You should buy hello kitty funko pop.

Hello kitty funko pop is One of the most popular and accessible series of pop culture-related collectibles. Hello kitty funko pop has been around for a long time. With their figurines taking over the collector landscape and making hundreds of millions of dollars in profit since 2011, Funko has become a toy industry giant. The company’s collection comprises well over 1000 individual licenses from films, television, comic books, video games, and other forms of popular culture, turning practically every icon into a figurine. When it comes to hello kitty funko pop, there are a wide variety of alternatives to pick from, and the company’s fan base continues to increase. In this article, we will discuss hello kitty funko pop.

Why do we need to buy hello kitty funko pop?

Everyone who is a fan of the hobby knows that it may be expensive. Your collection must already include quite a few high-value items by this point. When a logo product is introduced to the market, it can be challenging to determine which commodities will experience a substantial increase in value over the coming months and years and become completely useless. If you can acquire either of these extremely rare Funko Pops, you will be in a position to make a significant sum.

Best hello kitty funko pop:

There will be a new era of Funko Pop figures to look forward to in 2022. These adorable sculptures bring all of your favorite characters to life in miniature form. When it comes to Funko Pop figures, many individuals are willing to fight one other to get their hands on their favorite characters. Some Funko Pops will be so scarce that they will be worth four times as much as initially, and genuine collectors will pay top dollar to complete their collections. Following are the best hello kitty funko pop.

Disney’s Mickey hello kitty funko pop:

Funko’s Comic-Con exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con included a silver version of the famous mouse that had a one in 480 pieces uncommon. This mouse is believed to be worth $1,130. Thus it is in your best interest to keep it inside the house.

Superman hello kitty funko pop:

Previously, a metallic chase variant was considerably more challenging, especially in the wild, before Funko started re-releasing metallic molds at an alarming rate. Target was the only retailer to carry this 2010 DC Superman Pop! featured a collectible bobblehead.

Stranger Things hello kitty funko pop:

Stranger Things was the hottest show of the year in 2018. Funko’s Comic-Con events were also a hotbed of excitement. Just 40 of these Hoppers were made available for the 2018 Fundays event. Unfortunately, the going rate has escalated to an all-time high for anyone seeking to get their hands on one of these 40 lucky Funatics and Comic-Con attendees. There aren’t many out there for less than $4,110 these days.

Chocula as portrayed hello kitty funko pop:

The metallics are back! Freddy is a beloved mascot for die-hard Funatics. In the past, Funko has published a glossy new edition of their figure for everyone to get their hands-on, and this 2012 San Antonio Comic-Con exclusive was quite famous for being available to such a limited number of people. It is estimated that this model has worth the market $5,000.

Dumbo hello kitty funko pop:

Please assemble around this 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Pop and feast your eyes on it! The vinyl release is limited to only 48 copies across the world. If you are willing to spend an impressive $6,350, you also may add this Disneyland masterpiece to your collection.

Darth Maul, hello kitten funko pop:

When there weren’t a gazillion other Star Wars Funko figures already available, this glow-in-the-dark unique variant of Darth Maul was a wholly fresh and fantastic release for the San Francisco Comic-Con in 2012. There wasn’t already a gazillion other Star Wars Funko figures back then. You could have purchased him for the standard going retail price if you had been fortunate enough to attend the event at the time. You should budget somewhere between $7,000 and $8,000 for this endeavor.

Stan Lee, hello kitty funko pop:

The demise of Marvel’s real-life hero Stan Lee in 2018 was a sad day for fans everywhere. Since then, more Stan Lee Pops have been created, most focusing on his Marvel Movie cameos. But those who were fortunate enough to obtain one of the initial releases will undoubtedly be rejoicing today since they are just one of twelve individuals in the entire world who can claim to own this extremely rare Funko Pop Vinyl figurine. This red metallic variant debuted in October 2017 and is worth almost USD 8,000.

Freddy Funko as Jaime Lannister:

It’s unlikely that everyone alive in 2012 didn’t catch at least a whiff of the Game of Thrones fever. As one of the most popular television shows, it has various collectibles to prove it. This 2013 exclusive Pop figurine features mascot Freddy Funko dressed as a well-known character. It is typical of most scarce Funko figures. However, this plasma bobblehead is yours for just $11,680.

Clockwork Orange:

Fans flew into a state of worry almost quickly when Funko made the news a few years ago that they would be re-releasing another new supply of Clockwork Orange Pop Vinyl figures.  Some collectors have shelled out significant sums of money to get these figures because they are distinct from the original releases. It is fortunate because it ensures that the uniqueness of the original products is not diminished.


In a collaboration between Sanrio, Nissin Foods, and Funko, Hello Kitty and Gudetama figurines have been created to enjoy Cup Noodles and Top Ramen. The Top Ramen is Gudetama, the Lazy Egg. Hello Kitty riding a bike with Cup Noodles in the basket and Hello Kitty in Cup Noodles are two of the most prevalent figurines in the Nissin x Hello Kitty Funko Pop collection. Pre-orders for both Pop figures are currently available at Entertainment Earth. Hello Kitty holding Cup Noodles and a fork may be pre-ordered at GameStop as an exclusive.


What is the shape of a diamond collection item?

Shortly, Hello Kitty dressed as Cup Noodles will be made available at Hot Topic in the shape of a shimmering Diamond Collection item.

Where can I find out how much a Funko figure costs?

It is reported that this special run glow in the black chase is the rarest and most costly Funko figure that has ever been manufactured. It is estimated that its value drops somewhere to $13,300.