Everything that you need to know about High rise invasion yuri

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Invasion of the High-Rise:

Tsuna Miura and Takahiro Oba wrote and drew High-Rise Invasion, a Japanese manga series. As of April 2019, Kodansha has published twenty-one tank volumes of the series serialized online from December 2013 to April 2019. Seven Seas Entertainment has the North American rights to the manga. From July 2019 through April 2021, In February 2021, Netflix will begin streaming an anime series adapted from Zero-original G’s net animation. As Mizushita sexually assaults Yuri, he is shot by a masked gunman.


Yuri Hong, a high school student, is transported to a world of skyscrapers and suspension bridges that link them. As a result, she finds herself being pursued by masked men. They are soon joined by Rika’s second-half, who has been stranded here. Later, she runs across a few other similarly situated kids, although it’s unclear if they will become friends or adversaries. Mayuko develops affection for Yuri after they become friends.


Yuri is a high school student who finds herself in a bizarre world full of skyscrapers, pursued by assassins wearing white masks.  A brother-complex afflicts her. The strange tower world has taken Mayuko as one of its passengers. She became a cold-blooded murderer because she was bullied and ignored by everyone, even her parents. In contrast, Mayuko commits herself to aid Yuri after being rescued by him.

Kuon Shinzaki:

A God Candidate, Kuon is a powerful being. The Railgun User is a nickname she has received. You can count on Kuon to act delicately and innocently whenever it comes to critical situations. Because she had grown used to a strict sense of decency, she could not grasp the gravity of the situation when it was initially shown to her. She has the opportunity to demonstrate her powers while travelling with Sniper Mask, but she always maintains a childlike demeanour. As a result of Sniper Mask’s tenderness for her, she develops affection for him.

Rika Hong:

In the skyscraper world that high rise invasion yuri and Rika were taken to, Rika is Yuri’s elder brother. It doesn’t take long for Yuri to realize that more hooded assassins lurk, eager to scare and gratify their sickest fantasies about their latest victims.

The Sniper Mask:

Sniper Mask, an Angel with a sniper rifle, is known as “Mr Sniper.” Rika may be related to him in some way. As a God-Candidate, Aikawa wields command over a legion of thirty Angels. He serves Aikawa as an Angel under Kusakabe’s command. Angels Ein and Zwei are under the power of Aohara, a God Candidate. In the beginning, he is concerned with being the Perfect God, but after defeating Yuri, he becomes one of her supporters.


From June 2018 through October 2021, Kodansha had the right to publish the series. From July 28th, 2019, until April 24th, 2021, a follow-up manga named High-Rise Invasion Arrive was published on the Magazine Pocket website and app by Kodansha and collected into seven volumes. To fit your head properly, adjust the hooks within the hat. Throughout the story, high rise invasion yuri and Mayuko’s adventures in an odd skyscraper universe, with their friends and foes, are chronicled in approximately 150 chapters.

Touko Machida:

Netflix announced that the show would premiere on the streaming site on February 25, 2021, in mid-January. In addition to Zeroanimation G’s and Masahiro Takata’s direction, the series included work by Touko Machida on its composition, Yichi Ueda on its character design, and Tatsuo and high rise invasion yuri on its soundtrack. While EMPiRE sang the opening theme, Have a Nice Day! Played the closing theme “My Name is Blue” and “Watashi no Na wa Buro”.

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Following her shock and horror at witnessing an axe murder, 16-year-old Yuri Honjou runs from the masked attacker only to find herself stuck in an abandoned building where all the doors have been inexplicably sealed, causing her to shiver in terror and uncertainty. Yuri goes to the rooftop to find a way out in a last-ditch effort, but a lifeless landscape surrounded by skyscrapers meets her. The 12 episodes of Netflix’s High-Rise Invasion Season 1 include a lot of material.

A global secret is revealed when Yuri shoots the mask:

They are people who a god commands to carry out a mission. The Masks Maid Mask is ordered to take her own life by the Command. Yuri, shaken, pledges to resist God’s Command in any way possible. In the distance, she observes a helicopter that can take one person out of the globe at certain times. Yuri sees a girl threatening a guy, but the girl is not wearing a mask as she makes her way to the chopper. Yuri, despite her sadness, is certain that she will locate her brother and leave this strange land.


In the sky, high rise invasion yuri Hong is seen. Her brother, Rika, explains the “universe” they’re in. Yuri watches masked persons terrorizing people, encouraging them to commit suicide by leaping from rooftops. A Mask then attacks her. A police officer shoots the Mask as she approaches a neighbouring rooftop. Deputy Mizushita initially assesses the situation before pushing the first cop off the roof. Yuri sets fire to Mizushita’s corpse and steals his pistol after being burned to death. Maid Mask then comes upon Yuri.


Who is Yuri’s girlfriend?

Mayuko is infatuated with high rise invasion yuri and would do everything for him. As of right now, it’s presumed that Mayuko is a lesbian.

What’s the latest on Rika and Yuri’s reunion plans?

Rika is in a precarious situation as a prisoner of Aikawa. Yuri and her allies will need all their might to overcome the formidable God candidate, protected by powerful mask users. As long as Yuri cans Aikawa, Rika and Yuri may be reunited in the horrible world.

What happened to Yuri in High-Rise Invasion?

A structure provides shelter for Yuri as he flees the approaching fire. Despite her pleas, the cop continues to crawl towards her, and she shoots him in the chest, killing him.