East lake orient park- Central Business District.

East lake Orient Park is a census-designated place located within the county of Hillsborough, United States. As part of the east lake orient park community planning process, a well-attended kickoff open house was held on June 5, 2006. Many people at the open house offered to participate in a Committee Report that would identify community issues and devise solutions to them. Throughout the project, these aims and methods were emphasized to build and enhance the Community Plan. East Lake Orient Park will be the focus of this article.

Central Business District:

The Florida State Fairgrounds are located in the vicinity, where the state fair is held every year in mid-February. It is an unincorporated area. From 5,704 in 2000 to 22,753 by 2010, the population grew by 2,276 due to the expansion. The Florida State Fair is held at the Florida State Exposition in February. This site was once home to the East Lake Square Mall.

Meetings of the Working Committee:

From July 2006 through March 2008, the East Body of water Park Working Committee met once a month to discuss the development of the planned territory. Residents and business leaders there in East Lake–Orient Park region believe that the Community Plan reflects their values, establishes development guidelines, and addresses concerns about the quality of life in the neighbourhood.

Classic Rock Hotel and Casino:

It’s hard to imagine a better place to gamble than the Classic Rock Hotel and Casino. If you’re looking for a home in the suburbs or countryside, this plan offers many locations. An individual’s development intensity can be adjusted to suit their demands. In Hillsborough County, Florida, the East Lake – Orient Park Community is close to everything you could need. Interstates 4 and 75, as well as Interstates 92 and 301, are all nearby.

Hard Rock Resort hotel:

Only a few of the nearby attractions include the Hard Rock Resort hotel, the Florida State Fairgrounds, the Ford Amphitheatre, Vandenberg Airport, and the NetPark Office Complex, to name a few. However, the Busch Gardens theme park and the University of South Florida are just a few of the nearby attractions. On Florida’s Central Gulf Coast, Tampa Bay is home to a large metropolitan complex with several neighbourhoods. The months of November through April are the best for visiting East Lake-Orient Park; the months of August and July are the worst for visiting.


Thonotosassa and Mango are located east of the area, while Brandon and Tampa are located to the south and west of the area, respectively. The intersection of Interstate 4 and U.S. Route 301 is nearby, making it easy to get to the neighbourhood.


According to census data, an estimated total of 2010 census residents resided in the census-designated area. The population density in the city was 1,302.0 persons per square mile. According to the most recent census, 16.9 per cent of the population identified as Hispanic or Latino of any race is acceptable.

The following is the population as of 1998:

Children under 18 comprised 35.4% of 1,998 families; 48.1% were married couples living together, and 19.0% were single women living alone. Individuals accounted for 20.3% of all households, and 6.8% of those contained at least one person aged 65 or older. Fourteen thousand four hundred eighty-nine people lived there, and they made an average of $14,489. There were 11.4% of families and 14.6% of individuals, with 20.4% being under 18 and 16.7% being above the age of 65, respectively.



East Lake-Orient Park’s unemployment rate is 4.6%. (U.S. avg. is 6.0 per cent). It’s encouraging that the number of people working has increased recently. The number of jobs in East Lake-Orient Park has grown by 2.3 per cent.

Living costs:

Compared to the rest of the country, the cost of living in East Lake-Orient Park is 13.7% lower. Compare the Cost of Living in East park.

Temperature and weather:

East Park’s best months are November, April, and March, while August and July are the worst. Current Conditions | Climate Norms


When it came to the last presidential election, Hillsborough County voted 52.7 per cent for Barack Obama and 45.8 per cent against him. Stats on the Vote


East Lake-Orient Park has a total population of 29,626 people. Around the year 2022, there has been a 12.6 per cent uptick in the number of people.


Time spent driving to and from work averages 25.2 minutes. 26.4 minutes is the national average.

Residential land use:

East Lake-Orient Park’s average home price is $198,400. During the past ten years, home values have increased by 8.4 per cent.


East Lake-Orient Park’s public schools spend $9,310 per student. The average price of a college education in the United States is $12,383. However, the student-teacher ratio at East Lake-Orient Park is 14.3 kids per teacher.

A wide range of habitations:

A diverse selection of housing alternatives is available under the East Park Communities Plan, whether you like to live in the city, the suburbs, or the countryside. The intensity of such an individual’s development can be changed to meet their own needs. The East Park Community in County, Florida, is conveniently located near everything you can need. Interstates 4, 75, 92, and 301 are accessible from this town within a few minutes drive.


North America’s entire the United States, East Lake Orient Park is a small town in Florida’s Panhandle region. A few of the nearby towns and cities are Brandon, Palm River-Clair Mel, Tampa, and Jackfruit: Just a few of the adjacent significant cities are St. Petersburg, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Hialeah. The Busch Gardens theme park and the University of South Florida are among its neighbours.


How much money does it bring in for the Madians?

In 2020, East Lake-Orient Park households had a median income of $43,943.

Where is East Lake Orient Park?

East Lake Orient Park is located in Florida.