Big comfy couch clock step by step guide.

Big comfy couch clock is the name of a large couch clock. At the same time, it’s known as El couch da la imagination in Latin America and Spain. Wayne Moss, Robert Mills, and Steve Wright served as the show’s directors from March 2, 1992, to December 29, 2006. However, as of January 9, 1995, this program was available to PBS stations in Canada and the United States. From 1997 through 2011, it aired on Treehouse TV. Sofa clocks come in many shapes and sizes. However, there are repeating elements in every episode. Every show, Loonette does the Clock Rug Stretch. Granny Garbanzo’s garden visits. Let’s discuss more big comfy couch clock.

Involvement in dressing up:

Loonette’s job as a Clowndergarten teacher is to teach young clowns games and stories. In her dollhouse, where she envisioned the Foley Family’s storyline journeys, she engaged in imaginative play. Loonette’s imagination propelled their wordless but high-energy actions with music evocative of old silent movies, from a doll-sized family to a regular-sized clown family. Little puppeteered dust animals called Dust Bunnies lived.

Role of Alyson Court:

Molly, her doll, stays with her on the Big Comfy Couch, covered in bright green flowers. A pink sweater and purple sleeves on a white shirt complete her look. Hat and stockings with sun-shaped suns on each side complete her ensemble. She reads and stretches with Molly. Uncle Chester and Auntie Macassar write Loonette. Classically trained, Loonette manages Miss Loonette’s Dance Academy. She also has the “10 Second Tidy” power, which allows her to clear up any mess in ten seconds.

Taking a Trip to Clowntown:

In 2006 giant cozy sofa clock, which she was too little for at first. It’s the first time Big Comfortable Couch Clock has ever gone out and cooked anything. Her forays into this second location hint at a possible interest in martial arts. Other clowns at Clowndergarten benefit from the help of the Loonette.


Loonette’s real-life doll, Molly, is here. Molly is clad in a blue ensemble (or yellow). However, dust bunnies are a certainty for a big comfy couch clock. She’s a doughnut fiend. She nods or shakes her head in response to Loonette’s yes/no questions.

Expansion of the text:

In the Big Comfy Couch is a twin dust bunny named Bob and Robert Mills (Dust Bunnies). All of them are protected by Molly for her to have a playmate. When Andy, Jim, and Eileen are in Loonette’s dollhouse, they are the Foley family. It’s in Seasons 1–5. She is Loonette’s grandmother and Molly’s next-door neighbor. In her speech, a weird Russian accent from the “Old Land” may be heard. Snicklefritz, Granny’s pet rabbit, lives in a wagon with her because she loves gardening. A garbanzo bean is her first name.

Nan’s Cats:

Granny’s cat from Season 2 is Bob Stutt’s Snicklefritz. They prank other people and stay away from flea baths. A typical German slang phrase is “snicklefritz.” Loonette receives a package from Auntie Macassar or Uncle Chester, delivered by Major Bedhead (Fred Stinson). At times, he might be a bit naive and clumsy. Deception and dishonesty disgust him. She’s Loonette’s colorful aunt. There is an antimacassar in seasons 1–5. Clowntown is home to Wobbly (Gary Farmer). As Loonette’s traveling uncle, he makes many cameo appearances in Season 2.


The show aired on YTV, WITF-TV Harrisburg, and Owl Television for 65 episodes later, Owl Communications. Previous broadcasts have been YTV and Nashville Public Television (NPTV). Tadpole Kids and Treehouse TV. You’ll find a link to a companion guide formerly made with Benny Smart. Since 2006, Toronto’s Wallace Avenue Studios and Studio City. Twenty-two further episodes were produced and shown on APTV in 2006.

The garden of Granny:

A giant portrait of someone hung on a big comfy couch clock sofa wall above Principal Fred Stinson announces all of the Dance Academy’s performances. This year, Snicklefritz made an appearance.

Postcards from Loonette:

Snicklefritz and Auntie Macassar are featured in this season’s beginning. Auntie Macassar can only communicate these days via Loonette’s postcards, which she is presently doing. The rug has reimagined the traditional large-faced wall big comfy couch clock for your living room with a darker color scheme and a new typeface for the numbers. The cuckoo design has been dropped from the Clock Rug. Instead, the notion of a clock rug stretch is brought in. The grass in Granny’s garden has been replaced, and the design has been reworked.

The Big Comfy Couch Girl:

In the 1990s or 2000s, you probably remember watching The Big Cozy Sofa on your comfy couch. From 1992 through 2007, the innovative TV program aired for seven seasons. It’s easy to see why The Big Comfy Couch was so popular. Alyson Court, who portrayed the primary character Loonette the Clown, helped boost the show’s popularity. How did Alyson Court fare after the big comfy couch clock?

During North America:

Court performed the role on stage in North America and the 2003 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. She portrayed Molly until Season 6 in 2003 when she left the show to raise her son Blade, who subsequently dressed up as Molly for Halloween. Ramona Gilmour-Darling played a part in The Big Comfy Couch’s last season in 2006.

Oversized Comfy Couch grows up:

Even though the role of the big comfy couch clock seemed to be relatively young, it was portrayed by an adult. According to her IMDb biography, Alyson Court was a legal adult when The Big Comfy Couch premiered. Loonette, the Clown, is now middle-aged, despite Court’s youthful appearance throughout the program.


The instructional show included iconic characters, including Loonette’s toy Molly, Granny Garbanzo, Snicklefritz the cat, and delivery guy Major Bedhead. Court began her career as a child star, appearing in The Edison Twins in 1985. The Big Comfy Couch star has had a long and varied career.


Before starring in the big comfy couch clock in the early 1990s, Alyson Court worked as a voice actor on various cartoon TV shows, including The Care Bears, Garbage Pail Kids, and Beetlejuice. She played Lydia Deetz. It was on in Canada that Court made her first appearance as the first Loonette—a little friendly clown girl—in 1992.


Why did Alyson Court leave the Big Comfy Couch?

Court starred in the first six seasons of The Big Comfy Couch as Loonette the Clown before quitting raising her kid.

What’s the age of the sizeable cozy couch?

From March 2, 1992, until December 29, 2006, Wayne Moss, Robert Mills, and Steve Wright directed it. It debuted on PBS stations throughout the US on March 2, 1992, and in Canada on January 9, 1995.

Why did they change Loonette, the clown?

She portrayed Molly until Season 6 in 2003 when she left the show to raise her son Blade, who subsequently dressed up as Molly for Halloween. Ramona Gilmour-Darling played a part in The Big Comfy Couch’s last season in 2006.