Create music videos quickly and effortlessly.

Flixtime: With the launch of Flixtime’s new free site, users may now make their professional-quality videos. To anyone can utilize the Flixtimes software. Almost two years of work. allows users to create high-quality videos by uploading Fotolia’s database of royalty-free stock photographs or by using their photos and videos. Customers can also take advantage of AudioMicro’s broad.

Fotolia democratized:

These use cutting-edge technology to incorporate the music, text, photos, and video of the user’s choosing. Flextime videos can be utilized for personal or independent business purposes by anyone who wants to. When creating great movies using photos and text, we’ve seen increased demand from consumers. Whether it’s for a website, a project, or a presentation, businesses all over the world require video. Production expenses had hitherto been prohibitive, says Oleg Tscheltzoff, CEO of Fotolia and Flextime

Creating a Green Screen at Home:

Flextime com visitors make their videos by signing up for a free account and following the three simple steps below. “We are thrilled to be partnering with flextime to offer the music for such a fantastic technology,” says Ryan Born, CEO of AudioMicro. Flextime users can add music to their videos with just a few clicks. We’ve curated a collection of the best music from across the board, encompassing a wide range of genres and styles. Flextime customers will find the right piece for their projects thanks to the wide variety of tunes available.

Inclination necessary:

Creating a video or photo slideshow is fun to share your memories with friends. Many of us lack the time and inclination necessary to learn and master complex video-editing tools. Fortunately, simple video editing applications are available to help with this. Flextime’s online software allows you to create videos from images in just three simple steps. It’s as simple as selecting your photos, selecting a soundtrack, and pressing the render button to make your film. You don’t have to perform any editing with Flextime because it automatically generates transition effects for your video.

Preloaded media:

It’s possible to use preloaded media from Flextime’s Media and Music Lounge instead of inputting your images and audio. For example, you can save the movie in MP4, DivX, H264, or Flv formats. If you’re not happy with a video you’ve made, you can “Remix” it. You can share your videos on social media and via email, or you can save them to your computer and watch them later. With Flextime, you don’t have to worry about uploading videos because they’ve already been posted online.

YouTube account:

Flextime can even be linked to your YouTube account so that you can easily share your videos. You can produce a video in seconds using Flextime, an excellent tool. Create a variety of video formats with the help of Flixtime’s Media and Music Lounge. You can distribute your videos to a broader audience using social media or email. Your YouTube account should link.

Create music videos quickly and effortlessly:

High-quality videos can make on pushing their photos and videos, as well as from Fotolia’s royalty-free image collection; you need a computer, a microphone, and an Internet connection. Flixtime’s video products can utilize for both personal and business purposes. It is an excellent opportunity for us to work with a company like Flextime, whose technology is so cutting-edge.” Flextime users can add music to their videos with just a single click. You’ll find a wide range of genres and styles among the selections we’ve made. It’s easy to get the right music for your videos with Flixtime’s wide selection.

Save the movies you’ve made:

Fotolia, LLC is the go-to source for royalty-free pictures, graphics, and HD videos for over 1.5 million customers. Fotolia became the first microstock organization in the world photos the same with the launch of the InfiniteCollection. Founded in 2004 in New York City, Fotolia operates in 10 languages and has operations in 12 countries. Fotolia has more than 8,000,000 photos to pick from.

Animoto, Masher, and PhotoFilmStrip are examples of similar software:

Advertising, music supervisors, creative directors, website owners, and “YouTubers” can all benefit from AudioMicro’s low-cost, high-quality stock music and royalty-free sound effects. An AudioMicro content can compose a movie or webisode for a tenth of the price of a regular music library. Musicians, composers, record labels, and sound designers worldwide have contributed more than 200,000 recordings to the largest micro stock music resource.

Educators’ applications:

Slideshow presentations can replace by video presentations made with Flextime. In the past, I’ve had students utilize Animoto to construct mini-biographies of notable figures in American history. To pique the interest of my special education kids in historical individuals, I’ve used that homework. Before moving on to more in-depth reading, students begin by searching for photographs and reading their accompanying subtitles. Similar projects could accomplish with Flextime. You may also want to check out Six Easy Ways for Students to Create Videos Online for more video-making options. In the wake of Mr. Wylie’s clarification, I updated this post to represent my initial thoughts of Flextime better.

Create Short Videos Quickly:

A new video-making service called Flextime is very much like Animoto and Stupeflix. Flextime allows users to make 60-second videos by combining photos, video clips, and audio tracks into a single piece of content. Alternatively, you can select images, video clips, and audio tracks from the Flextime gallery. Flixtime’s editing tool is one of the reasons I prefer it to Animoto. Flextime gives you more flexibility over the order and timing of photos and sounds than Animoto does. Stupeflix’s text editor, on the other hand, beats Flixtime’s.

All major browsers are supported:

Media playback is unsupported on your device — Flextime has launched a free website that allows anyone to make high-quality, personalized videos. Using Flixtime’s free 60-second video software, anyone can create, share and download 60-second videos. After nearly two years of development, Flextime went global on February 23, 2010. Creates a music video by combining various photos and videos. The output formats include MP4, DivX, H264, FLV, and iPod MP4 (among others).


It is possible to submit video and image files in the following formats: AVI/M FLV/WMV/MOV Images can be shifted, rotated, and copied. Share or download the video. There are more than 200 social networking sites to post the video. We’re still in the testing phase. Only 60 files can upload at a time. If you want to make 60-second video slideshows from your photos, check out Flextime.

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