DGB to BTC Exchange Guide: 5 Easy Steps

DGB to BTC Exchange: Founded in 2013, DigiByte is one of the oldest cryptos on the market. Its network is capable of conducting 600 transactions per second (TPS) and aims to reach a TPS of 280,000 by 2035. Users also enjoy trading using DGB because of its low fees ($0,001) and decentralization. 

Bitcoin was launched in 2009, and it was the first crypto ever created. BTC is nowhere near that fast and cheap, but it has the largest market cap in the cryptocurrency market (over $380 billion). With only a 1.8% yearly inflation rate, BTC is widely regarded as digital gold.

DGB to BTC exchange: Around $10 million worth of DGB is traded daily, with most of it going into BTC. In this article, you will learn why it’s one of the best ways to reinvest in BTC and how to exchange DGB to BTC using five simple steps. But first, let’s review the performance of these coins.

A Quick Overview of DGB Performance in 2022

As of today, 1 DGB is traded for $0.0095. DGB reached its all-time high of $0.18 in May 2021. The coin had two other price spikes: from $0.02 to $0.06 in June 2017 and from $0.06 to $0.12 in January 2018.

Like in most cryptocurrencies, DGB’s price is highly dependent on BTC’s price. Right now, DGB is in the bear market, with its price plummeting to the lowest point in more than two years. Wallet Investor predicts that DigiByte will break the $0.02 barrier by the end of 2022.

A Quick Overview of BTC Performance in 2022

Bitcoin has been slowly losing much of its value since reaching the highest price of $68,789 in November 2021. Right now, its price stands at around $20,000.

After its third major bull run, Bitcoin was experiencing a gradual decline in price at the beginning of 2022. Furthermore, recent geopolitical conflicts caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine made investing in crypto less of a priority for most people.

Most crypto investors see it as a chance for buying the dip and experiencing significant financial gains in the future. According to Next Advisor’s prediction, BTC can climb up to the record-breaking mark of $100,000 by the end of 2022. It’s almost 5x from today’s price.

How to Choose the Most Profitable Platform?

Before you rush the decision of exchanging DGB for BTC, there are a few aspects to consider.


Ensure that the exchange you choose for trading is user-friendly and provides safe services. Visit its “About” page to find out more about the exchange and how it works.


Use only reputable platforms that care about the privacy and security of their clients. Read or watch the reviews of the platform you are going to conduct the DGB to BTC exchange on.


Always keep your identity safe. For that reason, try to use only anonymous exchanges. 

Variety of Trading Pairs

The more crypto pairs an exchange offers, the better. Reliable platforms usually provide at least 200 crypto trading pairs. 


BTC is the most expensive crypto, and the slightest delay in projected rates can cause hundreds of dollars. You want your exchange to be fast and display the most up-to-date rates. 

Best Exchange Rates at Godex

With its 301 crypto pairs and the most relevant rates on the market, Godex is an anonymous exchange that fits all the criteria mentioned above. To start exchanging with Godex, all you have to do is to follow a simple step-by-step guide.

1. Use Calculator 

In the middle of the page, find a calculator. Choose the coins you want to exchange and enter the desired amount of crypto you want to trade. Click on the “Exchange” button.

2. Provide a Wallet Address

Enter your wallet address for the coins you want to receive in the “Destination address” field. Make sure that the data you entered is accurate. After that, you’ll receive a deposit address. Send the coins you want to exchange via the generated link.

3. Wait 

Wait for the confirmation of your transaction. It usually takes 530 minutes.

4. See Your Funds Reflected in Your Wallet

Visit your wallet and find the received funds.

5. View the Report With the Results

DGB to BTC exchange: You can review a detailed report of your transaction after it’s completed on the website. Godex allows you to exchange over 300 crypto pairs including Bitcoin to XMR.