Three Reasons Why the Cuemath Syllabus is the Best for Students.

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Cuemath Syllabus is the Best for Students-  About the Cuemath Syllabus

Here we share little information about the Cuemath syllabus. The teacher teaches the student from kindergarten to grade 12.

1- The kindergarten syllabus is shaped, count to 5, count to 10, compare the objects and numbers, the position of the objects, categorized; size, money, sequencing, etc.

2-The syllabus of grade one includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, number system, time, shape, pattern, measurement, and data handling.

3-The third class of the syllabus is the number system, addition, and subtraction of 3- digit numbers, multiplication, division, time, shape, pictographs, measurement, and money.

4-The third class of the syllabus is four digital number addition, subtraction, multiplication, fraction, line, polygons, measurement, and scaled pictographs.

5-The syllabus of class four is a number system of the 5, 6, and 7 digital numbers, arithmetic operations, fractions, factors, multiplication, decimal numbers; lines, angles, time, and data handling.

6- For the 5 classes, the syllabus is number and operation, factors, multiples, and primes; fractions; multiplication, division of fractions, geometry, measurement, and data handling.

7-The syllabus of the 6 class is number and operations, fraction and decimal, factors, multiples, primes, and exponents, applied math, the introduction of algebra, geometric measurement, and data handling.

8- For seven classes, integer, relational number, algebraic expression, equations, proportional relationship, percentage scale drawing, construction, slicing solids angle, perimeter and area, surface area and volume, and probability.

9- The syllabus of the eighth class includes exponents, scientific notation, lines, angles, and triangles; transformation, linear similarity equation in one variable, straight lines, data analysis, and display, the real number, square roots, and cube roots, the Pythagorean theorem, function, and, simultaneous liner’s equation.

Three Reasons Why the Cuemath Syllabus Is the Best

1- Expert and professional teachers design the Cuemath Syllabus, and this syllabus is very useful for the students.

2-  Cuemath gathers all the essential topics in one place that are necessary for students. In addition, the syllabus is designed according to the parents’ and students’ expectations.

3- Students improve their math learning, and it also helps to raise their mental level.

Volume of the Triangular Prism

Some points related to the volume of triangular prism:-

  • When a prism contains two parallel triangular bases and three rectangular faces, this type of prism is called a triangular prism. In addition, the triangular prisms are parallel to each other and joined by lateral faces.
  • The space occupied by a triangular prism is called the volume of the triangle prism.
  • The volume of the triangular prism – 1/2 blh.

Example: find out the volume of a triangular prism with a base altitude of 5 cm, a side of 3 cm, and a height of 8 cm.

According to the formula-

The volume of the triangular prism – 1/2 blh.

V= 1/2*3*8*5

120 v = 1/2

Answer v= 60 cm3.


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