The best ceiling fans with huge cages.

As long as you’re looking for a statement piece, you can’t go wrong with the cage-enclosed ceiling fan. With their distinctive shapes, Caged ceiling fans provide rooms like kitchens, bedrooms, and covered patios with a beautiful and modern appearance with a fan cage.

Ceiling fans with cages:

Kitchens, bedrooms, and other tiny areas can benefit from these compact caged ceiling fans. So many alternatives are at your disposal when it comes to turning a ceiling fan into an eye-catching piece of art. Following are the best fan cage of 2021.

Alsace: Savoy House

The Savoy House Alsace dubbed a “fantailed,” is a caged ceiling fan that incorporates characteristics of both a chandelier and a fan. The Alsace was inspired by French wine barrels, which are commonly used in vineyards.


With its reclaimed wood finish and lovely chestnut blades, this fan is sure to add sophistication to any room. With a 75 watt bulb and a single blade, this ceiling fan is ideal for kitchens, wine cellars, and other tiny places.

Hunter Tunley:

The Hunter Tunley is a ceiling fan designed to liven up any room and bring a dash of unusual flair to the overall design. Additionally, Tunley’s LED lighting throughout the cage perimeter saves on energy costs. A modern-looking ceiling fan that will save you money on energy and cooling costs is what you get.

Savoy House Kona:

The Savoy House Kona is a ceiling fan-chandelier hybrid that will bring a contemporary and fresh appeal to any room. An LED light kit and a small caged fan are housed in the drum body of this ceiling fan. We’re in love with this one-of-a-kind design that’s sure to get people talking in your home for a fan cage.

Animation Beckwith:

Fanimation’s Beckwith caged ceiling fan is an eye-catching addition to any room. With its drum-enclosed fan and dimmable LED lights all around, the design presents a clean and modern appearance. A well-executed fan design by Fanimation demonstrates a strong, wobble-free, and quiet fan when it’s running. The Beckwith caged ceiling fan is ideal for those looking for a one-of-a-kind pendant fan.

The Wetherby Savoy:

The Wetherby caged ceiling fan from Savoy House may use both indoors and outdoors. The Wetherby comes in a variety of finishes, so you can find one that suits your style. (Satin Nickel, Warm Brass and Classic Bronze). We especially appreciate Wetherby’s longer download options, which let you install it in spaces with higher ceilings!

Henry the Frightened:

The Fanimation Henry is a compact caged ceiling fan with a contemporary and stylish design that will draw attention in any room. Direct and ambient lighting can be provided by this ceiling fan’s integrated LED light kit. Adaptability is one of Henry’s ceiling fan’s main advantages; it can be adapted for sloped ceilings and converted into a hugger ceiling fan for low ceiling settings.


The Fanimation Henry is visually appealing and functional, making it an excellent choice for modern, contemporary, or transitional homes.

In this case, the Jineweite Ceiling Fan:

You can have a cage-enclosed ceiling fan that doesn’t compromise performance with the Jineweite Enclosed Ceiling Fan. For children’s bedrooms with low ceilings, or any other area where safety is a concern, the Jinweite ceiling fan is an excellent choice.

The best ceiling fans with huge cages:

Traditional ceiling fan cages might be a distinctive twist, but most are too small to be used in large rooms. The best-caged ceiling fans for large living rooms, grand rooms, and master bedrooms can find right here! The addition of a ceiling fan to your home’s decor will make it even more appealing.

Gyroscope by Minka-Aire

This ceiling fan by Minka-Aire is a caged fan with a retro style that pulls from the early 20th century. The Vintage Gyro’s light kit is housed in a centred opal glass enclosure, making it more functional than other twin caged ceiling fans. In each fan, three blades measure 17″ in diameter, and they may be adjusted to suit the application. This caged ceiling fan is a must-have for any room.

The Vortex of Light, Access Lighting:

Designed by Access Lighting, the Vortex ceiling fan features an eye-catching aluminum spiral cage that is guaranteed to draw attention to itself. With Access Lighting, you can operate numerous fans with one remote, allowing you to install multiple fan cages if you need to.


The included 6″ down rod allows this caged ceiling fan to be fitted in ceilings with low ceilings. For taller or vaulted ceilings, longer rods up to 38 inches can purchase individually.

Mathews’s Vent Bettina:

The Matthews Vent Bettina Cage Ceiling Fan is perfect for large areas where a distinctive ceiling fan with a cage design is desired. There are two rotating fans on this ceiling fan that may adjust to your preference. The Vent Bettina’s colour options are a significant selling point. Copper, chrome, and bronze are all available in various finishes, so you’re likely to find one that suits your decor.


If you’re looking for a high-quality ceiling fan, go no further than these American-made creations.

Duplo-Dinamico Matthews:

Double-Dinamico by Matthews features two caged fans placed on a nickel body, making it an elegant ceiling fan. Adding to the contemporary look of each fan are the aluminum blades, which are guaranteed to draw attention. The fan can easily fit into contemporary and modern home decor styles with its clean lines and relaxed attitude.


Cage-enclosed ceiling fans can be installed in the following locations, as crucial as the brand and make of your new ceiling fan is where you place it; the location where you place your new fan cage is just as significant. Let’s take a closer look at the ideal locations for caged ceiling fans.

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