How many jumanji movies are there?

How many jumanji movies are there? Jumanji films have been made- Originally based on children’s novels, Jumanji is a popular American film series. How many Jumanji movies are there? The movie was a worldwide smash hit, and now fans are hoping for additional instalments in the series. There is now a slew of Jumanji movies in theatres, and the following sections will provide an alphabetical listing of all of them. The kids must complete the challenging game for it to come to life.

Are there any more Jumanji films out there?

The Jumanji movie series is a film that came out in 1995. There aren’t a lot of Jumanji movies out there, and even if there were, the number would be small. The Jumanji movie franchise has published four films; how many Jumanji movies are there? Three of which are titled Jumanji with various subtitles. Order of the Jumanji films four films are part of the Jumanji film series. In chronological sequence, these are the Jumanji films.


It was 1995 when the first Jumanji movie came out. The film was a massive success and a cult classic for the generation of the 1990s. Robin Williams were among the cast members of the film. The story centres on Robin Williams’ character Alan Parrish, who is stuck in a video game for several years before being liberated by Kirsten Dust’s Judy and Bradley Pierce’s Peter. How many Jumanji movies are there? To save Alan from his never-ending agony,

Zathura: A Journey into the Universe:

There is no connection between Zathura and Jumanji, Zathura: A Journey into the Universe, but they are both based on the same children’s novel. In 2005, Josh Hutchison and Jonah Bubo starred; how many Jumanji movies are there? Which tells the story of two brothers, Walter and Danny, who travel into space while playing the board game Zathura. As Lisa, the younger sister of brothers Walter and Danny, Kristen Stewart portrayed the role.

Greetings from the Jungle: Jumanji:

2017 saw the release of a video game rather than a board game. Four teens, Spencer, Fridge, Bethany Walker, and Martha Karly, Greetings from the Jungle: Jumanji gets sucked into the Jumanji video game and must battle their way out of the game. Instead of playing as Dr Bravest one, Franklin Mouse Fin bar, Professor Sheldon and Ruby Roundhouse transform into their counterparts.

Aftermath: Jumanji: The Next Generation:

In this, Spencer re-creates the video game and finds himself once more sucked into the world of the game. Instead of Bethany entering the game, Aftermath: Jumanji: The Next Generation, Spencer’s Grandfather and his old friend join the group of pals attempting to save him. The film’s plot centres on the adolescent team’s resumption of rescuing Jumanji. Awkwafina, who plays Ming Fleet foot, is a new avatar in the game new characters in this film.

Jumanji: The Secret of the Sword:

Jumanji: The Secret of the Sword Jumanji has become globally, it has become one of Sony Pictures’ most successful products. “Nobody has spoken to me,” says Karen Gillian, star of Ruby Roundhouse, to Collider regarding a sequel two years after. Dr Bravest one was played by Dwayne Johnson, Ruby Roundhouse by Karen Gillian, Sheldon by Jack Black, and Fin bar by Kevin Hart. As Alex Greece in the 1996 video game Jumanji, Nick played the role of a troubled youngster.

Jumanji 4’s release date:

However, Jumanji 4’s release date specific release date has not yet been disclosed, but Both were released in December of 2017 and 2019, a year apart. The release date for Jumanji 4 might be in December 2022 if Sony stays on its current trajectory. Since the coronavirus pandemic, there have been many deaths. The picture’s release date was pushed back from December 2021 to December 2022, as director Jake Kaden revealed in April of 2020 that discussions concerning the film had been put on hold.

The cast of Jumanji 4:

The cast of Jumanji 4 Besides Johnson’s Bravest one, Aside from Sheldon “Shelly” Oberon and Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillian and Kevin Hart), the film’s other prominent characters are set to return as well. Their real-world teen counterparts, such as have been cast in the show. Can be expected to return. However, unlike Jumanji, you will encounter space aliens instead of wild animals in this film.

A teaser for Jumanji 4:

In the early phases of Jumanji 4, a teaser for Jumanji 4 has not been produced, but we will keep this page updated as soon as fresh video becomes available. The Next Level (2019), How many Jumanji movies are there? The Jumanji franchise also includes an animated TV series from 1996 to 1999. The Next Level’s filming didn’t begin until January to May, so a December 2019 release date is still possible.

The plot of Jumanji 4:

After the completion of Jumanji: according to this, if they don’t want to risk being dragged back into the virtual jungle, The plot of Jumanji 4, they may watch the kids combat exotic animals right in their backyards, much as in the original Jumanji. How many Jumanji movies are there?  It opens the door to the possibility that avatars have gotten away from the game. However, this has yet to be confirmed.


The American media property Jumanji is based on Chris Van Ellsberg’s TriStar Pictures, a Sony Pictures subsidiary, produced the first feature, with Columbia Pictures following suit. An enchanted game with a wide range of harmful features basis for the storyline in the series game, even if it means facing its perils.


Is there more than one Jumanji movie?

On February 22, 2019, Black stated that the upcoming film would be a fourth Jumanji feature.

At this point, there have been how many Jumanji films have been released?

There are a total of four films.

Aside from Jumanji (1995), Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005), Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017), and Jumanji:

Is there another Jumanji?

Jumanji 4 might appear in theatres by the end of 2022 if Sony stays on course.

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