All you need to know about High rise invasion yuri.

High rise invasion yuri is referred to as Honjo. A Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takahiro Oba, who also did the art, High-Rise Invasion, is set in the city of Tokyo. Tsuina Miura created it. After donning a Faceless Mask, she was elevated to the status of God Candidate, so becoming the non-blood sister of Rika Honjo and Yuka Makoto. With long dark-blue hair parted in the middle and bangs to the left, Yuri appears to be a tall, slender teenage girl with brown eyes. In this article, we will discuss more high-rise invasion yuri’s personality, the plot of the story, their abilities of yuri, and her role.

The personality of high rise invasion yuri:

Yuri is a sweet character who gets the same attention in manga and anime as the others. She is depicted as a confident woman with a strong sense of self-reliance. Although she has mental strength, Yuri makes decisions based on what she sees around her, and her abilities give her a lot of power.

Alliance of Yuri:

The series’ protagonist, Yuri, takes her time assembling an army. She aids Mayuko, who is attempting to rebel and kill the angels on her own, and the two develop a friendship that has undertones of romance. While Yuri is aided by Dealer, a strange mask who appears to be working for a higher power, Mayuko gains the super-soldier skills of the angels thanks to a unique show.

Abilities of high rise invasion yuri:

Faceless Mask:

After donning the Faceless Mask, Yuri was elevated to the status of God Candidate, granting her access to several abilities such as Mask Manipulation, Self Enhancement, and other skills.

Being able to Cross a Line:

Because of her ability to traverse between several “realms,” she can evade detection and recognize her opponents, such as firing a bullet into the heart of the Guardian Angel. In the final confrontation with the Administrator, she uses the ability and defeats him, taking over his job.

A Mask-Making Prowess:

Yuri can manipulate the Great Angel, which she will eventually use to save her own life.

Controlling Guardian Angels:

She may have this power, although it is not clearly stated that this is the case with her acquisition of a God’s Code.


Rika Honjo:

Yuri’s admiration is based on what he has taught her about how to survive in the High Rise Realm. She thinks her brother is so ‘cool,’ in fact, that she told her friend Mayuko Nise the meaning of his name while entirely unaware of how embarrassing it was. He has stayed motivated to approach him even after knowing his half-brother status, fearing Mamoru Aikawa’s indoctrination and the doom that awaits him at the hands of June.

Mayuko Nise:

Yuri still manages to save Nise from the Sniper Mask despite everything. Nise extends her friendship with Yuri and follows her as a protector and a loyal friend throughout the manga. At the Helicopter building, Yuri first encounters Nise, having seen him ruthlessly slaughter others. Because they’ve been through so many struggles and tribulations together, Yuri holds Nise as a close friend. She may reciprocate Nise’s romantic feelings.

The Sniper Mask:

Although Sniper Mask was previously operating as an agent of the Masks and attempted to kill Yuri, his mask accidentally cracked, allowing him to reclaim his free will and agency. Sniper Mask An attack by Angels resulted, but he quickly reconciled and joined her squad in their different operations, and the two became friends. She holds him in almost as high a regard as she has Rika.


After witnessing a masked assassin murder a victim with an ax, Yuri questions what’s going on. When she tries to flee, she comes across a stairwell and a caution sign. The masked assailant is behind her, so she turns to face him and climbs the stairwell. She discovers on the roof that she isn’t in Tokyo anymore. She reaches for her phone and tries to call her parents, but the call goes unanswered.

Attempting to contact her brother, she can get through and requests his assistance right away. They agree to meet when he finishes explaining everything to her. After being accosted from behind, Yuri abandons her phone and flees to a nearby suspension bridge. She ponders her brother’s arrival on the bridge.

The masked figure approaches:

He isn’t following her as they cross a bridge, so she inquires about his knowledge of the planet they’re in. When the masked figure approaches, she panics and clutches the bridge. Yuri continues on his journey after destroying the bridge and watching the man fall to the ground. She collapses on the other side and searches for a phone. However, she dashes to the building’s edge, hearing screams for help. A woman begging for help clings to the neighboring building’s roof.

High-Rise Invasion season 1:

From a distance, High-Rise Invasion appears to be nothing more than a vehicle for cruel killers to indulge in their slasher fantasies similar to those found in The Hostel. However, it’s a show about human nature, free will, and the aspiration to become a god in the traditional sense. High rise invasion yuri Honjo’s objective of reuniting with her brother Rika and escaping their circumstances may appear straightforward, but the “realm” and the people who inhabit it are shrouded in a tangle of intrigue.

What Do You Mean By “Realm”?

Yuri and the other survivors of the High-Rise Invasion have no idea where they are or how they got there. In this world, the only way to get around is by using the rope bridges connecting the residential buildings, all connected by a web of interconnecting skyscrapers. It is evident that the towers on which everyone has been imprisoned are not ordinary ones, and this is a new “realm.”

In What State Is The Mask Currently Sleeping?

In High-Rise Invasion, Mayuko’s mask’s programming forces her to go into slumber. When a show becomes flawed or malfunctioning due to many directives operating simultaneously or extreme resistance from an individual, this preventative mechanism kicks in, even though it appears to be a rare process that only happens to Mayuko once. Removing corrupted Angels is a time-sensitive technique that a God Candidate can undo.

Who Are The People Running For God?

High-Rise Invasion’s primary purpose is to create a new God, and that individual is chosen from a pool of possible God Candidates or those who have become closer to God.


Yuri’s coalition includes Kuon, the tower’s railgun commander, and Sniper. When Yuri attacked Sniper, they could break out of their programming and kill Yuri and Mayuko. However, they’re not alone, as Tanabe, an older man, and Uzuki, a little boy, join them to keep them grounded as they make their way to the chopper to escape this reality. Aihara, who can manipulate a mask one at a time, is also on their side.


In High-Rise Invasion, how old is Yuri?

High rise invasion yuri, After seeing a man’s head smashed open with an ax, 16-year-old Yuri Honjou flees the masked assailant, only to discover she’s stranded in an abandoned building where all the doors are strangely closed.

In what disguise does Yuri appear?

High rise invasion yuri, Yuri and Sniper Mask were initially adversaries, but they have become friends.

To whom does High-Rise Invasion belong?

High rise invasion yuri, People who grew closer to God Aikawa are one of the program’s strongest characters. The strongest people survive in a world where he is God.