How Do Use this from Alesis nitro vs dm6?

Alesis nitro vs dm6: The Alesis DM6 kit was among the best values available in electronic drum sets. As a result of its inexpensive price point, ease of usage, and superb sound quality, this module was a huge hit with drummers. On the other hand, Alesis has retired this kit in favour of the Alesis Drums Nitro. Here are comparisons of Alesis nitro vs dm6 that will discuss.

NITRO KIT by Alesis

Three 10-inch cymbals and three 5-inch rubber pads with dual-zone snare drums and single-zone toms make up the Alesis Nitro Kit, an eight-piece electronic drum set. The Nitro Kit from Alesis fosters natural responsiveness and dynamic playability with its dynamic and comfy pads. In addition, a kick pad tower and a bass drum pedal are included.


A four-post aluminum rack is included with the kit. Stability and flexibility are provided by the rack’s design, which is excellent. Additionally, it is jam-packed with useful features on top of its stylish appearance. Play-along tracks and drum kits are included, and a total of 385 drum and cymbal sounds.

DM6 Alesis kit:

Alesis DM6 Kit, on the other hand, is a five-piece electronic drum set with 108 top-quality drums, cymbal, and percussion sounds. A snare pad with multiple zones is required for the rim click and rimshot. Additional drum kits can also purchase. Alesis DM6 Kit’s realistic and natural-feeling playing surfaces are velocity-sensitive, resulting in a natural musical response.


An iPod or CD player can be hooked up to a 1/8″ input to play along with your music via the USB-MIDI output or the 1/8″ input. A bass drum pedal and drumsticks are included in the package.

Highlights of Nitro by Alesis Drums:

A look at some of the Alesis Drums Nitro’s most notable features.

Mesh Drumheads:

The Alesis Drums Nitro has top-of-the-line mesh drumheads, which provide the most natural and intuitive playing experience possible on an electric drum set.

Configuration with eight pieces:

  • There are 40 different drum kits in total.
  • The Alesis Drums Nitro is pre-loaded with 40 different drum sets, ranging from vintage to current.
  • Three Hundred and Eighty-five Sounds

Voices such as this allow you to have greater influence over how your instrument sounds and provide you with the opportunity to experiment.

Output for headphones:

Practicing in silence means there are no more constraints on when you can play.


Alesis Nitro is a substantial advance over the previous Drums Nitro model. Even though the Alesis DM6 was a terrific kit, and it was a best-seller for a good reason, the Alesis Drums Nitro is a lot better kit that delivers more high-quality features for a comparatively low price Alesis Drums Nitro. It’s recommended to use mesh drumheads on an electric drum set.


With the Alesis Drums Nitro, it’s hard to find anything negative to say about the drumset. The mesh drumheads and the learning feature make it more expensive than the Alesis DM6, but this is a small price for enhancements over the DM6.

Wide range of sound:

In terms of sound, there’s a wide range of options. In addition to 385 sounds and 40 preset kits, you now have complete control over the sound you create. With the Alesis Drums Nitro, you can practice and learn and improve your drumming from the comfort of your own home thanks to the addition of the learning feature, which was not accessible on the Alesis DM6.

Using the Alesis Nitro for recording:

The Alesis Nitro is no exception to the rule for making high-quality recordings on a tight budget. Recording can do in three ways:

1: When you’re playing, press the module’s record button. If you have a pair of headphones or speakers, you can listen to this recording. However, you can’t export it from the module itself.

2: To record your track, plug in your audio outputs on the back of the module to a recording device.

In the DM6 Nitro drum module:

The Nitro module includes 40 complete, ready-to-play kits, ranging from the vintage to the contemporary. The Nitro drum module includes 385 high-quality drums, cymbal, and percussion sounds that you can use to customize any current kit. However, the USB/MIDI connection does not allow for the transfer of audio files, but it does allow the module to send MIDI to the computer to activate your favourite DAW or virtual instrument.

The DM6 kit’s performance:

There are natural, player-friendly surfaces on the cymbal and pad surfaces provided by Alesis. You may also achieve good natural dynamics when playing this kit because of the natural vibrations you experience. It is critical for those just beginning to play the drums. When learning to play the drums, it’s crucial to start with a set that sounds like a real one. In this aspect, the DM6 is a good deal.

The drum module’s ability can be connected and extended:

If you want to utilize your DM6 to generate drum tones for a MIDI interface, the tones you play are transmitted out in the form of MIDI signals. The kit has a USB port that can use to transfer MIDI data. Standard 5-pin MIDI connections are not present in the module at this time.

How Do Use this from Alesis nitro vs dm6?

The sounds and drum sets are incredibly diverse, to top it all off. It means that drummers of all skill levels will find this electric drumset appealing. Thanks to its learning feature, it’s great for beginners and advanced drummers alike.

Why it’s a Favorite from Alesis nitro vs dm6?

One of the most popular electronic drumkits is Alesis DM6 from Alesis nitro vs dm6. There was an amazing mesh drumhead on the previous model that Alesis has improved on to create an outstanding drumkit, with a wide range of voices and a built-in learning feature. It’s a top-notch power supply.


You won’t be disappointed no matter which Alesis nitro vs dm6 you choose. Using these two USB drum kits is a great way to turn your drumming into digital signals that a computer can readily handle. Similarly, the Alesis Nitro Kit and Alesis DM6 Kit are also available at comparable rates.

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