these spells or tactics. It’s not surprising that Nezuko can make this claim, given that her strength and other stats are on par with those of an upper moon demon. Using her blood, she can make pinkish demonic flames that may be summoned. These flames kill other monsters, but humans are unaffected. However, as the game progresses, her abilities become increasingly complex. For example, we can watch her flames convert Tanjiro’s Nichirin blade from black to crimson using their power.

Interesting facts about Nezuko:

1)   Background Information:

Dynamic voice actors are employed by the TV show’s producers for Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer. Abby Trott is the English voice actor for Nezuko. She’s also the singer of the “Lifelight” theme song for Super Smash Bros. Akari Kito is the name of the Japanese voice actor. Kito has been compared to Nezuko by certain members of the fandom. They have in common that they are each 5 feet tall. Check out more reasons why she’s the right fit for this role.

2)   Chosen One:

Muzan refers to Nezuko Kamado as the “selected demon” because she is the only one of her type who can wander around in the sun without burning to ash. Even Muzan, the god of demons, is afraid of the sun.

3)   Symbolic Name:

Before the demon onslaught, the Kamado family lived in a cold alpine environment. In English, “Nezuko” means “snowball blossom” Japanese. However, in the winter, this flower blooms. As a result, she is likely to have been named after the plant.

4)   Popularity Polls:

Character popularity polls are a fun feature in any anime or manga series. During the first poll, Nezuko came in third place with 3319 votes. However, her fame sank to 11th place in the second election, while her brother was ranked 4th. As more and more fascinating characters and villains are introduced in most Shounen series, the popularity of the main characters tends to decline. Even though the series presents a slew of new characters with each new arc, Luffy from One Piece always maintains his position at the top.

5)   An Important Family Heritage:

Tanjiro and Nezuko carry on an Important Family Heritage. As a result, all other types of exhalation may be traced back to the sun style. They’re known as “Hinokami Kagura” or “The Dance of the Fire God” because of the Kamado family’s legacy of breathing forms. Altogether, there are 13 sub-techniques.

Final Thoughts:

Demons go insane when they receive a taste of human blood. Consuming human flesh becomes a daily habit for them. Nezuko bites down on a thick bamboo muzzle to prevent accidental or intentional ingestion of human blood. If she ingests human blood, she is likely to go on a rampage and assault other beings, losing the remaining human mind she has left. Kamado Tanjiro and the other demon slayers would be forced to kill her. As a result, she uses the bamboo as a gag to keep herself and others safe.


How old is Nezuko?

How old is nezuko? Her chronological age is 14, and her biological age is 12. Nezuko’s stats include a 153-cm height and a weight of 45 kilograms (99 pounds).

Is Nezuko older than Tanjiro?

No. Tanjiro’s younger sister is named Nezuko. She was 12 years old when the story began, and he was 13 at the time.

How old is Tanjiro Kamado?

How old is nezuko? At the beginning of the series, Tanjiro was just 13 years old.