How Does TextBlade Work?

Textblade review: This keyboard isn’t just pocket-sized; it’s downright miniature. It resembles a large thumb drive or an extra-small pocket knife more than a smartphone-sized slab. There are four parts to TextBlade when it’s in use: two keyboards, one spacebar, and a stand that holds devices such as smartphones and tablets upright at a slight angle. As a result, you can leave your laptop at home and quickly type on a phone while sitting at a desk with this device.

Multi-touch technology kicks:

A built-in battery can power the keyboard for up to one month on a single charge when used with any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. All characters are divided among eight oversized keys in a unique design that uses the same character map as regular QWERTY. Once the real key has been depressed, multi-touch technology kicks in to determine which character your finger was pressing.

TextBlade’s portable keyboard:

The key will depress regardless of which character you press. WayTools, the company behind the device, claims that the critical feel is strikingly similar to that of desktop keyboards, thanks to their patented MagLever mechanism. Textblade review portable keyboard is cutting-edge, and it’s been on the market since 2015, but you still can’t order one today and have it delivered right away. To find out what’s going on and whether it’s worth waiting for, AppleInsider visited the company.

How Does TextBlade Work?

Once the TextBlade Bluetooth keyboard is paired with your device, all you have to do is set it up on your table and start typing. Four major components make up this keyboard’s design: two blades with eight keys each, a space bar housing the device’s battery, ten LEDs for notifications, and a Nano stand for an iPhone or iPad. In addition, it includes a Nano charger that fits neatly into the space bar on the handle.

Creators of WayTools:

However, the creators of WayTools say that they’ve received millions of dollars in pre-orders from all over the world, even though they’re not willing to share specific numbers. They also claim that the company is not funded with the money from these orders. WayTools was founded by the same people who created a 3D scanning tool used by Lucasfilm in Rogue One to recreate Peter Cushing’s face.

WayTools and TextBlade:

WayTools and TextBlade, on the other hand, are following the Tesla business model rather than relying on crowdsourcing. To purchase a keyboard, you must place an order and make a payment. Once your keyboard has been ordered and paid for, you must wait for the product to be released. It’s good to know that you can access your money right away, and from what we can tell, the company is well-funded.

The keyboard is fantastic:

We paid a visit to WayTools’ California headquarters and spent several days with Mark Knighton, the company’s owner. The factories where TextBlades are made were not visible to AppleInsider, but we did see pallets of finished products. We also saw some of the specialized testing equipment used to ensure the keyboard’s quality. After that, we had the opportunity to speak with members of the official testing group, TREG, and testers who operate a separate discussion forum off-limits to WayTools.


One of the most surprising things about it is its sheer size, which is apparent right away. Three blades, or separate parts, snap together magnetically to form a Textblade review. Every one of these gadgets is housed in a stand-alone container. The TextBlade is incredibly compact when folded. Since receiving ours, there hasn’t been a single day when it hasn’t been in our pocket or bag. We’ve only gone a few days without using it.


Compared to other keyboards, this one’s device switching is noticeably faster. Testers have reported significant speed improvements when using TextBlade with a wide variety of devices, according to WayTools. However, many users need more than what is provided by Apple’s built-in keyboard. TextBlade’s development has been hampered by the need to figure out how it will be used in the real world and then add features to make that possible.

And yet, you’re still unable to obtain it:

Many seemingly insignificant details have necessitated extensive work, including the Bluetooth details. According to TREG users, TextBlade and its software are far superior to the original 2015 release. As a result, progress has been made, and the keyboard continues to improve. It’s far from perfect. The rubber-like feet on the blades and the holder have come loose after extensive use. WayTools has taken their place, and it’s been fascinating to talk about the engineering involved in making such a small piece of equipment work.

TextBlade multi-touch wireless magnetic keyboard:

WayTools created the TextBlade Keyboard, a multi-touch wireless magnetic keyboard. It connects to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth. For WayTools, the keyboard should be smaller than the iPhone or iPad, according to CEO Mark Knighton and a team of engineers who worked on the product’s development. As far as keyboards go, Textblade review is one of the best and most unique options available.

Advantages to using TextBlade:

This small wireless keyboard is ideal for constantly moving people but still want a tidy workspace. The majority of wireless keyboards are large and cumbersome, and I doubt many of us will take our cumbersome keyboard with us wherever we go so that we can finish our work. Despite its small size, this fully functional keyboard has a battery life of up to a month on a single charge and can be fast charged via any USB port.

Pricing and Availability:

WayTool’s TextBlade costs $99 and has already been ordered by customers in more than 70 countries. It’s covered by a year’s worth of warranty and offers round-the-clock customer support. Once this excellent keyboard arrives in the Philippines, I’ll be sure to let you know.


Textblade review so small it can easily fit in your pocket and its main parts are magnetically connected so that it can disassemble. Each of the four pieces of this compact keyboard has four multi-touch buttons that cover the entire roman character spectrum. As a bonus, the keyboard comes with a simple stand that securely holds your Android or iOS smartphone/tablet at the ideal viewing angle for typing. Textblade review, Textblade review, Textblade review.

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