Calle ocho walk of fame review.

Calle Ocho walk of fame is due to the hub of Cuban life and culture. Walking from the main highway towards Little Havana, you will come across the Calle Ocho Walk of Fame, which is a place where celebrities have been honoured. It isn’t a big deal, but it does bring character to the neighbourhood. These little Havana Tours will provide a walking tour of Calle Ocho, ensuring that you will be immersed in the activity from beginning to end. Here we will discuss Calle Ocho walk of fame and things to do in Calle Ocho.

Things to do in Calle Ocho:

But if you’re in Miami and want to immerse yourself in the Latin culture truly, you must visit Little Havana, the city’s mainland. This Cuban enclave is one of Miami’s busiest and most interesting neighbourhoods, just fifteen minutes from the beach. When visiting Calle Ocho, be sure to check out these must-do activities:

Check out Cubaocho’s Rum and Art:

The largest rum collection in Florida can be found at Cubaocho, a bar, theatre, and museum. Live music, bachata nights, salsa classes, and the rum sampling ritual can all be enjoyed at different times of the year. Before you go, you can see what events the centre has scheduled to see if that piques your interest. Remember to wear your most comfortable dancing shoes whenever you attend, because you’ll be dancing a lot more than you have in the past.

Take a Walk on the Walk of Fame at Calle Ocho:

It was built in 1988 to recognize and commemorate Latino artists born and raised in South Florida. It spans from 12th Avenue to 17th Avenue on Calle Ocho. The pink marble stars lining the pavement are inscribed with the names of heroes like Celia Cruz. Check out some of the top figures in South Florida’s Latino community, and don’t forget to take a picture.

At the Tower Theater, you can see a foreign film:

Miami’s Tower Theatre is one of the city’s oldest cultural landmarks. If you want to see an English-language film, this may be your only option. The name of a cultural centre that regularly screens foreign-language films has been changed. Tower Theatre is an excellent place to learn more about the Latin American film industry.

The Azucar Ice Cream Company:

Azucar Ice Cream Company, just across the street from Tower Theatre, offers a wide variety of delicious ice cream flavours. You can pick from a wide range of their special blends. You can anticipate nothing less than a delightful treat with any of their flavours. However, we propose the exquisite Abuela Mara, which is created with vanilla ice cream with guava, Mara biscuits, and cream cheese as the main ingredients. They also have rum-spiked flan ice cream if you’re feeling daring.

Worth a trip to the Bay of Pigs Museum:

There is a museum dedicated to the Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961 at the Bay of Pigs Museum. The Cuban army defeated over 1300 Americans and killed approximately 100 of them during the attempt. A tribute to those who made it and those who didn’t are displayed in this museum.

La Carreta Coffee and Pastries:

Ordering from one of the many stores on Calle Ocho is a requirement, even if La Carreta is readily available at Miami International Airport. Like a true Latino, place your order at a Ventana. Enjoy a cup of Cuban coffee and some of their delicious flan and pastries while you relax. You’ll understand why so many coffee connoisseurs hold Cuban coffee in such high regard once you’ve had a cup from La Carreta. Calle Ocho has something for everyone, whether you’re travelling solo, with a significant other, or with the entire family.

Chain reaction:

Maximo Gomez Park, located here on the corner of 8th Street and 15th Avenue throughout New York City, is the most popular meeting ground for Cuban exiles. Residents of Little Havana congregate in this prominent location, known as Domino Park, to smoke cigars and play dominoes while catching up on the day’s news. Before the sun sets, people gather for outdoor yoga and watch youngsters play.

Theatre in a tower in the style of Art Deco:

Maximo Gomez Park is located next to Tower Theater, a 1926 movie theatre. It used to be a popular hangout for Cuban immigrants who wanted to learn English by watching English-language films with Spanish subtitles. Miami Dade College now owns this Art Deco-style structure, which is a popular venue for cultural gatherings.

Besides Cuban exhibitions and shows, the Tower Theater also hosts free educational talks by professors from Miami Dade College and Spanish and English-language films, to name a few of the attractions.

Visit a cigar store in Cuba:

El Titan de Brass and Cuban Crafters are two of the most well cigar shops in the neighbourhood; it doesn’t remove the fact that when you walk inside any of them, you will be met by generations of Cuban cigar-rolling specialists. Each roller has a certain style of cigar in mind. Each one is thoroughly examined to guarantee that it reaches the highest possible level.

Culinary delights from Cuba:

The best and most authentic Cuban food can be found on Calle Ocho. Start your day with a cafecito (a strong, sweet Cuban espresso served in a thimble-sized cup) and Cuban bread from a Ventana. Croquetas and ropa vieja are next on the menu. Everywhere you look, you’ll discover eateries, but the famed Versailles Restaurant is a must-visit.

Calle Ocho Festival:

Calle Ocho Music Event is a major Latino road celebration in the Southeast. Every year in March, this one-of-a-kind celebration of Hispanic heritage draws more than a million people. Live Latin music can be found on eight stages, featuring everything from street performers and conga lines to salsa and churros. Little Havana has a lot to celebrate, and this festival is just one of them.

Sandwich on Calle Ocho:

Sandwich de Miami, a famous sandwich business on Calle Ocho, is one of the best. If you’ve ever dreamed of a croquette sandwich, this is your place. With just 25 chairs, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in this quaint coffee shop’s “old-timey” design, which features multicoloured imprinted concrete tiles. Everything from the high-quality meats used in the sandwiches to the homemade sauces is attentive and authentic at this Little Havana eatery.


The ever-changing craft beer assortment and oddly twisted names of this brewery captivate. You can also get the perfect pour at Bar Nancy. a nautical bar Nancy, named for a Revolutionary War vessel, delivers drinks inspired by ships and Americana. After all that dancing, you’ll need a place to rest your feet.


Where is located it?

Calle Ocho walk of fame is located along SW 8TH STREET in Rio, Florida. The United States

To visit the Calle Ocho Walk of Fame, do you need to make reservations in advance?

Make your reservation as soon as possible to guarantee your place on a Calle Ocho Walk of Fame tour. Up to 24 hours before the commencement of your trip, you can cancel your reservation and receive a full refund.