Best black curtain rods review of 2022.

Black curtain rods: The quality and longevity of the curtain rods you choose should be considered, along with your taste and budget. This Old House Reviews Team has done extensive research on black curtain rods to help you discover the appropriate one for your needs and your house. If you don’t have any window treatments in a particular room, it might do wonders for the ambiance of your house. One of the most straightforward ways to achieve this is with curtains, but if you choose this option, you’ll almost certainly need to purchase curtain rods as well. Following are the best black curtain rods for 2022.

Best black curtain rods:

We asked eight interior designers for their ideas on the best custom and affordable curtain rods and finials, which are necessary hardware and help you get started. With curtains, you can keep the sun out of your home while also keeping strangers from peeping into your private space. To hang curtains, you’ll need a dependable and durable curtain rod. Following are the best black curtain rods for 2022.

Desyne in Black Steel double rod:

Double Rod Desyne in Black Steel when it comes to supporting heavy curtains, the Black Steel Double Curtain Rod from Rod Desyne delivers twice the support of a standard curtain rod. The rod is great for heavier draperies, such as blackout curtains.

Best pre-made fishing lines:

It comes highly recommended by Byrne, who appreciates the rod’s geometric prism finials and gleaming brass finish, which are subtle but effective design aspects for a room. The brackets and finials needed to install this curtain rod are included, as are most pre-made curtain rods purchased from a retailer.

Project 62 Dauntless rod:

“Simple and timeless” is how Havenly senior designer Dani Mulhearn describes this affordable, adjustable rod. Designed by Mulhearn, it’s made of steel and has minimalist cylindrical knobs that give it a “sleek and clean” aesthetic. There are a variety of finishes and lengths to choose from, making it suitable for any home decor.

Black Rods by Cappa:

Umbra’s extensible curtain rod is versatile enough to be used with virtually any type of curtain. An appealing end cap, rather than a final, adorn the ends of Cappa rods, making them simple and elegant. While there are a couple of other colors to pick from, we recommend sticking with the inky matte black because it works well with a wide range of styles.

Glass Curtain-Rod Set in Crystal:

Mulhearn is like CB2’s “phenomenal possibilities in finial types and finishes” that are yet “cheap” for curtain rods. Her favorites are these two. She prefers the stainless-steel pole topped with long, cylindrical black marble finials for a gloomier appearance. She recommends using the black telescoping rods with crystal globes at the end for a more traditional effect.

Dakota Ball Finials rod:

Nicole Fuller, an interior designer, describes the black finish of Restoration Hardware’s extensible iron curtain rod as “grounding and unobtrusive within its beauty. These ready-made rods do not include mounting hardware or finials like the others on this list, necessitating the purchase of each separately. While this adds to the price, it does give you more freedom in terms of personalization.

Isilon Side Window Curtain rod:

In this assessment, the Ivilon curtain rod has the widest length range. With 16 inches to 240 inches, the curtain rod can accommodate any window. Because of its clean lines, you may use it with any drapery.

Wooden/Brass Mid-Century Rod:

In addition to metal, curtain rods come in various other materials. Designed by Megan Huffman, an interior designer with Modsy, these wooden rods may be used in various styles, from mid-century contemporary to classic to rustic, and Huffman recommends them. The brass-finished mounting hardware and finials provide just the right amount of “glam,” she says.

Tubing Rod by Highland Forge:

A custom rod necessitates the purchase of all necessary hardware, such as finials, brackets, and rings by the customer. Because they can be manually extended and contracted, most of these rods look like a telescope when extended or contracted; however, Hersch claims that this design leaves a noticeable notch in the center of each rod. A non-custom rod will have this feature, but it isn’t a deal-breaker.

Wrought-Iron Hardware by Shade Store:

Interior designer Betsy Burnham uses The Shade Store’s customizable hardware to complement her simple drapes. Drapery should take precedence over window hardware; therefore, “our preference for window hardware is black iron rods with the tiniest rings possible,” adds the designer. With the Shade Store’s step-by-step method, you won’t forget about other hardware, such as finials and rings.

Blackout curtains rod:

Blackout curtains are a must-have in some areas, whether you have a light sleeper or you don’t like the glare from electronic gadgets. With fibers that block light, control temperature, and protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays, the heavy-duty fabric is an excellent choice for protecting your home. If you don’t have a curtain rod that permits the drapery to cling to the wall on both sides of the stage, blackout curtains are ineffective.

Single rod set in the Decopolitan style:

Curtain rods can be purchased in seven different colors and finishes so that you can match them to your room’s existing decor. Additionally, there are various finishes to choose from: rustic, traditional, and even antique. The antique black color is available in six other color variants.


The black curtain rods with their clean, classic lines are an excellent option because they are affordable and long-lasting in addition to black espresso, nickel, and copper. It is baked on, not painted, in the factory to ensure the long-term longevity of the coatings. If you don’t have a screwdriver, a level, or a measuring tape, you should be able to handle it, but if you don’t, many curtain rods provide professional installation choices.


Are black curtain rods so difficult to install that I’ll have to employ a professional?

Installing them isn’t difficult if you have the right tools and know-how, but it can be if you don’t.

Is it possible to replace the finials on curtain rods with a different finial?

The style of your curtain rod finials has a lot to do with this. Alternate finials can be attached to some finials via a screw-in or snap-on connector.

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