In Google Chrome, you can disable DASH.

Disable dash playback: As a long-time YouTube user, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the term “buffering.” What’s going on? Video content on YouTube is broken down into a series of HTTP-based files known as DASH, each containing only a tiny portion of the entire video content. This method is known as “DASH” for short.

In Google Chrome, you can disable DASH:

YouTube Options, a Google Chrome plugin, provides an easy Disable dash playback in the browser will speed up video playback. The best part is that it’s free and painless to install. However, if you decide to use this extension, you’ll have to give up most of your video playback settings in favor of a simple UI.


Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for YouTube Options. To begin the download process, simply the upper-right corner of the website has a blue “Free” button. Upon clicking the grey Add button, review and click Agree to accept the End User Agreement on the yellow pop-up window.


To access more YouTube settings, while on the main page of the add-on, click the blue Show all options link. On YouTube, disabling dash playback is as simple as checking a bubble to the left of the Disable dash playback option in Playback. When finished, the extension will store and apply the modifications.

Using Firefox without DASH:

When using YouTube’s embedded player, the DASH capability is, as previously said, more of a pain than a convenience. YouTube Center, a free Firefox add-on, makes it simple to Disable dash playback capabilities and speed up video playback in the browser. With this app, you’ll be limited to a few basic playback settings, and you’ll have to settle for a simple interface.


Using Mozilla’s add-on shop, find the YouTube Center download page. Click the yellow “Add to Firefox” button at the top of the page to begin the installation process. When a confirmation pop-up window displays, click Install to complete the download.


It would help if you went to the YouTube home page. To access the YouTube Center’s settings, click on the External Players tab in the left-hand navigation window, select the External Players option, and uncheck the DASH Playback checkbox. When you’re done making changes, the add-on will save and apply them automatically.

Opting for the HTML 5 Trial on YouTube:

Everybody has their preferences when it comes to installing browser extensions and add-ons. If you don’t want to use Flash to watch YouTube videos, you can download them instead by signing up for the HTML 5 trial on YouTube. HTML 5 is still in its infancy in terms of browser compatibility and reliability; despite being present in five of the most popular, our policy is to play videos in HTML 5 wherever possible. After visiting YouTube’s HTML 5 website, click on the blue button. Inquire about the HTML5 Player button at the bottom to request an HTML5 player.

Opting for the “Feather” Beta on YouTube:

HTML 5 isn’t the only option for signing up for YouTube. The “Feather” beta seeks to provide the lowest latency possible for YouTube playback. By limiting features available while viewing videos, YouTube uses clever Web techniques to reduce the overall amount of data that can be downloaded, thus stripping away standard options. Only five choices remain in the suggested videos section, and the share boxes have been obliterated, along with other essential features.

Reduce the resolution of the video:

Many of YouTube’s videos are now accessible in 720p, and 1080p streaming, which is fantastic provided your Internet connection can handle it. As a result, this is quite bandwidth-intensive. However, even when you can’t get the most out of YouTube because of your Internet connection and equipment specifications. It’s possible to lower the video’s playback quality manually by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right corner. To cut back the resolution of the video, reduce the video quality here.

Play YouTube’s Snake mini-game:

The wait may not be as long as it could be, but it will be more bearable. It is possible to make the loading wheel appear as lines in the center of your screen while a video is buffering using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Pick up more dots by moving the snake around with the arrow keys. Be careful not to think of our tutorial on reducing the time it takes for videos to start buffering and playing on YouTube?


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Install Tamper monkey as the first step:

If you want to utilize the YouTube Center extension on Chrome, you’ll first need to install Tamper monkey, which adds an extra layer of security for select extensions. Chrome can now read all kinds of scripts thanks to Tamper monkey, which is easy to install.

Enable Chrome’s Developer Mode:

After enabling “Developer mode” in Chrome so you may experience preloaded video magnificence, you’ll need to use this extension in your daily computing routine. A YouTube Center Script needs to be installed for this to work. Installing the YouTube Center script from the official script site is the next step after activating developer mode. Once you are on the page, click the green “Install” button to begin installing the app.

Disabling DASH is the final step:

Now that you’ve completed the installation of YouTube Center, you may head to YouTube’s settings and Disable dash playback the dash playback option. A welcome screen will appear on your first visit to YouTube after you’ve installed the YouTube Center add-on.


Turning off YouTube’s Disable dash playback function can be like a breath of fresh air for YouTube lovers with fast internet connections. To turn it off, you’ll have to go through a few steps, but after you do, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get rid of the DASH feature. Check out our YouTube Center post for more information.

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