How do you pick the best gaming mouse for you?

Heaviest gaming mouse: Because of the high demand for the heaviest gaming mouse peripherals, many well-known manufacturers are putting their efforts into developing new models that meet that need. Also, to reduce the mouse’s weight, manufacturers like Glorious and Corsair have used novel honeycomb design concepts. When shopping for a gaming mouse, the shape, the style, and the features are all important considerations.

Asus ROG Strix:

In terms of weight, the ASUS ROG Spatha is a clear winner. It has a mass of over three times that of a final mouse, weighing in at fewer than 180 games. The built-in magnesium alloy chassis is the primary source of the device’s 180g weight. The size is also an important consideration; the largest mouse on this list is best used with a palm grip style. The ROG Spatha is too large for those who prefer claw or fingertip grips when it comes to grip size.

Rival 600 & 650 from Steel Series:

To begin, the Rival 600 and 650 mice are two distinct models of the same mouse. The wired version is 600, while the wireless performance is 650. The 600 weighs between 96g and 128g, whereas the 650 weighs between 121g and 153g. The 600 is lighter. The 650 is a lot more expensive than the equivalent wired mouse. The mouse’s major feature is the ability to fine-tune the weight. To add additional weights, remove the left and right mouse sides.

MMO gaming mouse:

The Scimitar Pro is likely to be a popular pick once World of Warcraft: Classic is released. The 12 additional buttons on the side are what set it apart as an “MMO mouse.” MMO games are known to necessitate an absurd number of key binds, so you’ll want as many buttons as possible.

Logitech G603 Wireless Mouse:

There are two side buttons and amazing battery life on the Logitech G603 wireless gaming mouse. External battery wireless mice are typically bulky, but for this list, that’s an asset. When powered by a single AA battery, the mouse weighs 112g; when powered by two, it weighs 136g. The G603 from Logitech offers a default battery life of 500 hours and an extended battery life of 18 months in low-occupancy mode.

Logitech G502 wireless mouse:

Since its first debut in 2014, the Logitech G502 has seen many changes. Since then, the RGB lighting, HERO sensor, and lightspeed wireless capabilities have all been added to the mouse. Fans of the G502 have been clamoring for a wireless version for a long time, but Logitech was hesitant to make any compromises to the original design. The G502 light speed is much more expensive than the wired counterpart, as with all wireless gaming mice.

Rival 710 from Steel Series:

Right-handed users will appreciate the Rival 710’s ergonomic design and small to medium size. Despite its diminutive size, the 710 weighs 135 grams, making it an extremely heavy mouse. Many people would think this is overly serious, but if you’re here, you probably don’t. The OLED display and the tactile alert mechanism are to blame for the additional weight. An OLED screen is located on the mouse’s left side, and you have complete control.

The ROCCAT Cone of AIMO:

The Kone AIMO gaming mouse from ROCCAT has a distinctive look and a slew of capabilities. Although it’s a heavy mouse (130g), its enormous size makes it ideal for those with large hands. Although the design is messy, with many gaps, ridges, and plenty of RGB lights, it still has a decent ergonomic shape. The easy-shift button is one of three side buttons on the mouse’s left side.

How do you pick the best gaming mouse for you?

The heaviest gaming mouse isn’t necessary to enjoy computer games. A typical device with two buttons and a wheel will suffice for these tasks. Modern mice come in such a wide variety of styles that it’s nearly impossible to refuse one. Even if you don’t win, you’ll get an advantage over your opponents and find the gaming procedure more convenient as a result.

Determine the Size of the Mouse Movements:

The mouse’s sensitivity should also be taken into account when making a purchase decision on a heavy mouse. The DPI value reveals the sensitivity of the mouse. Mouse-tuning software is available from the finest gaming mouse manufacturers like Razer, Corsair, Roccat, and Logitech so that you can fine-tune your device.

Decide on your grip style before you begin:

It’s important to know your grip style before shopping for a gaming mouse. Consider that your gaming grip may be distinct from the one you use for computer chores you perform daily. There are three basic grip types: continental, hammer, and pistol.

Grip using the tip of your finger:

Your thumb and middle finger are on the left (wheel) and middle (mouse) buttons while your palm stays away from the device’s body. Your thumb is firmly gripping the mouse’s side.

Clawed hand grips the object firmly:

It falls somewhere in the middle of the two previous categories. In this position, your fingers and thumb tips are slanted towards the mouse’s buttons.

Observe What’s on the Screen:

By looking at the heaviest gaming mouse, you can usually tell what grip type it features. It’s most likely a palm-grip mouse if the two major buttons aren’t distinguishable and the mouse is huge. If the mouse has two main indentation buttons and is compact, it’s made for claw- and finger-grip players.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Wireless gadgets, on the other hand, are more convenient due to the absence of desk-bound cords. However, because radio waves are used to carry the signal, there is a risk of stuttering. Fortunately, the newest wireless mouse is virtually lag-free, so that you can ignore this shortcoming.


When looking for the heaviest gaming mouse, one of the most important factors is weight. Heavier gaming mice are best for people who have larger hands or prefer a more substantial feel while gaming. Heavier gaming mice are also perfect for those who want to have their gaming controller in their hand as they play. Heaviest gaming mouse, heaviest gaming mouse, heaviest gaming mouse.

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