Boba fett funko pop step by step guide.

Boba fett funko pop is the best collection of funko pops. These days, it’s nearly impossible to enter a petrol station without encountering one. They’re all over the place now, these 4inch bobbleheads. There are currently over 300 official boba fett funko pop in the company’s collection, which includes a wide range of characters, outfits, settings, and even vehicles. Star Wars is one of the POPs franchises that seem to be ever-expanding. People who have been collecting Funko POP figures for a long time may even have a few “Star Wars grails” among their figures. Here is the best boba fett funko pop because we all know how much they’re worth.

Star Wars Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures:

The value of these Funko Pop figures changes over time, just like the value of other collecting things. However, a few valuable Star Wars figures may be purchased. Star Wars has long been a beloved part of popular culture, dating back to the 1970s. As a result of its widespread appeal, a wide range of merchandise related to its films, television shows, and video games has emerged. Pop! Vinyl toys from the Star Wars universe have made Funko a household name.

Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian:

Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian and Cal Kestis and BD-1 from Jedi: Fallen Order was recently released in Funko form. The value of these toys varies depending on the number of figures created, their age, and the demand, but some are worth quite a bit if one finds the proper buyer. Use the Pop Price Guide to figure out the value of your collectibles.

Darth Vader in 3D hologram form:

Many Funko figurines are based on the evil Darth Vader, the most well-known villain in Star Wars history. The holographic Darth Vader 33, also available only at comic conventions, features a bobblehead and a stand. In 2014, it was constructed for the Dallas Comic-Con. It now costs an estimated $790 because of the item’s restricted availability.

He’s Han Solo:

It takes a daring rescue effort led by Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in the form of an undercover Stormtrooper outfit to save Princess Leia in A New Hope. During the 2011 Emerald City Comic Con, only 1,000 of these Funko Pops were made and sold. A bobblehead of Han Solo with a stand is included. As of this writing, it is believed to be worth $990,000.

The enigmatic Luke Skywalker:

Bobble-headed Luke Skywalker is on his way to rescue Princess Leia, donning a freshly stolen outfit. Only 1,000 of this limited edition figure were produced by Funko, who sold them at Emerald City Comic Con in 2011 together with Han Solo 15. Stormtrooper Luke is now being sold for $1,010, significantly higher than his counterpart.

Quit Gon Jinn:

Some of the most elusive Pop! Vinyl figures ever discovered! Vinyl is a one-of-a-kind collectible made for certain events. The Phantom Menace’s Qui Gon Jinn #128 is a toy rendition of the patient yet powerful Jedi. Qui Gon, the former master of Obi-Wan Kenobi, also discovered Anakin and demanded that he be taught the ways of the Force. It is a one-of-a-kind New York Comic Con 2016 exclusive. PPG assesses its worth at $1,170.


Han’s closest friend is always there for him, no matter what! This faithful Wookiee is one of the most sought-after characters in boba fett funko pop. Only 480 of Han’s furry friend’s flocked version were ever made, making it another Comic-Con San Diego exclusive. There was a lot of interest in this figurine at SDCC 2011, and it sold for $1,290.

Jedi Clone Trooper of the 501st:

“Vader’s Fist” refers to the elite 501st Legion of Clone Troopers that appears in the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon and the video game Star Wars: Battlefront II. Vinyl bobblehead with a stand, the 501st Clone Trooper was a San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive in 2012. According to Pop Price Guide, it’s worth $1,390.

Boba Fett:

The bounty hunter adversary in the original Star Wars trilogy is shrouded in mystery and has a large cult following. Having him as a Comic-Con Exclusive collectible is a no-brainer. Boba Fett is a highly sought-after vinyl bobblehead with a stand. In 2013, Funko only produced 480 of these and sold them at San Diego Comic-Con.

The Shadow Trooper:

These soldiers are part of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s Shock Troopers, also known as Blackhole Troopers or Shadow Troopers. Characters in Star Wars Battlefront are based on the Shadow Troopers from the canon and legends. Only 480 Shadow Troopers were made for the San Diego Comic-Con 2011 event by Funko. Pop Price Guide estimates that they are worth around $2,020.

Star Wars character:

When it comes to collectibles, scarcity is a huge selling element. “Limited supply” is the single biggest factor driving up the cost of a boba fett funko pop. Because of this, Comic-Con variations and limited-edition pops are so expensive. During SDCC 2019, Funko Freaky Tiki Fridays featured a Golden Luke Skywalker variant, one of the best examples of this type of product release. Only two years old, but this particular pop is valued at about $3000. Only 80 of these Pops were made, so the price isn’t just inflated because of the lovely gold sheen.

Darth Maul as a hologram:

Darth Maul is a formidable foe for everyone who comes into contact with him. As Darth Sidious’ silent apprentice, the evil Sith made his film debut in The Phantom Menace. Both Lego Star Wars and Star Wars Battlefront use him prominently. Holographic Darth Maul 23 is a bobblehead with a stand that glows in the dark. At nearly $6,500, it is already a significant asset.

Dumbo in Gold:

A small amount of this Funko Pop was made available at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. In general, the typical price of this one is around the US $4,180. You may be living in a fairy tale.

Pros of boba fett funko pop:

Photography: Funko Pops are great for photographing toys. (OOB) out of the Box Funko, Pop figures are a must-have if you intend to build a dedicated Instagram feed.

It is a space saver: Of course, storing the Funko Pop in its Box leads to further clutter, which is an issue that plagues the business as a whole. Here’s everything you need to know: Organizing Funko Pops When You’re Low on Storage Space

The display has been improved: The Box doesn’t reflect off of the Pops in dim lighting with the new Pops, and the Pops look amazing.

Boxes collect more sand and dirt: You’ll spend a lot more time blowing and cleaning your boxes than you would merely the figure itself because of their huge surface areas.

Cons of boba fett funko pop:

There’s a huge decline in value: For all toys, Funko or not, a Pop in its Box will not sell for nearly as much as an unpackaged Pop.

It’s more difficult to show off a large collection: For those who have a large collection of Pop Funko figures, this is a need because the boxes may be stacked.

Maintains the pristine quality of the Funko: ┬áDrops won’t hurt the figure because the Box will protect it.


By 2022, we’ll be in the second decade of Funko Pop collectible figures. These adorable sculptures bring all of your favorite characters to life in small form. When it comes to Funko Pop figures, many individuals are willing to fight one other to get their hands on their favorite characters. The value of some Funko Pops has quadrupled since 2022, and collectors are willing to spend a lot of money to get their hands on one of these rare specimens. Funko Pops with these rarest of the rarest characters could sell for a lot of money on the internet.


Is the cost of a pop box worth it?

A Pop Vinyl box alone is worth money, as collectors try to resale an out-of-box figure or switch a Pop Vinyl box due to damage.

What does “oob pops” mean?

Out of the Box Pops is known as OOB Pops. Certain collectors take great pride in being this type of collector, and we can’t blame them.